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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Cemetery Quadrant Maps & Alphabetical Listings from Phyllis Peterson's
 Cemetery Transcriptions Master Index

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This index is a list of all 1,434 known cemeteries in Scott County and surrounding areas. This list is compiled by Phyllis Peterson. She has compiled a 8 volume book set plus the Master Index of all 1,434 cemeteries. This Index and Maps are taken from her books. The website for these books is

MAPS: The county is divided into 25 quadrant maps. The “Map Key” shows the names and locations of the maps. On each map has the “cross” and number of each cemetery. (Suggestion: Print out the page you are interested in for a better view of the cemetery numbers)

INDEX: This index is listed alphabetically by Cemetery Name. The different columns indicate the following:

PHOTOS: Photos listed on the SCHS website (x = Cemetery link, + = Listed “Kenny’s place” and below, 
* = “Over the Line”).  All of the above indicated cemeteries are accessible from the SCHS Cemeteries Page.

CEMETERY NAME: Name of each cemetery (When 2 names are listed, they are both listed alphabetically example: BOWEN/TAYLOR would be listed under both BOWEN and TAYLOR)

MAP LOCATION: Map Location and Cemetery Number (S Duffield - 15 is on the S. Duffield map, 
cem # 15)

VOL:PAGE: Volume: Page where the cemetery is covered in Phyllis Peterson’s books. 
(6:46 is Volume 6 Page 46)


Quadrant Maps
Map Key to Quadrants
wpe1.gif (71281 bytes)
Big Stone Gap
wpe4.gif (63673 bytes)
North East Stone Gap
wpe6.gif (61993 bytes)
South East Stone Gap
wpe8.gif (73310 bytes)
North Fort Blackmore
wpeA.jpg (71158 bytes)
South Fort Blackmore
wpeC.gif (106181 bytes)
North Dungannon
wpeE.gif (108379 bytes)
South Dungannon
wpe10.gif (94685 bytes)
Moll Creek
wpe12.jpg (80780 bytes)
wpe14.gif (81287 bytes)
North Duffield
wpe16.gif (85779 bytes)
South Duffield
wpe18.gif (92778 bytes)
North Clinchport
wpe1A.gif (128535 bytes)
South Clinchport
wpe1C.gif (119290 bytes)
North Gate City
wpe1E.gif (122373 bytes)
South Gate City
wpe1.gif (87065 bytes)
North Hilton
wpe3.gif (115404 bytes)
South Hilton
wpe5.gif (75468 bytes)
North Mendota
wpe7.jpg (231619 bytes)
South Mendota
wpe9.jpg (66595 bytes)
Looney's Gap
wpeB.jpg (66595 bytes)
Plum Grove
wpeD.jpg (78077 bytes)
Church Hill
wpeF.jpg (93802 bytes)
Weber City
wpe11.jpg (95673 bytes)
Indian Springs
wpe13.jpg (212238 bytes)
wpe17.jpg (78505 bytes)
Alphabetical Listing
All maps and data courtesy of Phyllis Peterson,

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