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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia
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Adams Cemetery - Manville Community
GPS: 3641'15.0"-N

Row 2

William Joe & Martha E. Grizzle
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Lucy H. Grizzle
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Hattie Bryant
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James Ira Hammonds
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Paul Ellis Hammonds
wpeA.jpg (105728 bytes)

Christina F. Hammonds
wpeC.jpg (88609 bytes)

Harvey T. McDavid
wpeE.jpg (82526 bytes)

Henry J. & 
Annie E. McDavid
wpe10.jpg (103426 bytes)

William H. Neeley
wpe12.jpg (88293 bytes)

Pauline H. Neeley
wpe14.jpg (90615 bytes)

William Buford Neeley
wpe16.jpg (92868 bytes)

Judith A. Neeley Smith
wpe18.jpg (90554 bytes)

Paul W. Quillen, Jr.
wpe1A.jpg (98705 bytes)

Robert L. Bryant
wpe1C.jpg (96815 bytes)

Smith Raby
wpe1E.jpg (94891 bytes)

Isabell Hart
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Worley L. & 
Myrtle J. Sexton
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