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Miscellaneous News Items





     Charles Cox, alias Stallard, and Emmett Gilliam, both of near Starnes, Va., charged with having stolen saddles and harness in Hawkins County and arrested Saturday by Deputy Sheriff Flora and Sheriff Quillen, of Scott County, were tried Saturday afternoon at Gate City and sentenced to three months on the county roads.

     R. D. Kinkead was one of the perons from whom it is alleged harnesswas stolen, and he engaged in the hunt for the two men, against whom,it is stated, other charges are pending.






"Christopher Gist" Highway Association Formed,
Promotes Route Thru Scott

GATE CITY, July 22.—Their organization perfected, Scott county citizens are now seeking recognition of the "Christopher Gist" highway, extending from Kingsport, Tenn., to Pound Gap, Va.-Ky.

     As proposed and mapped in the meeting held at the Midway high school, the road begins at Kingsport and extends through Moccasin Gap to Gate City, thence northwestward straight through the middle of Scott county to Pound Gap, Va.-Ky.

     The points it touches as it was mapped through middle Scott county are Wayland, Midway, Compton Farm, Jessie, Benge Gap, Dungannon, Hanging Rock and on to Coeburn, Clintwood and Pound Gap.

     The proposed route would form the shortest and most direct route from the Tennessee and Holston Valley region to the Ohio Basin, serving a rich agricultural region long dormant on account of inadequate roads, besides passing through a section of scenic beauty.

     Among the scenic points traversed by the proposed road are the Copper Ridge section, Hanging Rock and Benge Gap, the latter made famous by an Indian renegade as he fled from Scott County following the massacre of white people.

     Prof. Leland Blair was elected president of the new organization along with C. D. Compton, vice-president and director of general and publicity committees.

     Others appointed to carry out proposed work were: Crumley Hillman, Clintwood; Doc Addington, Coeburn; Roscoe Hillman, Dungannon; Eugene McConnell, Gate City; Flem Dobyns, Kingsport; R. L. Dougherty was elected secretary of the organization and secretary of the executive or steering committee.



Kingsport, Tennessee, Sunday, July 23, 1933


Condition of Trail From Lexington, Va. to Middlesboro, Ky.
to Be Checked

GATE CITY, July 22 --- Officially checking the driving time and conditions of the road, two cars will leave here simultaneously over the Blue Grass Trail eastward to Lexington, Va. and westward to Middlesboro, Ky.

     The drives are being made under the auspice of the Blue Grass Trail Association for the purpose of checking the driving time over the entire trail, driving time between points of principal interest, and the condition of the road from Lexington, Va. to Middlesboro, Ky.

     In the car traveling eastward to Lexington, Va. will be H. Y. Shanks, chairman finance committee; C. D. Quillen, publicity and Dr. J. P. Coley, finance committee.  J, B. Richmond, publicity, K. C. Hatcher and C. G. Quillen, finance, will make the necessary on the trip between here and Middlesboro.

     With the plans of the drives made today, the program committee announced definitely that John W. Flannagan, George C. Perry, George W. Layman, A. L. Newberry, Deacon Sneed, Colonel George Green and Greenlee D. Letcher will be present and take part in the Trail’s annual celebration August 5.

     The program in its final phases of completion will include the appearance, of a variety of well known features in the way of general entertainment, in addition to the selection of the "Queen Of The Blue Grass Trail" to be made from entrants from the entire Blue Grass area from Lexington, Virginia, west.

     In regard to the latter, C. D. Quillen, chairman of the publicity committee said today that a pleasing response has been made following the announce-ment recently that the contest would not be limited to Scott County.

     Announcement of the 11 finalists from whom the queen will be selected by a judging committee will be announced from the grounds on the day of the trail meeting. The remaining 10 will act as escorts in a coronation ceremony.


The Kingsport Times -1940

Friday, March 8, 1940


Virginia Legislature Acts on Three Measures Introduced

by Scott Delegate

GATE CITY, Va., March 8—A charter in keeping with modern requirements may soon be available for Gate City.

     A bill sponsored by Scott CountyDelegate Thomas B. Wolfe has passed the house of delegates and today awaits senate action.  When the bill passed yesterday, Wolfe attached an amendment requiring a referendum among the Gate City electorate before the charter becomes effective.

Old Charter

     The new charter will supplant one that has been in effect as to its major provisions since the late 90's.

     Some opposition developed here after the charter was prepared, especiallyas to its provision empowering the town council to levy taxes such as the privilege tax. Backers of the measure, however, pointed out the town council in its present status had the same power under the state constitution of Virginia.

     Some of the major city governmental changes provided in the charter if approved are:

     Selection of a mayor from among five duly elected members of the town council, instead of election by the electorate as in the past.

     Election of two of the five men for four years instead of two years.

     The two men receiving the highest number of votes serve for four and the next three highest for two years. This assures having two old members on the board at all times.

Other Bills Passed

     Other bills introduced by Delegate Wolfe were also acted upon yesterday. The senate passed the bill regulating the holding of fairs and carnivals on school property. This bill developed to assure the schools gutting part of the fair's revenue. Dungannon has been the scene of Scott county fairs for thepast six years.

