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1896 Russell County Death Index

Name                  Race/Sex  Age           Date      Cause                 POB/POD                   Parents/Consorts/Informants

Adington, Female          WF    1/12d         01 Nov    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Chas S. & Drucilla Adington (Informant Chas S. Adington-Father)
Adison, Male              WM    9d            24 Dec    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Wm. & haner Adison (Informant Wm. Adison-Father)
Alexander, Amanda         WF    9y            10 Feb    Croup                Russell/Russell             Price & Mary Alexander (Informant Mary Alexander-Mother)
Anderson, Dora E.         WF    15y           13 Sep    Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell             Wm. P. & Harriet Anderson (Informant Wm. P. Anderson-Father)
Ayers, Eulah G.           WF    86y           28 Jul    Blank                Russell/Russell             W.A. & M.A. Ayers 
Bailey, Nannie            WF    54y           31 Dec    Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell             Wm. T. Hannie Bausell (Informant W.P. Bailey-Husband)
Banner, Geo               WM    75y           28 Mar    Kidney Trouble       Russell/Russell             John & Elizabeth Banner (Informant G.W. Banner-Son)
Banner, Jas N.            WM    40y           02 Nov    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Geo & Percilla Banner (Informant Ellen E. Banner-Wife)
Barrett, Cynthia A.       WF    80y           15 Apr    Old Age              Russell/Russell             Blank (Consort-John Barrett) (Informant-Son)
Barrett, Geo R.           WM    10y           14 Sep    Flux                 Russell/Russell             M.P. & Sarah Barrett (Informant-Parents)
Barrett, Henry L.         WM    4y            01 Sep    Flux                 Russell/Russell             M.P. & Sarah Barrett (Informant-Parents)
Barrett, Martha J.        WF    13y           19 Sep    Flux                 Russell/Russell             M.P. & Sarah Barrett (Informant-Parents)
Bauswell, Wm. H.          WM    2m            10 Dec    Hives                Russell/Russell             R.G. & Mary M. Bauswell (Informant-Parents)
Bevins, Mollie            WF    40y           25 Oct    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Robert & Bettie Fugate (Informant O.J. Fugate-Husband)
Blackwell, Female         WF    1m            10 Oct    Hives                Russell/Russell             Edward & Nannie Blackwell (Informant-Parents)
Blankenship, Wm.          WM    30y           23 Nov    Unknown              Russell/Russell             C.W. & Alice Blankinship (Informants-Parents)
Blizzard, Jas F.          WM    2y            30 Jul    Cholera Infantum     Russell/Russell             Clark C. & Millie Blizzard (Informant Clark C. Blizzard-Father)
Boyd, Wm.                 BM    4y            14 Jun    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Henry & Florance Boyd (Informant Henry Boyd-Father)
Bradshaw, Ollie           WF    2y            23 Aug    Fever                Russell/Russell             S.C. & Ida Bradshaw (Informant-Parents)
Brown, Female             BF    4m            15 Jul    Consumption          Russell/Russell             John & Mary Brown (Informant W.S. Dickenson-/friend)
Brown, John               BM    27y           25 Apr    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Unknown 
Brown, Mary A.            BF    40y           13 Nov    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Scott & Ellen Dickenson (Informant Scott Dennison-Friend)
Burk, David               WM    14y           06 Nov    Rupture              Russell/Russell             Jas & Melvina Burk (Informant Jas Burk-Father)
Byington, Jefferson       WM    60y           25 May    Paralysis            Russell/Russell             Moses & Mary Byington (Informant Chas Byington-Father)
Call, Ada P.              WF    3y 3m 2d      02 Sep    Diptheria            Russell/Russell             John H. & Elizabeth Call (Informant-Parents)
Campbell, Maggie          WF    1y            05 Oct    Cholera Infantum     Russell/Russell             J.T. & Mary E. Campbell (Informant J.T. Campbell-Father)
Campbell, Minnie          WF    3y            03 Oct    Cholera Infantum     Russell/Russell             J.T. & Mary E. Campbell (Informant J.T. Campbell-Father)
Campbell, Nannie          WF    4y            01 Oct    Cholera Infantum     Russell/Russell             J.T. & Mary E. Campbell (Informant J.T. Campbell-Father)
Carrell, Crockett         BM    68y           15 Aug    Jaundice             Russell/Russell             Blank
