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Russell County, Virginia

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Mavin C. Jessee Cemetery
Lower Grassy Creek Road
GPS: 3646.994'-N
Photographed by Don Baker


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Mavin C. Jessee
wpeC.jpg (120449 bytes)
Arnold G. Jessee
wpeE.jpg (110912 bytes)
Ann Barton
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Anna Mae Jessee
wpe12.jpg (97639 bytes)
T. J. & Louisa R. Jessee
wpe14.jpg (124881 bytes)
Margaret Jessee
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Eliza Jane Jessee
wpe1A.jpg (105907 bytes)
Walter V. Jessee
wpe1C.jpg (119016 bytes)
Oma V. Parlee Jessee
wpe1E.jpg (120099 bytes)
Paris S. Jessee
wpe20.jpg (123258 bytes)
David Houston Jessee
wpe22.jpg (115184 bytes)
Paris S. Jessee
wpe24.jpg (132301 bytes)
Maggie P. Jessee
wpe26.jpg (114050 bytes)
John T. & Sallie T. Jessee
wpe28.jpg (111248 bytes)
Laura Maud Jessee
wpe2A.jpg (113466 bytes)
Aaron F. Jessee
wpe2C.jpg (123805 bytes)
Roslyon E. Jessee
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Joyce Faye Jessee
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