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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Midway Community Cemetery

Page 2

Row 5

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Robert L. Culbertson
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Nathan B. & 
Lucy E. Culbertson
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Eva Sue Culbertson
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Mary Brilla Gillenwaters
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Leonard S. Gillenwater
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Row 6

Joshua L. Culbertson
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Joe B. Culbertson
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Martha L. Elliott
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Thomas & Brillar Neff
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Row 7

C. F. & Mozella Quillin Blair
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Myrtle May Blair
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James Ireland, 
Elsie McConnell & Sandra Jean Blair
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Johnie Lee Jennings
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Row 8
Earl S. & Lola Inez Blair
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Luther C. & Manie Elliott
wpe50.jpg (173643 bytes)I

  Infant Sons Gillenwater
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Row 9
    George H. & 
Lakie A. Davidson
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