Castle, Sallie            WF    66y           12 Mar    Lagripp              Russell/Russell             John P. & Nancy Carty (Informant R.S. Castle-Husband)
Childers, Darthula        WF    28y           28 Dec    Fever                Russell/Russell             Blank (Informant James Childers-Husband)
Christian, Male           WM    1m            10 Sep    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Geo & Rebecca Christian (Informant-Parents)
Clark, Easter             BF    21y           20 Sep    Fever                Russell/Russell             Mitchel & Mary (Informant-Father)
Clark, Evert              WM    3m            25 Jun    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Wm. & Lily May Clark (Informant Wm. Clark-Father)
Combs, Iva                WF    4y 7m 27d     18 Dec    Croup                Russell/Russell             Stephen & Mary Combs (Informant Stephen Musick-Father)
Combs, James              WM    7y 7m 27d     27 Dec    Croup                Russell/Russell             Stephen & Mary Combs (Informant Stephen Musick-Father)
Combs, James Tolby        BM    1m            08 Jul    Blank                Russell/Russell             James & Sylvane Combs (Informant James Combs-Father)
Combs, Sylvane            BF    27y           08 Aug    Scrofula             Russell/Russell             (Consort-James Combs)(Informant-Husband)
Cook, Ally                WF    26y           10 Apr    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Thompson & Nannie Musick (Informant-Parents)
Cook, Canry B.            WM    1y            06 Aug    Diarrhea             Russell/Russell             G.W. & Sarah Cook( Informant-Parents)
Cook, Sarah E.            WF    31y           23 Mar    Dropsy               Russell/Russell             Wall & Elizabeth Barton (Informant G.W. Cook-Husband)
Corn, Male                BM    1d            28 Feb    Unknown              Russell/Russell             John & Susan Corn (Informant John Corn-Father)
Corn, Male                BM    8d            05 Mar    Unknown              Russell/Russell             John & Susan Corn (Informant John Corn-Father)
Counts, Carlisle          WM    1/6d          16 Jul    Unknown              Russell/Russell             John B.R. & Victoria Counts (Informant John B.R. Counts-Father)
Counts, Carlos            WM    1d            18 Jul    Unknown              Russell/Russell             John B.R. & Victoria Counts (Informant John B.R. Counts-Father)
Cox, Adeline              WF    35y           04 Oct    Infermation Bladder  Russell/Russell             Alfred & Polly Cox (Informant-Brother)
Crabtree, Lana            WF    1m            10 Oct    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Wm. M. & Louella Crabtree (Infromant-Parents)
Davenport, Chas W.        WM    36y           03 Feb    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Isaac & Bettie Davenport (Informant Thomas Mitchell-Friend)
Davis, Female             WF    1d            27 Oct    Bold Hives           Russell/Russell             Robt & Ella Davis (Informant Robt Davis-Father)
Dickenson, Ellen J.       WF    61y           25 Aug    Paralysis            Russell/Russell             Samuel & Mary Aston (Informant H.J. Dickenson-Husband)
Dorton, Maggie            WF    14y           14 Feb    Consumption          Russell/Russell             William & Maggie Dorton (Informant William Dorton-Father)
Dorton, Nellie            WF    1y            19 May    Whooping Cough       Russell/Russell             John & Edith Dorton (Informant John Dorton-Father)
Duff, Male                WM    1y            17 Jun    Unknown              Russell/Russell             John B. & Caroline Duff (Informant-Parents)
Dye, Bessie               WF    20d           10 Dec    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Elihu & Mary Dye (Informant Parents)
Dye, Cora                 WF    1y 2m         10 Jan    Unknown              Russell/Russell             D.R. & Ella Dye (Informant-Parents)
East, Dot                 WM    1y            28 Jul    Eryciplas            Russell/Russell             G.W. & Allie East (Informant-Parents)
Ellison, Henry            WM    2y            10 Nov    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Noah & Catherine Ellison (Informant-Parents)
Etter, Martain            WM    65y           31 May    Paralysis            Unknown/Russell             Unknown (Informant J.P. Etter-Daughter in Law)
Farmer, Male              WM    12y           02 Feb    Unknown              Russell/Russell             J.J.W. & Sarah E. Farmer (Informant J.J.W. Farmer-Father)
Fickle, Elizabeth         WF    64y 2m 10d    08 Apr    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Nelson & Nancy Gray (Informant I.B. Fickle-Husband)
