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1913 Russell County, Virginia Death Certificates

MELISSA TIGNOR, b. Russell County, d. 1/21/1913, Lebanon, age 46, cancer of stomach, has been sick for years, housewife, spouse SAM TIGNOR, parents JOHN A. GARRETT & MATTIE FIELDS, informant SAM TIGNOR.

HOMER FLETCHER SWORD, b 12/27/1912 Russell, d. 1/6/1913, Elk Garden, 11 days old, cause of death unknown, without medical attention, parents BRANWELL SWORD & ALTA JESSE, informant BRANWELL SWORD.

ROY NELSON DYE, b. 1/2/1913, Russell, d. 1/2/1913, New Garden, 3 minutes old, injury to mother, parents IRA DYE & CORRA (?) B. (?) MILLER, informant H. L. MILLER.

HENRY STILWELL, b. 3/4/1893, Russell, d. 1/19/1913, New Garden, 19 years 10 months 15 days, septic peritonitis from strangulated hernia, farmer, parents JIM STILWELL & GEORGIA ELKINS, informant G. B. SMITH.

FLORENCE ELIN WHITT, b. 8/29/1901, Tazewell, d. 1/7/1913, New Garden, 11 years 4 months 10 days, endocarditis and acute arthritis, parents J. T. WHITT & MARY JOHNSON, informant J. T. WHITT.

NANNIE MAE WYATT, b. 8/16/1912, Russell. D. 1/6/1913, New Garden, 6 months 21 days, traumatic meningitis, parents THOMAS WYATT & MARY C. CLARK, informant THOMAS WYATT.

MARTIN VAN BUREN FLETCHER, b. Russell, d. 1/19/1913, Sword's Creek, 78 years, pneumonia, farmer, parents BILLIE FLETCHER & PEGGIE WILSON, informant J. A. FLETCHER.

EMMA ELLEN STEELE, b. 1/21/1896, Russell, d. 1/3/1913, New Garden, 16 years 11 months 3 days, gangrene following accidental shot in right arm, school girl, parents CHARLEY BOSTON STEELE & MAGGIE WHITT, informant MRS. C. B. STEELE.

MARGARET ANN HELTON, b. 8/31/1877, Lebanon, d. 1/22/1913, Honaker, 36 years 4 months 22 days, meningitis, housewife, parents SHADE W. MILLER & POLLY HESS, informant WILLIAM HELTON.

JOHN LOCKHART, b. 1/1830, McDowell County, W.VA. (VA), d. 1/18/1913, Honaker, 83 years, pneumonia, farmer, parents BURD LOCKHART & JANE STATON, informant T. J. LOCKHART.

LEAR JOYNER, b. 1/10//1910, Honaker, d. 1/30/1913, Honaker, 3 years, head trouble, parents W. F. JOYNER & T. J. JOYNER, informant W. F. JOYNER.

SARAH W. H. FIELDS, b. 11/10/1835, d. 1/16/1913, Castlewood, 77 years 2 months 6 days, consumption, informant ROBERT BARTEE.

UNNAMED FEMALE GROSS, b. 1/6/1913, d. 1/6/1913, Dante, 11 hours, premature birth, parents E. D. GROSS & RETTIE BEAVER, informant E. D. GROSS.

ALEX COSSIA, no possibility of ever getting any information, d. 1/8/1913, falling slate in coal mine.

OLSODORE K. C. KISK, b. Hungary, d. 1/9/1913, Dante, 30 maybe, gunshot wound inflicted by St. Paul policeman.

CHARLIE MESSER, no possible way of getting information, d. 1/13/1913, Dante, mining accident, run over by mine locomotive.

JOHN CURTIS, b. 1887, d. 1/15/1913, about 30 years, spinal fever, laborer, no information.

LUTHER PHILLIPS, b. VA, d. 1/26/1913, 18 years, homicidal gunshot wound, laborer, parents ANDY J. PHILLIPS & ROSA PHILLIPS, informant C. C. PHILLIPS.

BELLE HURD, b. 12/31/1912, Russell, d. 1/11/1913, Castlewood, 11 days, unknown cause - no doctor attending, parents CHARLES HURD & JOSIE SEARBURY, informant father of child.

ANA BURL JOHNSON, b. 4/14/1905, Russell, d. 1/1/1913, Castlewood, 7 years 8 months 18 days, meningitis, parents J. C. JOHNSON & NETTIE HANSKINS, informant W. S. GILMER.

MAJOR ALLEN FLETCHER, b. 4/4/1834, Russell, d. 1/28/1913, Castlewood, 78 years 9 months 24 days, pneumonia, farmer, parents JAMES FLETCHER & CELIA THOMPSON, informant VIRGINIA C. FLETCHER.

RUTHA WOLFE, b. 1/4/1913, VA, d. 1/14/1913, Moccasin, 10 days, unknown - no physician, parents CHARLES E. WOLFE & NEFFIE H. WYATT, informant CHARLES E. WOLFE.

CLEVELAND BRIDGEMAN, b. 5/15/1890, VA, d. 1/31/1913, Moccasin, 22 years 10 months 15 days, pneumonia fever, parents WILLIAM BRIDGEMAN, JR. & DOLLY COLLINS, informant MARTHA McGROTHIN.

VIRGA ARIZONA SALYERS, b. 12/27/1912, Fugates Hill, VA, d. 1/4/1913, Moccasin, 7 days, "laid in cold snow for a time after borned which proved fatal to child," parents CONLEY FRANC SALYERS & CLARA BELL SALYERS, informant CONLEY FRANC SALYERS.

