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The Gate City Herald - 1940
Contributed by Don Lane

The Gate City Herald
Thursday, December 12, 1940

Early 19th Century Preachers Who Performed Marriage Ceremonies
Listed In Records Here

     Do you know whether your grandparents or great-grandparents were married before a Scott County minister or other qualified person between the years of 1815 and 1853?

     If you don’t and the marriage took place in the county during that time, finish this story and you have Prof. I. C. Coley to thank for looking through old records to find out the names of ministers and others who were then tying the matrimonial knots.

     The list as compiled by Prof. Coley:

     James Foley, Robert Kilgore, Ivey Walker, John Flanary, Samuel Hilton, William Hartt, George Eakin, John Pendleton, James Gibson, James Albert, William Wells, John Tivis Abraham Still, Jonah Dougherty, Robert M. Shanklin, John Grogg, Stephen Foster, Edward T. Perry, Robert W. Wynn, Robert Kilgore, Sr., David Jessie, James Kerr, S. Patton, Josiah B. Dauthry, Christian Easterly, H. Powell Elijah Perkins, Jacob McDaniel, John Dickinson, James P. Carrell, David Byrns.

     Jonathan Bishop, John Strong, Asberry Brooks , Silas Ratliff, William Robertson, Hugh Johnson, W. C. Reynolds, T. K. Cotlett, John R. Crawford, John Forester, William Gilmore, Isaac Forkner, William Boothe, Samuel Gibson, Thomas K. Harmon, Willis Ingle, Daniel Payne, Oscar F. Cunningham, Isaiah Droke, James N. Wood, Elisha Martin, Geo. McConnell, David Jessee, Jr., Daniel Rogan, John Tate, Alexander Vance, Ruben Steel, William Milburn, John Dickinson, W. R. Bellamy, S. D. Gaines, Thos. Horton, Jonathan Draper, R. P. Spencer, Charles W. Carter, M. T. Sipps.

     Jessie Tyre, S. P. Baxter, Joseph Barker, James Hartsock, S. C. White, Morgan T. Lipper, William Hancher, Alexander Maness, Wm. M. Boldwin, E. K. Rurren, Samuel Gibson, Hiram K. Pendleton, William Addington, Isaac Kern, Robert M. Pickins.


The Gate City Herald
Thursday, August 15, 1940

Flood Tragedy In East Tennessee

Hundreds Homeless; Much Damage Done

Asheville , Elizabethton, Johnson City and Kingsport are Worst Hit By Flood

     Jupiter Pluvius visited East Tennessee with a vengeance on Tuesday and Tuesday night and in his wake followed damage, disaster and heart-break.

     Not in almost half a century has the South Fork of the Holston gone on such a rampage.

     The floods seem to have been centered around Asheville , Elizabethton and Johnson City .  Deaths in Elizabethton are still uncounted but it is feared reports finally may be horrible.

     In Kingsport residents of Long Island began to move bag and baggage long before dawn Wednesday morning.  A complete evacuation of the island was ordered before noon Wednesday.  Roads to and across the island were blocked by policemen so that the merely curious were barred from being in the way.

     At this writing it is humanly impossible to place even an estimate on the damage.  The loss of life will probably be small.

     Early Wednesday morning fear was expressed that the dam at Elizabethton might not hold.  If it should break it was said 20 or more feet of water could cover parts of Kingsport in a short time.

     Relief agencies in the local area bent their energies to help for the unfortunate, and on every hand was praise for government officials and all other agencies engaged in aid of the distressed.

     Rain on the Virginia side, while heavy, was not near so plentiful as in Tennessee .  The rise in the North Fork of Holston at eight o’clock was only four feet, which was far less than that on the South Fork.

     Rain began in the section early Tuesday morning and continued steadily throughout the day and night.

     This is said by old timers to have been the heaviest flood since that which visited Gate City and vicinity in the spring of 1927.


The Gate City Herald  
Thursday, September 5, 1940

Now A Buffalo

Herman Lane

Herman Lane Enters Milligan College

By Bill Perry

     One of the greatest ball carriers that Shoemaker has ever produced left Sunday to join Steve Lacey and his Milligan College Buffaloes.  For sometime it has been rumored that the big husky Blue Devil fullback would enter Tennessee but he and Coach Wise spent almost a day at Milligan recently and made preparations.  Played one year of football but showed he had plenty of spirit, drive and determination.

     He is also one of the finest students in the local school.  Lane will more than likely find he going plenty tough since it is a great jump from one year’s experience in high school to college football, but everyone has confidence in his ability.