Fields, Lucy              WF    48y           27 Apr    Paralysis            Russell/Russell             Fieldon & Mary Meade (Informant Frank Fields-Husband)
Fraley,  Barbra D.        WF    11m           04 May    Throat Trouble       Russell/Russell             Harvey D. & Unica Fraley (Informant Harvey D. Fraley-Father)
Fugate, E.S.              WM    66y           18 Mar    Brights Disease      Russell/Russell             Robert & Easter Fugate (Informant M.P. Fugate-Wife)
Fullen, James             WM    36y           27 Mar    Blank                Russell/Russell             Blank (Informant-Father)
Gilmer, Annie E.          WF    27y           01 Dec    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Isaac & Mary Gilmer (Informant Mary Gilmer-Mother)
Griffith, Kate            WF    6m            19 Jul    Cholera Infantum     Russell/Russell             Frank & Allice Griffith (Informant Frank Griffith-Husband)
Hale, Henry D.            WM    84y           01 Dec    General Debility     Russell/Russell             Jas & Nancy Hale (Informant Grizzle-Friend)
Hall, Male                WM    2d            03 Jan    Unknown              Russell/Russell             John & Eliza Hall (Informant John Hall-Father)
Hanson, Luciel            WF    5d            22 Aug    Cholera Infantum     Russell/Russell             Frank M. & Vestie Hanson (Informant Frank M. Hanson-Father)
Hendricks, John R.        WM    72y           24 Sep    Brights Disease      Russell/Russell             Sallie Hendricks (Informant Jno Hendricks-Son)
Hensdill, Ethel           WF    7y            06 May    Fever                Russell/Russell             Robert & Martha Hensdille (Informant Robert Hensdille-Father)
Hensley, Robert           WM    23y           17 Jun    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Unknown (Informant Thomas Riner-Friend)
Herndon, Doshia May       WF    4y            26 Sep    Diptheria            Russell/Russell             A.J. & Sarah Herndon (Informant-Parents)
Herndon, Mary A.          WF    6y            26 Oct    Diptheria            Russell/Russell             A.J. & Sarah Herndon (Informant-Parents)
Herndon, Stella Mae       WF    6y            10 Sep    Flux                 Russell/Russell             H.M. & Nancy Herndon (Informant-Parents)
Hess, Margaret Alice      WF    20y           27 Mar    Consumption          Russell/Russell             John A. & Nancy Hess (Informant-Father)
Hess, Marinda C.          WF    3y            14 Jan    Flux                 Russell/Russell             Patton & Sarah Hess (Informant-Parents)
Holt, Frank               WM    26y           29 Mar    Drowned              Russell/Russell             Bird & Sallie Holt (Informant Bird Holt-Father)
Holt, Wm.                 WM    3y            29 Mar    Drowned              Russell/Russell             Frank & Maud Holt (Informant Bird Holt-Grandfather)
Honaker, Female           WF    1/24d         04 Mar    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Robert C.E. & Mollie Honaker (Informant Robert C.E. Honaker-Father)
Honaker, Lucinda          WF    76y           17 Oct    Dropsy               Russell/Russell             John & Betsie Powers (Informant J.W. Hutchin-Friend)
Honaker, Tazewell         WM    16y           31 Dec    Unknown              Russell/Russell             G.W. & Arminda Honaker (Informant-Parents)
Howard, Male              WM    Blank         17 Dec    Blank                Russell/Russell             H.D. & Cinthia Howard (Informant-Father)
Hughes, Malinda           WF    40y           15 Aug    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Jas & Delly McCurry (Informant J.P. Hughes-Friend)
Hurt, Wm. D.              WM    5y 11m        22 Sep    Unknown              Tazewell/Russell            Chas G. & Nannie E. Hurt (Informant Chas G. Hurt-Father)
Irvine, Female            WF    9d            29 Dec    Croup                Russell/Russell             C.C. & Eliza Irvine (informant-Parents)
Jenkins, Bennie           WM    5y            29 Mar    Drowned              Russell/Russell             Geo T. & Mary Jenkins (Informant Goe T. Jenkins-Father)
Jenkins, Nannie           WF    12y           29 Mar    Drowned              Russell/Russell             Geo T. & Mary Jenkins (Informant Goe T. Jenkins-Father)
Jessee, Elizabeth         WF    61y           07 Jul    Paralysis            Russell/Russell             Elihu & Jane Kiser (Informant N. Jessee-Husband)
Jessee, Female            WF    2d            17 Sep    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Noah T. & Cora B. Jessee (Informant Noah T. Jessee-Father)
Johnson, Eliza            WF    Blank         10 Jul    Unknown              Russell/Russell             P.L. & S.J. Johnson (Informant-Parents)
