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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia
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Sullivan County, Tennessee

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Dishner-Tipton Cemetery
Magic View Drive
GPS: 3634'28"-N
Photographed by Kenny Stallard

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Stones - Dishner
James W. & Ada C. Stapleton
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Martha E. Collins
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J. A. Collins
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Mary E. Collins
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Minnie E. Dishner
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Fannie L. Dishner
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William J. Dishner
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Louella D. Hensley
wpe2F.jpg (121819 bytes)
Virgil P. Hensley
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Clarence W. Lee
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Lewis Madison Lee
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Charles E. Lee
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Hellen J. Boy
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William W. & Pherby J. Lee
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Herbert Howard Lee
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Infant Son Lee
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Ralph Thomas & Reva Armbrister Lee
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Shirley B., Nell Joan Ball
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  Charles M. & Sally J. Ross
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Tipton Stones
William B. Pendleton
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Nancy B. Pendleton
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Elmer S. Tipton
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James L. & Bessie A. Tipton
wpe44.jpg (98648 bytes)
Ronnie Lee Tipton
wpe46.jpg (124357 bytes)
Willie F. Tipton
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  John W. & Mary E. Tipton
wpe4A.jpg (143933 bytes)
  Arthur Ezra Tipton
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