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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Buttry Cemetery - Page 2

Henritta Osborne
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Solomon Osborne
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Frances Osborne
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Infant Son Dorton
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Infant Daug. Dorton
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Sallie L. Dorton
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Elizabeth Miller
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Vantromp Miller
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Martha Litton
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John B. Litton
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Matilda B. Litton
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Edward T. Dorton
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Tabitha Osborne
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William G. Dorton
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Maria Benham Dorton
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John S. Dorton
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Bertia V. Statzer
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Joseph R. Statzer
wpe31.jpg (58833 bytes)

Jannie D. Countiss Statzer
wpe33.jpg (80338 bytes)

John Robert Buttry
wpe35.jpg (41030 bytes)

Margaret J. Markham
wpe37.jpg (57470 bytes)

Bessie Litton Barker
wpe39.jpg (66388 bytes)

Clarence V. Litton
wpe3B.jpg (77679 bytes)

Baxter Shaffer
wpe3D.jpg (64635 bytes)


Hazel Mae Shaffer
wpe3F.jpg (54177 bytes)


Elmer N. Shaffer
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