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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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David Jessee Cemetery
Page 2

Row 5
Clarence B., Effie G., Maude N. Addington
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Joseph W. & Louetta J. Addington
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J. T. Jessee
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Emily Jessee
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  Emma B. Marshall
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Row 6
Hugh J., Ethel R. & Junior Castle
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Elbert F. Skeen
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Elihu Jessee
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David P. Jessee
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Martha Jessee
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Elder David Jessee
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Mary J. Jessee
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Carl Jessee
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Alice Jessee
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Emilou Castle
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J. Harve & Mary A. Castle
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Violet Ruth Addington
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  Willard J. & Blanche S. Jessee
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Roy W. Jr. & Norma Jean Kilgore
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