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Lane Family Holds Delightful Reunion at Holston Springs

Picnic Is Given Honoring Visiting Relatives 
From Points in West Virginia and Kentucky

Members and friends of the Lane family held a delightful reunion recently at Holston Springs in honor of a number of visiting relatives from West Virginia and Kentucky.

At noon a picnic lunch was enjoyed followed with group singing.

Those attending from West Virginia were: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Lane, Harold Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lane and children, Rina, Donald and Stanley Lane.

Those from Kentucky were: Omer Davidson, Patton Davidson, John Lane, Will Davidson, Nath Davidson, Charlie and Elmer Davidson.

Those attending from Gate City were: Mr. And Mrs. J. L. Pierson, Mr. And Mrs. J. K. Haynes and children, Monnie, Dorothy, J. K., Jr., Edith, June and Glen. Mr. And Mrs. John Peters and children, Zella, Ray, Violeta, Betty and Sybil. Mr. And Mrs. H. C. Vermillion and children, Lorraine and Jay. Mr. And Mrs. O. W. Catron and children, Clarence and Morris. Mrs. C. T. Jennings.

Misses Effie, Sallie and Maggie Pierson. Mr. And Mrs. Walter McClellen and children, Elizabeth, Octar and Wayne. Mr. And Mrs. Floyd McClellen and Hubert McClellen. Mr. And Mrs. Hubert Quillin and children, Ellen Jane, Betty Jo, Charlotte Ann and Mary Catherine. Mr. And Mrs. H. P. Elliott and Andy Elliott. Mr. And Mrs. Jim Vermillion. Mr. And Mrs. H. C. Pierson. Mr. And Mrs. Tom Gregg. Mr. And Mrs. Otis Vermillion. Mrs. Harry Kelly and son, Harry Lee. Mr. And Mrs. Sam Pierson of Appalachia. Mr. And Mrs. Clyde Haynes and daughter, Marie. Miss Eula Smith and Mrs. Delia Burke of Kingsport.

(Note: 1939 was written in the margin)


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