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Newspaper Articles Submitted by Bob Darter On The Clinch Mountain Tunnel, The Railroad Link Between Kermit And Speer's Ferry

Printed in The New York Times



Workers Caught In Tunnel Cave-In
Air Pumped To Them

BRISTOL, Va.,  Aug. 17, 1906 --- Fifty men are entombed alive in the Clinch Mountain tunnel at Clinchport, Va., as a result of a cave-in which occurred to-day.  It is not known whether the men are dead or alive, but the work of rewcue is being rushed as fast as possible.

     Air is being pumped into the tunnel by several pumps for a distance of 700 feet, and a lare force of men before they perish, if they are not already dead.

     The cave=in occurred unexpectedly, and it is not known who is responsible.

The Men entombed are chiefly natives of the mountaionous section of Southwest Virginia.  The excitement and anxiety is intense.  Men, women and children to-night were at the mouth of the tunnel, awaiting news, and pitiable scenes were enacted.  Women screamed and wrung their hands and cried hysterically.

     No bodies have as yet been recovered.  The tunnel is being driven through Clinch Mountain and is to be one mile in length.  It has already been extended about 700 feet, and the men are a considerable distance in the hole.



Flint Encountered In Clinch Mountain Delays Tunnel Borers

Special to The New York Times

RICHMOND, Va., March 17, 1907 --- Workmen engaged in boring a tunnel through Clinch Mountain have been practically stopped by a vein of the hardest rock ever encountered in the knowledge of the engineers concerned.

     It is a bluish-white flint.  The best tempered steel has little effect upon it, and even after it has been drilled the heaviest blast only scales off a small portion of it.

     Before striking this rock it was thought the two boring forces would meet each other about June 1.  Now it is thought that it will take at least until August.











Reported Entombment of Fifty Men at
Clinch Mountain, Proves Untrue

Special to The Washington Post

Gate City, Va., Aug. 18.—The exciting report which spread over the country last evening about the cave-in of the Clinch Mountain tunnel proved to be much exaggerated.

     At 4 o'clock yesterday morning two sections of timber used in bracing the tunnel fell, crushing to death two negro laborers from North Carolina and injuring three others, one of whom may die.

The story that fifty men were entombed by a great fall of dirt and stone, the report coming here from both sides of the mountain, seemed to be reliable. The truth was learned this morning and the suspense and anxiety relieved.



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