Jones, Male               WM    1d            23 Nov    Blank                Russell/Russell             Leonard & Rachel Jones (Informant-Father)
Jordon, Female            WF    1d            18 Jul    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Ves S. & Jennie Jordon (Informant Ves S. Jordon-Father)
Keeth, Samuel             WM    14y           01 Mar    Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell             Jas P. & Elizabeth Keeth (Informant Jas P. Keeth-Father)
Keeth, Sarah              WF    58y           04 Mar    Consumption          Russell/Russell             John & Elizabeth Isaacs (Informant J.P. Keeth-Husband)
Ketron, Kate              WF    Blank         17 Mar    Consumption          Russell/Russell             G.W. & Nancy House (Consort J.H. Ketron-Husband) (Informant-Husband)
Kimberlin, Ida            WF    22y           15 Jul    Shot                 Russell/Russell             Anderson & Barbra Nunley (Informant John Kimberlin-Husband)
Kiser, Male               WM    1/12d         30 Oct    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Jefferson & Tennessee Kiser (Informant Jefferson Kiser-Father)
Lester, Crocket           WM    58y           21 Jan    Fits                 Tazewell/Russell            Blank (Informant-Wife)
Lewis, George             WM    Blank         28 Feb    Killed by a Tree     Russell/Russell             Poorhouse
Lewis, Lemuel             BM    28y           31 Mar    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Jas & Sarah Lewis (Informant J.R. Spears-Friend)
Lowe, Eliza               WF    11m           10 Jul    Blank                Russell/Russell             Mitchel & Mary Lowe (Informant -Father)
Male                      WM    Blank         15 Mar    Blank                Russell/Russell             Informant-Parents
Martin, P.H.              WM    68y           05 Apr    Heart Disease        Russell/Russell             Blank (Informant-Son)
McClellan, Trigg          WM    40y           19 Sep    By Runaway Team      Unknown/Russell             Unknown (Informant R.H. Akers-Friend)
McGlothlin, Malaska       WF    11y           23 Feb    Diptheria            Russell/Russell             Henry & Caroline McGlothlin (Informant-Parents)
McKenny, Robt. S.         WM    1y            10 Feb    Croup                Russell/Russell             John & Caroline McKenney (Informant-Parents)
McReynolds, Isaac         WM    88y           03 Feb    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Unknown (Informant N.C. McReynolds-Son)
Mead, Edgar               WM    1y 6m         30 May    Fever                Russell/Russell             Geo & Rebecca Mead (Informant Parents)
Minton, Jane              WF    18y           27 Mar    Erysipalis           Russell/Russell             John F. & Lou Ellen Minton (Informant John F. Minton-Father)
Minton, Sallie            WF    46y           13 Sep    Dropsy               Russell/Russell             Phillip & Nancy Minton (Informant Tivis Minton-Brother)
Mutter, Geo C.            WM    37y           21 Apr    Shot                 Russell/Russell             G.C. & Alice Mutter (Consort- Alice Mutter) (Informant-Parents)
Mutter, Wm. C.            WM    18y           21 Apr    Shot                 Russell/Russell             G.C. & Alice Mutter (Informant-Parents)
Nuckles, Easl             WF    6m            14 Apr    ? Spine              Russell/Russell             Chas & M.E. Nuckles (Informant-Parents)
Osborn, Mary B.           WF    74y           10 Jul    Dropsy               Russell/Russell             John & Mary Dorton (Informant W.F. William-Friend)
Owen, Mary Alice          WF    14y           30 Jun    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Andrew & Emily Owen (Informant-Parents)
Pamell, Henry             BM    2m 2d         16 Oct    Spinal Disease       Russell/Russell             Richard & Mary Pamell (Informant-Father)
Patrick, Emmit W.         WM    3y            06 Mar    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Wm. & Mary Patrick (Informant Wm. Patrick-Father)
Patton, Lucy B.           WF    15d           29 Oct    Hives                Russell/Russell             Geo W. & Maggie Patton (Informant Geo W. Patton-Father)
Patton, Male              BM    1y            10 Sep    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Wm. & Rose Patton (Informant W. Gilmer-Friend)
Pierce, Female            WF    4d            05 Jul    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Robert & Lou Pierce (Informant Robert Pierce-Father)
Price, Female             WF    Blank         20 Sep    Blank                Russell/Russell             Joseph & Betty Price (Informant-Parents)
