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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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I. W. Baker Cemetery
Page 2

Garnett M. Strouth
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Fitzhugh Lee Frazier
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Bobby Jack McBee
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Emmett V. Baker
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William F. McConnell
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Ballard B. Baker
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Jennie Baker
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Maggie Allice Baker
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Lula Baker McConnell
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Ervin L. & Eula M. Lawson
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Thomas G. & Pricilla M. Lawson
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W. T. Holbrook
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Severe E. Holbrook
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Molisia P. Holbrook
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Robert A. & Malinda C. Holbrook
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Solomon H. Poston
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Jerry L. & Telia J. Baker
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Gladys Baker
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Elizabeth Baker
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I. W. Baker
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Clara V. Greear
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Sarah I. Baker
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N. S. Baker
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Leona June Greear
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Claria V. Greear
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Robert P. & 
Ida E. Donelson
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Henry C. & 
Betty M. Baker
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W. F. & Mary Wright
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John T. & 
Mary N. E. Robinette
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Loyd Covie Donelson
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George H. Barker
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