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Lee County, Virginia

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Jasper Community Cemetery
US 23, Lee County
GPS: 3646'28"-N

Photographed by Kenny Stallard & Don Baker

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43 numbered markers in the back left portion of the cemetery, moved to this cemetery during construction of US 23.  Markers from Holding Funeral Home.
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 Roger P. Delph
wpeD.jpg (143551 bytes)
 Edgar Legg
wpeF.jpg (140665 bytes)
Isaac N. & Cora L. Rogers
wpe19.jpg (120691 bytes) wpe11.jpg (140950 bytes) wpe13.jpg (151400 bytes)
 Kenneth Rogers
wpe15.jpg (92501 bytes)
 D. P. Tindell
wpe17.jpg (98038 bytes)
Venious G. Rogers
wpe1D.jpg (164479 bytes)
 William B. Scalf
wpe1F.jpg (154908 bytes)
 Vanis Scalf
wpe21.jpg (140827 bytes)
 Evart B. Rogers
wpe23.jpg (139924 bytes)
Curtis Tipton & Ruby Gilliam  Rogers
wpe25.jpg (131572 bytes)
 John R. & Jane C.  Legg
wpe27.jpg (121780 bytes)
Willie W. Delph
wpe29.jpg (157471 bytes) 
 Clarence Delph
wpe2B.jpg (109369 bytes)

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