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Contributed by Don Lane

The Gate City Herald
Thursday, March 10, 1932

Scott Countain Is Killed By Car Sat. Near Moccasin Gap

Irvine Quillin, Driver, Is Held On $500 Bond; Hearing Set Here For Saturday; Was Call Accidental

   William E. “Bill” Darnell, was killed late Saturday evening when struck by a car driven by Irvine Quillin, at the same place where young Myrtle McNutt was fatally injured the last of January, on the Gate City-Kingsport highway two miles south of here.

     Darnell, with his son, C. E. Darnell, was with J. R. Beverly in the car of the latter on his way to Kingsport .  Beverly stopped his car to allow Darnell to visit a nearby house.  Two cars passed the Beverly machine before Darnell stepped from behind it into the path of Quillin’s car traveling in the opposite direction.

Walked in Front of Car

     The killed man’s son said that he started to grab his father as the latter seemingly did not see the approach of the Quillin car.  He said that his father seemed to jump just before he was struck.  Young Quillin was driving a 1927 model Chevrolet touring car.  With him was his father, Jim E. Quillin, and Joe Kilburn.  They were on their way to their homes near Hiltons, seven millet east.

     Quillin placed the fatally injured man in his car and started to Kingsport hospital.  Darnell died near L. F. Blaylock’s Store at the river bridge.  His body was brought back here to the McConnell Funeral Home.

Released on Bond

     Irvine Quillin was released on $500 bond shortly after the accident, pending a preliminary hearing here next Saturday.  He said that he did not see Darnell until he felt the impact of his car as it struck him, and that the was traveling about thirty miles an hour.

Funeral Tuesday

     Mr. Darnell has been a farmer all his life.  His wife died several months ago.  Since that time he has been living with his son, C. E. Darnell, in Kingsport , Tenn.

     Surviving are two sons;  C. E. Darnell, Kingsport , and C. M. Darnell, of Hiltons; five daughters, Mrs. H. H. Quillin, Hill, V./ Mrs. Willard Davidson, Kingsport, Tenn./ Misses Ora and Nannie Darnell, both of Gate City; Mrs. Drayton Owen, Ft. Blackmore; three brothers, M. P. Darnell, Duffield; Victor Darnell, Gate City; H. P. Darnell, Hiltons; three sisters, Mrs. J. L. Horton, Duffield; Mrs. Elisha Hill, Mabe, and Mrs. P. H. Ramey, Bulls Gap.

     Rev. J. B. Craft, pastor of the First Baptist church of Gate City, conducted funeral services at 122 Walnut Street , Kingsport , Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m.   Interment was held at Holston View cemetery on the Kingsport road, in charge of the Mc Connell Funeral Home.


Gate City Herald
Thursday, March 17, 1932

Quillin Is Freed In Darnell Death

Charges Dismissed Against Fulkerson District Boy In Connection With Accident

     Irvine Quillin was freed of all charges against him in connection with the death Saturday, March 5, of W. E. Darnell on the Gate City to Kingsport highway, in a preliminary hearing here Monday morning.

     Darnell was fatally injured as he stepped from behind the taxi belonging to J. R. Beverly into the road and in front of the Quillin car traveling in the opposite direction.

     Darnell, with his son, C. E. Darnell, and Mr. Beverly was on his way to Kingsport .  Young Quillin, with his father, Jim E. Quillin, and Joe Kilburn, was returning to his home between here and Hiltons.

     Magistrates Bledsoe, Catron, and Quillin heard the evidence along with county attorney Sergent who ordered the manslaughter charge dismissed since testimony revealed Darnell’s death accidental.

























Gate City Herald
Thursday, September 8, 1932

Elliott Family

     At the Midway Reunion, Mr. R. L. Elliott of Gate City , Va. , spoke for the Elliott family.  Bob, always a clever conversationalist, spoke very intorcatingly.  The family seat of the Elliotts in Scott County is at Midway.

     William Elliott and wife Kincannon, parents of Landon, F. K., Mike and Bill came from Pennsylvania .  Names of the daughters were Mattie married Ira Gilliam, Wise County ; Peggy Ann married John McConnell of Scott; Elizabeth married Tom McConnell of Scott; Polly married George Adams of Valley Creek; Malinda never married.

     Landon Elliott first married a Miss Cox, to this union a daughter, Lou Emma married Ramey.  Landon next married Rhoda Kilgore, to this union were born Harland, Hampton, Boyd, Ewell, Alva, Rebecca, Margaret, and Almedia.

     F. K. Elliott married Elizabeth Lane , their children were Christopher, James, Andrew, Clayton , Frances , Mary, Malinda, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Susannah.

     Mike Elliott married a lady by the name of Cox; boys of the family were Rev. Vance, Ellington, Emory; the girls were Nancy, Sarah, Margaret, Louisa and Mary.

     Bill Elliott never married.  Emory married McConnell, and was the father of Robt. L. Elliott, and Lucy who married N. B. Culbertson.

     The Elliotts are a numerous family in Kentucky and among them have been distinguished characters.  In North and South Carolina there have been noted lawyers and clergymen of the name.

     Sir John Eliot, in the reign of Charles I; was among the greatest of English statesmen.  At different times he was confined in the tower but Eliot’s brave assertion of the independence of parliament was finally confirmed, never again to be questioned.

     In the early part of the 17th century John Eliot, “The Apostle of the Indians of North America,” translated the whole Bible into the Indian language, using the Mohican dialect which was spoken by the aborigines of New England .

     Marion Evans assumed the literary name of George Eliot in her authorship of “Adam Bede” (1858) and “The Mill on the Floss,” (1860).  Charles W. Eliot, president of Harvard University was one of he most conspicuous and influential figures in the educational world.



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