EMORY LOYD MAYS, b. 5/28/1903, Russell, d. 1/6/1913, Moccasin, 9 years 5 months 8 days, acute nephritis caused by catching cold, parents W. N. MAYS & A. E. PARKS, informant W. N. MAYS.

UNNAMED FEMALE BURK, b. 1/2/1913, d. 1/2/1913, Elk Garden, 7 month factors, parents SAMUEL VINCE JESSE & FLORRIE ELLEN BURK.

UNNAMED MALE MILLER, b. b. 1/10/1913, d. 1/10/1913, stillborn, compressed cord, parents J. M. MILLER & MARIAN RAY, informant J. M. MILLER.

UNNAMED MALE RAY, b. 1/12/1913, d 1/12/1913, Honaker, still born, parents ELBERT RAY & SALLIE STUMP, informant JOHN H. HESS.

ROBERT MANUEL SALYERS, b. 1/18/1913, d. 1/18/1913, Copper Creek, still born, dead 3 or 4 days before delivery, parents JONAS SALYERS & AMY CAROLINE CASSELL, informant JONAS SALYERS.

MARTHA MEADE, b. 1/6/1913, d 1/6/1913, Copper Creek, stillborn, parents OSCAR MEADE & MOLLIE CASTLE.

PEARL C. HARRINGTON, b. 1/28/1913, d. 1/28/1913, Copper Creek, stillborn, parents L. G. HARRINGTON & VERNA CASTEEL, informant L. G. HARRINGTON.

THOMAS DAVIS, b. 1/16/1913, d. 1/16/1913, Moccasin, stillborn, prolapse of cord, did not see mother until too late in labor, parents DAVID DAVIS & B. E. FELTY, informant DAVID DAVIS.

GEORGE W. HICKS, b. VA, d. 1/15/1913, Castlewood, 88 years, old age, farmer, parents unknown informant JACK HICKS.

THOMAS DICKENSON, b. VA, d. 1/16/1913, Castlewood, 81 years, pneumonia, parents JAMES DICKENSON, informant H. P. DICKENSON.

VESTA GILBERT, b. Russell, d. 2/5/1913, Lebanon, about 45, chronic rheumatism, pauper, parents unknown, informant W. F. MAYS, Supt. of Poor.

FRANKLIN FIELDS, b. 7/1/1832, Russell, d. 2/9/1913, Lebanon, 80 years 7 months 8 days, old age and grippe, farmer, parents JOHN FIELDS & ? CRUMEL, informant H. J. FIELDS.

SMITH TAYLOR, b. 3/27/1829, Russell, d. 2/2/1913, Sword's Creek, 83 years, 10 months 5 days, unknown - no doctor attending, parents ISAC TAYLOR & ? HENDERSON, informant T. G. LOL.

WINNIE LEE DYE, b. 8/19/1911, Russell, d. 2/10/1913, New Garden, 1 year 5 months 23 days, bronchial pneumonia, parents L. A. DYE & LIZZIE PERKINS.

NANCY EMALINE FULLER, b. 12/2/1869, Buchanaon County, d. 2/4/1913, Honaker, 44 years 2 months 2 days, dropsy, domestic, parents WILLIAM STREET & MARTHA RASNAKE, informant JACOB FULLER.

JOHN LAMPKINS, b. 1835 Sullivan County, Tennessee, d. 2/13/1913, Castlewood, 78 years, pneumonia, farmer, parents GEORGE LAMPKINS & LIZA MARIAN, informant JOHN LAMPKINS (son).

UNNAMED BOONE, b. 2/27/1913, d. 2/28/1913, Slemp, 6 hours 30 minutes, premature birth about 7 1/2 months, parents DANIEL BOONE & MARY RASNAKE, informant DANIEL BOONE.

WILBURN ARBURGY, b. Russell, d. 2/15/1913, Castlewood, 71 years, cerebral apoplexy, farmer, parents unknown, informant W. D. AUSTIN.

UNNAMED FEMALE MONK, b. 2/27/1913, d. 2/27/1913, Castlewood, 6 hours, parents J. C. MONK & KATE BRANSON, informant W. H. BRANSON.

UNNAMED FEMALE ROBERTS, b. 2/9/1913, d. 2/9/1913, Dante, 2 hours, premature birth, parents WILL ROBERTS & LOUISA COLLINGWOOD.

EUGENE LYONS, b. Tennessee, d. 2/9/1913, Dante, 19 years 6 months, falling stones in RR tunnel, laborer, parents JOHN LYONS & RACHEL HARDEE, informant JOHN LYONS.

JOE VICARS, b. 11/9/1892, Russell, d. 2/14/1913, Dante, 21 years 3 months 23 days, tuberculosis, working at common labor, parents TOMAS VICARS & TELETHA VICARS, informant O. M. Vicars.

DAVE WILKINS, no means of obtaining family information, d. 2/27/1913, Dante, cerebral embolism.

TILDY POSTIN, b. 9/1907, Russell, d. 2/14/1913, Copper Creek, 6 years 5 months, unknown cause - no medical attending, parents SOLOMON H. POSTIN & ALBERTY VICARS, informant S. H. POSTIN.

MATTIE LOU ROBERSON, b. 1/24/1913, VA, d. 2/4/1913, Moccasin, 11 days, congenital icterus and abuse of diet, parents BOLTON ROBERSON & MINNIE FIELDS, informant BOLTON ROBERSON.

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