Price, Myrtle F.          WF    3y            02 Jun    Flux                 Russell/Russell             Ruben & Barbary Price (Informant-Parents)
Price, Nancy              WF    65y           15 Jun    Fever                Russell/Russell             Geo L. & Margaret Jessee (Informant H.B. Price-Husband)
Puckett, Ada E.           WF    18m           01 Aug    Flux                 Russell/Russell             Geo H. & Nancy Puckett (Informant Geo H. Puckett-Father)
Puckett, Geo W.           WM    72y           04 Jun    General Debility     Russell/Russell             John & Lucinda Puckett (Informant W.J. Pucket-Son )
Ramsey, Eliza             WF    36y           01 Oct    Obstetric            Russell/Russell             Wesley & Polly Ramsey (Informant O.J. Ramsey-Husband)
Rasnake, Elijah           WM    85y           18 Dec    Old Age              Russell/Russell             Jacob & July Rasnake (Informant-Son)
Ray, Eliza                WF    1m            29 Sep    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Loura Ray (Informant Mary Ray-Grandmother)
Ray, Female               WF    Blank         05 Feb    Blank                Russell/Russell             Frank & Pattie Ray (Informant-Father)
Ray, Male                 WM    1m            18 Jun    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Everet & & Luticia Ray (Informant Everet Ray -Father)
Ray, Male                 WM    Blank         20 Feb    Blank                Russell/Russell             Geo & Lou Ray (Informant-Father)
Ringstaff, Male           WM    Blank         20 Feb    Blank                Russell/Russell             Reece & Malissa Ringstaff (Informant-Father)
Robinson, Beecher         WM    5m            28 Feb    Hives                Russell/Russell             Maredth & Della Robinson (Informant M. Robinson-Father)
Sexton, Elizabeth         WF    45y           08 Jun    Heart Failure        Russell/Russell             John & Rosannah Fields (Informant J.C. Sexton-Husband)
Skeens, Male              WM    1/48d         07 Aug    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Fielden A. & Rebecca Skeens (Informant Fielden A. Skeens-Father)
Smith, Female             WF    Blank         01 Jun    Unknown              Russell/Russell             James & July Smith (Informant-Parents)
Suit, Female              WF    1/24d         10 Apr    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Alexander C. & Emily Suit (Informant Alexander C. Suit-Father)
Sutherland, Alexander     WM    79y 7m 14d    17 Sep    Unknown              Russell/Russell             John & Polly Sutherland (Informant Morgan Sutherland-Son)
Taylor, Female            WF    3/24d         04 Dec    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Cowan & Florence Taylor (Informant Cowan Taylor-Father)
Taylor, Female            WF    5m            15 Feb    Hives                Russell/Russell             James & Ellen Taylor (Informant-Father)
Taylor, Male              WM    1/6d          04 Dec    Unknown              Russell/Russell             Cowan & Florence Taylor (Informant Cowan Taylor-Father)
Taylor, Margaret          WF    52y           25 Mar    Heart Disease        Russell/Russell             John & Nancy Vincell (Informant -Husband (Consort E.V.Taylor)
Vaughn, Wm. H.            WM    27y           17 Sep    Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell             Mattie Vaughn (Informant J.S. Hess-Friend)
Wallice, Jane             WF    19y           14 May    ? Brain              Russell/Russell             F.J. & Mary Wallice (Informant-Parents)
Welch, Oma                WF    6y            10 Sep    Typhoid Fever        Russell/Russell             Maggie Welch (Informant D.F. Powers-Friend)
White, Glen S.            WM    30y           07 Jul    Consumption          Russell/Russell             Robt. & Darthula White (Informant-Amelia White-Wife)
White, Male               WM    7m            28 Jul    Blank                Russell/Russell             John J. & Sarah White (Informant John J. White-Father)
White, Rachel             WF    76y           12 Dec    Lagripp              Russell/Russell             Blank (Consort John White) (Informant-Son)
Williams, Elbert          WM    45y           02 Oct    Shot                 Russell/Russell             Charity Williams (Informant Polly Taylor-Friend)
Williams, Sarah           WF    88y          15 Jun     General Debility     Russell/Russell             Ralph & Mary Blankenship (Informant J.R. Adams-Friend)
Wyser, Male               WM    1d           24 Aug     Blank                Russell/Russell             J.C. & Mollie Wyser (Informant-Father)

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