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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Gardner Cemetery
Hagan Cemetery
Hunter's Valley East
Gardner's Chapel Cemetery
Timber Tree Branch
Hale Cemetery
Purchase Ridge
Gibson-Francisco Cem.
Big Moccasin Area
Hale's Chapel Cemetery
Moccisan St., Gate City
Gillenwater Cemetery
CR-661 & Turkey Ridge
Emmet Hall Cemetery
Mabe Stanleytown Road
J. Gillenwater Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial Hwy.
Ezra Hall Cemetery
Jake Hollow
L. Gillenwater Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial Highway
Hammond Cemetery
Anglers Way Road
Steven F. Gillenwaters Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial Highway
Hammond-Gibson Cem.
Antler Springs Lane
William Gillespie Cemetery
Garfield Lane
Newt Hammonds Cemetery  
Gilliam Cemetery
Blackgum Road
T. R. Hammonds Cemetery
Mini Horse Drive
A. F. Gilliam Cemetery
Rambler Dr. off Dry Creek
James M. Harris Cemetery
Starnes Bluff Lane
Johnny Roy Gilliam Cemetery
1619 Double Ford Road
Nancy Harris Cemetery
Addington Frame Road
Gilliam-Wade Cemetery
Cactus Lane
William Harris Cemetery
Marvin Springs Road
Godsey Cemetery
Eaton Hill
Charlie Hartsock Cemetery
Odell Valley Lane
Godsey-Parks Cemetery
Gun Smoke Drive

David W. Hartsock Cemetery
Grouse Hollow Lane

O. H. Gobble Cemetery
Pridemore Pvt. Dr. off Mustang Street
Isaac Hartsock Cemetery
Long Hollow Road
Goode Cemetery
Goode Hollow Road
John Hartsock Cemetery
Cattle Drive
Eual Goode Cemetery
Ponderosa Road
Peter Hartsock Cemetery
Odell Valley Lane
Alexander Gray Cemetery
Wood Community
Samuel Hartsock Cemetery
Little Duck Road
Charles Gray Cemetery
Bear Lane Road
Robert C. Hash Cemetery
Apple Orchard Road
Henry Gray Cemetery
off Big Moccasin Road
Haynes Cemetery
Haynes Valley Road
William Gray Cemetery
River Bluff Road
Head-Benton Cemetery
Limestone Valley Road
Christopher Columbus Greear Cemetery
Valleyho Drive
N. B. Henry Cemetery
Snowflake Road
Jesse Greear Cemetery
Clinch River Highway (SR-65)
Hensley Cemetery
Eaton Hill
Shadrach Greear Cemetery
River Bluff Road
W. F. Hensley Cemetery
Sleepy Hollow Lane
James Green Cemetery
Lick Creek Pvt. Drive
Hensley Cem. at Pisga Gap
Sleepy Hollow Lane
Henry Grigsby Cemetery
off  Loop Circle
Hermon Cemetery
East Carter's Valley Road
  Charles O. Herron Cemetery
Red Hill Road (CR-666)
  Lewis C. Herron Cemetery
Ruritan Run Road  (CR-627)
  Hickam Cemetery
East Carter's Valley
  Joseph Hickam Cemetery
Spring Valley Circle
  Elisha Hill Cemetery
Mabe Stanleytown Road
  Ira W. Hill Cemetery
Clinch River Highway
  Solomon Hill Cemetery
Clinch River Highway
  Hill's Chapel Cemetery
Mabe-Stanleytown Road
  Hillman-Vicars Cemetery
McConnell Hollow Road
  J. W. Hillman Cemetery
Glade Hollow Drive
  W. L. Hillman Cemetery
McConnell Hollow Road
  Hilton Cemetery
  Johnny S. Hobbs Cemetery
Canton Road
  Holston View Cemetery
Gate City Hwy & Yuma Road
  G. H. Hood Cemetery
Freedom Road
  W. T. Hood Cemetery
Bunker Road
  Nicholas Johnson Horne Cemetery
Fire Dr. off Clinch River Highway (SR-65)


Daniel Horton Cemetery
Mabe Stanleytown Road
  Horton Summit Cemetery
Horton Summit Rd. at
Natural Tunnel Parkway
  J. P. Horton Cemetery
Bishoptown Road


William Ray Horton Cem.
Natural Tunnell Parkway

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