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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Bellamy Cemetery
Stanley Valley Road
Page 2

Row 6
Everett Noel Bellamy
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  Victoria H. Wolfe Bellamy
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  Elva Mae Bellamy
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Row 7
Infant Son French
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Virgil Ray Monroe
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William L. & E. Kathleen Rogan
wpeD.jpg (175873 bytes)
Carl R. & Hester M. Monroe
wpeF.jpg (163473 bytes)
Carl E. Monroe
wpe11.jpg (186305 bytes)
  Infant Daughter Moody
wpe13.jpg (182601 bytes)
  Ruby May McKinzie Moody
wpe15.jpg (195122 bytes)
Row 8
  Bonnie V. Bellamy Brown
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Row 9
Arthur W. & Maudie E. Harmon
wpe19.jpg (167500 bytes)
Thomas M. & Martha J. Bellamy
wpe1B.jpg (131350 bytes)
J. M. Bellamy
wpe1D.jpg (157126 bytes)
Pollie Horton Bellamy
wpe1F.jpg (150024 bytes)
James B. Bellamy
wpe24.jpg (177759 bytes)   wpe26.jpg (98012 bytes)
  Nancy J. Davidson Bellamy
wpe28.jpg (156993 bytes)
Row 10
E. R. "Jack" Jeter
wpe2A.jpg (161500 bytes)
Mary E. Bellamy
wpe2C.jpg (169703 bytes)
James M. & 
Pricilla A. Bellamy
wpe2E.jpg (198752 bytes)
John P. Bellamy
wpe30.jpg (164983 bytes)
Mary Wolfe Bellamy
wpe32.jpg (126007 bytes)   wpe34.jpg (101862 bytes)
  John, Clara E. & David C. McKenzie
wpe37.jpg (146120 bytes)
Row 11
Henry W. Smith
wpe39.jpg (182151 bytes)
George Smith
wpe3B.jpg (153623 bytes)
Amanda E. Bellamy Smith
wpe3E.jpg (158381 bytes)
Julia B. V. Smith
wpe40.jpg (189823 bytes)
Lela Bell Bellamy
wpe42.jpg (202189 bytes)
Infant Son Bellamy
wpe44.jpg (187473 bytes)
  Orbin P. Haynes
wpe46.jpg (182575 bytes)
  Vada E. Haynes
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