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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Carter Cemetery
Page 2

Row 4

Barbara Lane
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A. Z. Lane
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Robert V. Owens
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Ella Tipton Owens
wpe7.jpg (135905 bytes)

Howard W. & Gertrude L. Akers
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Row 5

Nancy L. Hammonds
wpeB.jpg (139026 bytes)

Maryln Jennings
wpeD.jpg (153542 bytes)


Willard Jay Lane
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Row 6

Charlie I. Lane
wpe11.jpg (135221 bytes)


Virgie A. Blair Lane
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Row 7

Lawrence D. Blair 
and Wife
wpe15.jpg (125454 bytes)   wpe17.jpg (137693 bytes)

Sarah E. Blair
wpe19.jpg (137569 bytes)

Claudia M. Lane
wpe1B.jpg (163947 bytes)

Maudia F. Lane
wpe1D.jpg (169445 bytes)

Polly G. Lane
wpe1F.jpg (145690 bytes)

Wrightly Lane
wpe21.jpg (158181 bytes)


Gladys Esther Lane
wpe23.jpg (183521 bytes)

Row 8

Roy T. & Venus E. Blair
wpe1.jpg (132834 bytes)

Henry T. Carter
wpe3.jpg (139436 bytes)

Elizabeth C. Carter
wpe5.jpg (159469 bytes)

Henry C., 
Betty E. Q. & Martha V.C. Lane
wpe7.jpg (131944 bytes)

W. H. Bill, Verna L. & Jacqline Hammonds
wpe9.jpg (143384 bytes)

Row 9


Alfred K. & Frances J. Lane
wpeB.jpg (155601 bytes)


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