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Sullivan County, Tennessee

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Baker Cemetery
Baker Cemetery Road
GPS: 3635'34"-N
Photographed By
Kenny Stallard

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Row 1

Hugh Larkin & Lillian Cladith Crain
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  Brenda Kay Crain
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Row 2
Isaac J. Rodefer
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Effie J. Rodefer
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S. Lee Grove
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Cora D. Grove
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Dorce Groves
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Row 3
John E. & 
Cordelia J. Rodefer
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Carson D. Crain
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Nellie Rena Crain
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Sons of Crain
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Hazel R. Crain
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Row 4
Elizabeth Baker
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William H. Rodefer
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Susan Baker Rodefer
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Elizabeth Rodefer
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Martha R. Baker
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Infant Daughter Rodefer
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  Rev. Thomas H. & Natalie M. Rodefer
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  Paul Rodefer
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Row 5
Charles A. McNamara
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Martha Kizziah Barr
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William Ray & Geneva B. Grove
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Foch B. Grove
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Lois L. Davenport
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  Gertrude Rodefer
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