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The incomplete, unverified information below was taken years ago from my review of the Russell Co. VA [RCV] Chancery Order Book [COB] number one, 1831-72; I would encourage anyone interested to verify with the original, but offer these in case some help may be obtained from this gleaning.

--1849, 18 Apr: Esther Mutter by Andrew Debusk her next friend granted divorce from Johnson Mullen... adultery...deft. worth little or nothing... [RCV COB 1:203]

--1849, 20 Sep: Catherine McGraw ags. Wm. D. McGraw... left now... not inhabitant of commonwealth... [RCV COB 1:209]

--1850, 18 Apr: Nancy Carrell ags. Charles Carrel [Carroll]... [RCV COB 1:213]

--1850, 20 Sep: Abraham S. Campbell & Elzzna [Elzyna?] Campbell divorced... she guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:218]

--1855: Andrew Collins vs Lily [or Litty?] Collins... Litty has abandoned her husband and is guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:271-2]

--1857, 29 Sep: Sally Vance divorced from John Vance... John guilty of adultery.. [RCV COB 1:248]

--1857, 30 Sep: John Smith vs Nancy Smith... deft Nancy, guilty of adultery [RCV COB 1:248]

--1858, 28 Sep: Martin Amburgy ags. Polly Amburgy... [no reason for divorce suit given...] [RCV COB 1:319]

--1858, 29 Sep: Wilson Street ags. Rebecca Street... divorced... [no reason for divorce suit given...] [RCV COB 1:317]

--1859, 27 Apr: Francis M. Harris vs Margaret Harris... AMary@ guilty of adultery [RCV COB 1:327]

--1859, 27 Apr: Richard J Hackney vs Polly Hackney... Polly guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:328]

--1859, 27 Apr: Thomas Harris vs Louisa D. Harris... deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:328]

--1859, 26 Sep: Polly Mutter divorced from Eldridge Mutter... he guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:333]

--1866, 09 May: Andrew J. Cifers [Syphers] vs Elizabeth M. Cifers... deft. guilty of adultery [RCV COB 1:374]

--1866, 09 May: C. E. Dickenson vs Robert Dickenson...deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:374]

--1866, 09 May: Leah F. Johnson vs B. E. Johnson... deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:375]

--1866, 05 Oct: James C. Talbert vs Sabrah H. Talbert... Sabrah guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:382]

--1867, 07 May: Elizabeth J. Ball vs Martin V. Ball... Martin Ball guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:387]

--1867, May (?): Napoleon B. Gilbert vs Louisa Gilbert... Louisa guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:388]

--1867, May (?): Mitchel Low vs Julian Low... deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:388]

--1867, May (?): Sarah Smith vs Joshua Smith... deft. guilty of adultery [RCV COB 1:389]

--1867, 31 Sep: Joseph W. Anderson vs Ellender Anderson... Ellender guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:394]

--1867, 02 Oct: Polly Couch vs James Couch... [RCV COB 1:395]

--1868, 12 May: David F. Lee vs Mary A. Lee... deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:402]

--1868, 14 May: Chas. L. Fletcher vs Martha J. Fletcher... deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:404]

--1868, 05 Oct: James Mays vs Rebecca Mays... [RCV COB 1:408]

--1868, 05 Oct: Margaret Long vs Joseph D. Long... [RCV COB 1:409]

--1869, 11 May: Margaret Combs vs Wm. Combs... deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:416]

--1870, 10 May: Mary E. Price vs. Wm. Price... deft. guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:427]

--1870, 10 (?) May: Martha E. Hartsock vs James H. Hartsock... [RCV COB 1:428]

--1870, 13 May: Emby Taylor & Hannah Taylor... separated... [RCV COB 1:431]

--1870, 13 May: Isabel [Isabella Litton, wid., Browning] Ferrell vs Wm. Ferrell... bonds of matrimony dissolved... she to retain her lands... [RCV COB 1:431]

--1870, 18 Oct : Mary J. Smith vs A. W. Smith... [RCV COB 1:440]

--1870, 18 Oct: Mary Gilbert vs Wm. Gilbert... [RCV COB 1:440]

--1871, 28 Apr: John A. Ferguson vs Rebecca Ferguson... adultery... [RCV COB 1:458]

--1871, 28 Apr: Martha Johnson vs Arthur Johnson... [RCV COB 1:458]

--1871, 27 Sep: Mary Jane Yates vs John Yates... [RCV COB 1:467]

--1871, 27 Sep: Moses A. Miller vs Margaret Miller... [RCV COB 1:467]

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