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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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James E. Jenkins Cemetery
Daniel Boone Road, US 23

Kane (Flatlick) Cemetery
Natural Tunnel Parkway

A. J. Lane Cemetery 
Copper Creek Road

J. B. Jennings Cemetery
Daniel Boone Road

Keith-Donelson Cemetery
Donelson Cemetery Lane

B. H. Lane Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial Hwy.

Lilburn Jennings Cemetery
Well Chapel Lane

N. W. Keith Cemetery

E.P. Lane Cemetery
CR-627 - Copper Creek Rd.

Samuel Jennings Cemetery
Clinch River Road
James W. Kendrick Cemetery
Five Points Lane

Lane-Wisley Cemetery
Manville Road

William M. Jennings Cemetery
England Valley Road

J. F. Kern Cemetery
W. Hunter's Valley Road

James I. Lane Cemetery
Alley Valley Road

David Jessee Cemetery
Nicklesville Highway
John F. Kerns Cemetery
Cloud High Road
John M. Lane Cemetery
Brick Church Road
James D. Johnson Cemetery
Rye Cove Memorial Highway
Ketron Cemetery
at Wadlow Gap
Lawrence Lane Cemetery
Veteran's Memorial Hwy
George A. Johnson Cemetery
Johnson Crossing Drive
Arnett Kilgore Cemetery
Saddlebread Lane
N. B. Lane Cemetery
Daniel Boone Highway
G. R. Johnson Cemetery
Robinette Valley Road
Hiram & Rebecca Kilgore Cemetery
Saratoga Lane
W. M. Lane Cemetery
Lacy J. Private Drive

Jones Cemetery
Little Valley Road

Isaac Kilgore Cemetery
Nicklesville, Highway
William T. Lane
Rye Cove
Isaac Jones Cemetery
Possum Creek Road
Kilgore-Rollins Cemetery
Cox Chapel Road
Robert W. Laney Cemetery
Castlelle Hollow Road

Jacob Jones Cemetery
Possum Creek Road

Monroe J. Kilgore Cem.
Gillenwater Chapel Road
Larkin Cemetery
Possum Creek Road
  Nathan Kilgore Cemetery
Addington Frame Road

Larkin Cemetery
Stanley Valley Road

  Wilson C. Kilgore Cem.
Marvin Springs Road
John M. Legg Cemetery
Dry Creek Road

Lawson Cemetery
Stallard-Lawson Cemetery Road

    David Lawson Cemetery
Limestone Valley Road
    Enoch Lawson Cemetery
Beech Grove Road

John Long Cemetery
Odell Valley Lane

    Matthew J. Lucas Cemetery
Clinch River Highway

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