        We’re for you, Herman – Let’s go, Milligan!


The Gate City Herald
Thursday, November 7, 1940

Coley Unearths Names Men Killed
During Civil War

     A list of soldiers from Scott County killed in battle or died in service during the Civil War as reported and recorded in the register of deaths.

     Abijah Strong, age 19, killed at Manassas Sept. 10, 1861 ; Henry S. Quillin, age 32 died at Emory and Henry of fever Dec. 6, 1862 ; James R. Quillin, age 21, died of wounds at Lynch, Ky. April 19, 1862; John M. Boatright, age 25, died with smallpox at Camp Douglas, Ill., Dec 9, 1864; Daniel M. Brickey, age 40 died with smallpox at Camp Douglas, Ill. Dec 9, 1864; Patton Brickey, age 18 died with smallpox at Camp Douglas, Ill., Dec 9, 1864; James Bush, age 19, killed by soldiers September 8, 1863.

     James B. Clayton, age 20 killed as a soldier May 5, 1864 ; Jehiel H. Davidson, age 46 killed by bushwhackers 1864; Andrew Fulwilder, age 20 killed Nov. 10, 1863; James M. Gillenwaters, age 22 killed at Winchester Aug. 28, 1864 ; Samuel L. Gray, age 28 killed at Saltville Oct. 1864; Daniel H. Harris, age 30 killed at Gettysburg July 2, 1863; William P. Harris, age 25 killed at Gettysburg July 2, 1863.

     William Johnson, age 24 died with smallpox at Camp Douglas Nov. 8, 1864 ; Henry Lane , age 28 killed at Winchester , Aug. 28, 1864 ; Milton P. McConnell, age 22 killed at Gettysburg , Va. July 1863; John E. Nowles, age 22 died with smallpox at Camp Douglas , Ill. Dec. 16, 1864; Lilbourn H. Pendleton, age 22 died with smallpox at Camp Douglas, Ill. Dec. 16, 1864; Harvey E. Powers, age 22 killed in battle Fishers Hill, Sept. 28, 1864; Alexander Summa, age 23 died with smallpox at Camp Douglas, Ill. Sept. 1864.

     James B. Stone, age 21 shot Jan. 23, 1864 ; Steven J. Stone, age 25 died with fever at Camp Douglas, Ill. March 12, 1864; William M. Templeton, age 30, died with smallpox at Knoxville March 12, 1863; James W. Warfe, age 26 was shot at Chancellorsville May 1863; James Williams, age 29 died with consumption at Charlottesville May 1863; Hiram Bishop, age 19 Court Martialed and shot Jan. 1865; James Snodgrass, age 18 killed in battle at Manassas, Va. 1862; Samuel H. McClellan, age 20 died with measles at Charlottesville, Va. 1862; Charles Q. Godsey, age 20 killed in battle Sept. 18, 1862, Loudon Co. Va.; Hiram Bostic, age 36 killed by Yankees in Kentucky, 1862; John W. Lawson, age 19, killed in battle in Augusta Co., Va. May 18, 1862.

     Isaac Epperson, age 17 killed in battle at Sharpsburg, M.D. Sept., 17, 1862; James V. O. Ewing, age 24 died with typhoid fever at Monterey, Va., 1861, Omeleres Gibson, age 20, died with measles at Big Spring , Va. Sept. 13, 1861; William L. Wood, age 26 killed in battle at Culpepper, Va. Aug. 8, 1862; Nathaniel E. Bellamy, age 19 died with measles at Jeffersonville, Va. May 31, 1862; John V. Morrell, age 26 killed at Cedar Run, Va. Aug. 9, 1862; Henry P. Grubb, age 18 died with typhoid fever at White Sulphur, Va. Oct. 29, 1862.

     John P. Epperson, age 17, died with fever in Russell Co. 1863; James H. Moore, age 29, died with fever at Emory and Henry December 21, 1862 ; Enos B. Hilton, age 20 killed at Warrenton , Va. Oct. 24, 1862 ; Emmet B. White, age 19 killed at Baton Rouge , La. , Aug. 6, 1862; James Frazier, age 22 killed at Cedar run, Aug. 10, 1862; George A. Neal, age 23 killed at Winchester April 4, 1862; Anderson Whitaker, age 20 killed at Cedar Run, Va. Aug. 12, 1862.


The Gate City Herald
Thursday, June 20, 1940

Quillins To Hold Reunion Of Family

Descendants of Early Settler To Hold Their Annual Reunion Soon

     The third annual reunion of the Quillin family will be held at Antioch church near Gate City , Virginia Sunday, August 23.

