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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia
Family Album
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From the Collection of Bob Pendleton

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Scott County Courthouse, 
ca. 1915
wpe3.gif (319572 bytes)
Scott County Courthouse, 
ca. 1935
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Jackson Street, 
ca. 1909
wpe8.gif (340578 bytes)
Jackson Street, 
ca. 1909
wpeA.gif (275109 bytes)
Jackson Street, 
ca. 1916
wpeC.gif (314041 bytes)
Jackson Street Fire
wpeE.gif (374935 bytes)
wpe10.gif (275763 bytes)
ca. 1935
wpe12.gif (349233 bytes)
Cumberland Mt. Mission, ca. 1936
wpe14.gif (293458 bytes)
CC&O Depot, Speers Ferry, 
ca. 1915
wpe16.gif (336025 bytes)
Natural Tunnel, 
ca. 1906
wpe18.gif (245964 bytes)
  Robinette Valley Log
wpe3.jpg (90540 bytes)
From the Collection of Jim and Beulah Pendleton
Submitted in their honor by their nephew, Bob Pendleton
Alma Pendleton
wpe1.jpg (43694 bytes)
Alma Pendleton
wpe4.jpg (52119 bytes)
Aunt Gert
wpe8.jpg (49392 bytes)
Aunt Ida
wpeA.jpg (39529 bytes)
Aunt Ida, Uncle Ed, Grandma Pendleton, Aunt Myrt, Grandma Mary Pendleton, Jean White (baby)
wpeD.jpg (61897 bytes)
wpeF.jpg (53335 bytes) Jim Pendleton
wpe11.jpg (86264 bytes)
Edward Pendleton
wpe14.jpg (58129 bytes)
Carl Penley, Aunt Gert
wpe16.jpg (69052 bytes)
Daddy (Heyden Pendleton), Gerta Lee, Mother
wpe18.jpg (55401 bytes)
Don Pendleton
wpe1A.jpg (39461 bytes)
Gert, Grandma Pendleton
wpe1C.jpg (50784 bytes)
Gerta Lee, Ida, Don, Sue
wpe1E.jpg (53271 bytes)
Glaston Dezarne
wpe20.jpg (32682 bytes)
Grandma Mary Hammonds Pendleton
wpe22.jpg (54145 bytes)
Heyden Pendleton
wpe24.jpg (53370 bytes)
Hazel, Aunt Gert, Madeline
wpe26.jpg (56212 bytes)
Hazel, Gert, Rev. Duncan, Mabel Smith
wpe28.jpg (66292 bytes)
Hazel, Grace Templeton, Gert, Dad, Jim
wpe2A.jpg (57918 bytes)
Heyden Pendleton
wpe2C.jpg (47352 bytes)
Gerta Lee
wpe2E.jpg (59102 bytes)
Ivan Stallard, Aunt Gert, Joe Pendleton, Marie Stallard
wpe30.jpg (58589 bytes)
James, Grandpa, Grandma, Lawrence, Joe, Hazel Matt, Oney 
wpe32.jpg (62427 bytes)
John Poff
wpe35.jpg (40017 bytes)
Lawrence, Gerta Lee, Ida Pendleton & Bernice Harris
wpe38.jpg (67059 bytes)
Maggie Jennings
wpe3A.jpg (44663 bytes)
Mother @ Lawrence's Grave
wpe3C.jpg (68469 bytes)
GLP, CL, MP, OB, Mother, JP
wpe3E.jpg (74426 bytes)
Mother, Iva, James, Ona, Egar, Ervian F., Myrtle, Jean Penley
wpe40.jpg (66070 bytes)
Penley, Matt, Gert, Grace Templeton, Hazel, James Pendleton
wpe42.jpg (59858 bytes)
Preacher Duncan, Gert
wpe44.jpg (75325 bytes)
Uncle Ed
wpe46.jpg (45975 bytes)
Uncle Ed, Aunt Gert
wpe48.jpg (37040 bytes)
Uncle Ed & Aunt Zola
wpe4A.jpg (63908 bytes)
Uncle Ed, Gerta Lee, Grandma
wpe4C.jpg (47542 bytes)
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