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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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I. W. Baker Cemetery
Page 3

Joseph M. Barker
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Roy Henry Baker
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Mondell D. Stallard
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George Henderson & Minerva A. Bond Stallard
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Emily I. Robinette
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William T. & 
Dixie S. Greear
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Kellie P. Greear
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James C. Robinette
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Stella M. Stansberry
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Thomas C. & Victoria Lawrence Stansberry
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Victor E. Lucas
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Loma Lucas
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Covey Holbrook
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Frances A. Holbrook
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William Alfred Holbrook
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Holbrook (?)
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Covy R. Holbrook
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Ivana A. Holbrook
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Troy T. Stallard
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Monroe T. Robinette
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Quentin R. Stallard
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Daniel B. & 
Agnes B. Brickey
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Tommy Brickey
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Donald L. Donahue
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Mesnard Stallard
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Nan ***a Stallard
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Mack Lawrence
wpe3F.jpg (119660 bytes)
Lorena V. Lawrence
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D. Vivian Stallard
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L. Garland & Gertrude M. Stallard
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Farrell Stallard
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William & Elizabeth Stallard
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Katherine Joyce Donahue
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