     Antioch church is located on a part of the farm formerly owned by James Quillin, who with his brother Teague, came to Scott County from North Carolina about 1800.  The fourth Sunday in August is of significance in the history of the Quillin family, for it was on that day 1635 that Teague Quillin the first to migrate to the New World , sailed from England to the Virginia Colony.

     Heading the committees arranging for the reunion are Miss Stella Quillin, Mrs. Horton Perry, of Gate City and Mrs. Hubert Quillin, of Kingsport , Mr. J. M. Quillin, Jr., of Coeburn , Va. , is president of the Quillin Clan.  Both the previous reunions have been widely attended.

















The Gate City Herald
Thursday, June 20, 1940

Quillin Reunion Set For August 25

     The Quillin clan will hold its third reunion at Antioch in Scott County , Virginia , on Sunday, August 25th, 1940 at 10 A. M.

     A tentative outline of the program will be as follows:

     Clan song: “Faith of our Fathers, led by C. Q. Counts of Coeburn , Va.

     Invocation: Dr. Paul W. Quillian, Pastor of the First Methodist Church at Houston , Texas .

     Address of Welcome.  Hon. S. B. Quillin, of Lebanon , Va.

     Response:  Hon. E. M. Quillin, of Waynesboro , Virginia .

     Addresses by:  Hon. Robert Quillin, Columnist, Fountain Inn, S. C.; Judge W. H. Quillin, Russellville , Ala. , and other prominent members of the Quillin Clan.

     Appointment of a Nominating Committee.

     Adjournment for Lunch.

     Afternoon meeting called to order at 1:00 p. m.

     Report of J. M. Quillin, Jr., President of the Clan.

     The History of Teague Quillin’s family in Virginia by M. B. Quillin of Greenville , Tenn. , the same in Ky. by Richard Quillin of Neon, Ky.

     The History of Teague Quillin’s family in Virginia by Mrs. H. B. Brown of Pearisburg , Virginia .

     Open Forum:  Any one will be given an opportunity to talk.

     Report of Nominating Committee and election of officers.


     Motorcade to the Natural Tunnel.


The Gate City Herald
Thursday, September 19, 1940

Scott County Has Had 46 Sheriffs

Five Men Have Been Hanged Since County’s Organization.

     There have been a total of forty-six men to serve as high sheriff of Scott County since the organization in 1815.

     The painful duty of having to execute five men by hanging has come to four of these 46.

     The first man to be hanged was John Turner in 1832.  He was executed by Sheriff George McConnell, Sr.

     The second victim of the hangman’s noose was Baxter Pate.  He was executed by Sheriff Rufus B. Fugate.

     Dan dean, whose trial attracted more attention than any other in the county, was hanged December 19, 1879 , by Sheriff J. R. Wilhelm.

     In 1885 Sheriff W. C. R. Strong hanged Gibson and Powers.

     Below follows a list of the 46 men to serve as sheriff ending with the present incumbent, Sheriff George W. Williams.

Sheriffs of Scott County From 1815 – 1940

     John Anderson, 1815-16; John Montgomery, 1817-18; John McKinney, 1819-20; Jonathan Wood, 1820-22; Henry Wood, 1822-24; Ruben McCulley, 1824-26; James Albert, 1817-28, John Wolfe, 1829-30; Geo. McConnell, Sr., 1831-32; William Kilgore, 1833-34; William Agee, 1835-36; Isaac Anderson, 1839-40; William Taylor, 1841-42; John Darter, 1843-  ; John Godsey 1850- ; Robert Speer, 1851- ; Thomas W. Carter, 1852- ; (The firs one ever elected by the people)

     Sampson Benham, 1854- ; Rufus B. Fugate, 1856- ; John S. Frazier, 1858- ; Henry Carter, 1869-62; William D. Nottingham, 1864- ; John D. Templeton, 1865- ; William Fugate, 1867-70-71-; John Owens, 1873- ; William C. Fugate, 1875- ; J. R. Wilhelm, 1879- ; R. H. Cowden, 1889- ; W. C. R. Strong, 1883- ; John J. Alley, 1887- ; W. W. Bond, 1890- ; W. C. Strong 1891- ; C. W. Carter, 1895- ; B. J. Broadwater, 1899- ; C. C. Broadwater, 1907- ; C. W. Dougherty, 1911- ; Creed Frazier, 1919- ; C. C. Palmer, 1928- ; H. W. Culbertson, 1932- ; O. B. Darnell, 1936- ; J. E. Quillen, 1940- ; George Williams, 1940-


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