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I'm Taylor Christy

This is me recieving my Sky Puppy Award
The nice lady with me is Georgie June the BBAA ALCOR
Photo by Ted Forte

and I'm Granddad (Cliff Hedgepeth)

We are both members of Southampton Astronomers, Back Bay Amateur Astronomers, Northern Virginia Astronomy Club, Norfolk Astronomical Society and The Astronomical League. Taylor is 14 and Granddad is older than dirt.

This is Taylor and Cliff with their Celestron C8

This is Taylor and Cliff at Green Bank Radio Telescope, WV

Pictures from 2006 Almost Heaven Star Party

Our equipment includes an Orion XT 12 Intelliscope, a Celestron 8" SCT and Orion SpaceProbe 130 mm newtonian reflector on an EQ mount. Taylor has an Orion XT 4.5" Dobsonian Newtonian and Bushnell 10 X 50 binoculars and Cliff has Barska 15X70 and No name 20x60 Binoculars.

Our observing area

My Dew Heater System

Observing Globular Clusters

Adding GSO Crayford Focuser to Orion Intelliscope

Observing Open Clusters

Our Awards

Taylor has recieved The Astronomical League's new Sky Puppies award, Certificate number 2 and Outreach Award # 28.

Cliff has received the Lunar Club Certificate number 374, the Honorary Messier Club Certificate number 2135,
Binocular Messier Award Certificate #691, Globular Cluster Club #48, Open Cluster Club #9, Double Star #366, Urban Club #105,
Outreach Award # 27, and Northern Constellation Hunter.


Astronomy Day 2006
Pictures from the Spring 2006 East Coast Star Party
Cloverwatch 6/17/2006
2006 4h Camp at Airfield
Pictures from 2006 BBAA Picnic

Current Solar Image

Current Lunar Phase

Lunar Eclipse Calculator

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Some Clubs We Belong To.
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NGC/IC Project
US Naval Observatory
Heavens Above
Camera Concepts
Hands on Optics
Globular Clusters
Chesapeake Planetarium
Virginia Living Museum
Virginia Beach Planetarium
Morehead Planetarium
Science Museum of Virginia

Astronomy Links
Distant Suns (Nice software)
Virtual Moon Atlas
Stargazer (Dale Cary)
Ron Robisch
Kathy's Astronomy Web
George Reynolds, Solar System Ambassador

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