     Another Wolfe measure approved provided for a town charter for Clinchport, 12 miles west of here, which formerly had a charter but later lost it.


Friday, March 8, 1940

Gate City Town Sergeant Works Own Job
and Helps Many Others

GATE CITY, Va., March 8.—He never seems to be busy.  Practically any time you look for him, he can be found ready to discuss anything from what kind of car tags you must have to the current status of the wars in Europe, yet here is what Town Sergeant Clifford F. Davidson does:

     Acts as town policeman, performing any and all duties in that line at any hour of the day or night.

     Helps the state highway police force in choeking wrecks as well as assisting in routine work.

     Handles 12 different kinds of car, truck, trailer, motorcycle and other kinds of tags for the state vehicle commission, keeping all records, books, and making all collections and disbursements.

     Supervises NYA workers, locating work for them to do in the corporation, keeping time for them, and supervising street cleaning and trash hauling regularly within the corporation.

     Checks and keeps the town's fire equipment in instant working order and drives to fires.

     Assists Federal Bureau of Investigation agents at any and all occasions when needed.

     Assists treasury and narcotic agents similarly. Investigates tips phoned from other towns and runs down clues that may help law enforcement officers at near and distant points.

     Constantly and regularly, upon request or need, helps the county officers when those available here may be insufficient for any situation.

     His regular police work, instead of proving a cost to the town, is self-liquidating, meaning that arrests he makes individually and not helping county officers, results in fines far more than offsetting what he is paid by the town, its records reveal.


Kingsport Times-News - 1956

Sunday, May 20, 1956 

Final Graduation Slated In
Shoemaker High School

GATE CITY, Va.—The fifty eighth annual Commencement Exercise will be held by the Shoemaker High School Monday at 8 p.m.

     This will be the final graduating class of old Shoemaker. The new Gate City High School will be completed for the next school session beginning September 1st. The senior class of 110 members Is the largest in the school's history.

     The Baccalaurate Sermon will be held at the Gate City MethodistChurch today at 11 a.m. Rev. Taylor will use as his topic "The Secret for Higher Happlness."

     Dr. L. H. Carter, Professor of Economics of the University of Kentucky, and former teacher and principal of schools in Scott Count; will deliver the literary address Monday night.

     The subject which Dr. Carter will use is "Graduating in an Age of Automation." G. A. Kiser, member of the Scott Comity School Board of Estilville District will award the diplomas.

     Class Night was held Friday night in the Shoemaker High School gymnasium.

     The Valedictorian was Carl Jackson Freeman Jr., son of Mr. And Mrs. Jack Freeman of Weber City. Miss Betty Lou Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Williams of Route 1, Gate City was Salutatorian.





Men Lived At Duffield,Clinchport

From T-N Virginia Bureau

WISE, Va., Jan. 5—Two Scott County miners were killed instantly and a third narrowly escaped in a mine rock fall at the Dale Branch Coal Company today.

     The dead were identified as Patrick Roosevelt Hill, 56, Route 1, Clinchport, and Patrick Henry Kern, 51, Duffield. Carlis Collins of, the Baker Funeral Home, who picked up the bodies, said the accident occurred at about, 7:55 a.m. in the mine located about three miles north of here in the Dotson Creek Section.

Heard Start

     A motrorman, Collins said, had just taken the two men in to work when he heard the fall start. The man jumped off the motor, Collins reported, and ran. The rock fell on one end of the vehicle just as the motorman ran by.  The rock fall was about two feet thick and some 60 feet long.

     Hill is survived by his wife, Mrs. Ida Hall Hill; three daughters, Mrs. James Jennings, Mrs. Everett Taylor and Mrs. Daniel Calton; four sons, Thurman Hill, Cecil Hill, Frankie Hill, and Joe Hill; two brothers. Isaac H. Hill and James F. Hill; one sister, Mrs. Ora Starnes, all of Clinchport.

Kern Was Loader

     Kern, a coal loader at the mine, had followed mining most of his life. He was a member of the Hill Chapel Baptist Church.

     Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Lillie Jones Kern; five daughters, Clara Mae Kern, Anna Ruth, Sonja Marie. Sharron Bernice and Patricia Marlene Kern, all of Duffield ; four sons, John Henry Kern, Kokomo. Ind., Jack. Lonnie and Ronnie Kern. Duffield; three sisters, Mrs. Emory Hill, and Mrs. Jim Hill, both of Horton Summit, and Mrs. Mary Donaldson of Rye Cove; five brothers, Robert Kern, Kingsport; Earl Kern, Horton Summit; Echol Kern, Orton, Va.; Lester Kern, Duffield and Kenneth Kern, Clinchport.

Services Set

     Funeral for Hill will be at 2 p.m. Monday at the Stanleytown Community Church. The Rev. Dale Duncan, the Rev. Wayland Owens and the Rev. Willie Ashworth will officiate. Burial will be in the Hall Cemetery.

     Funeral for Kerns will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Hills Chapel Baptist Church, Sunbright. The Rev. Dale Duncan, the Rev. Lester Smith and the Rev. Tom Hall will officate. Burial will be in the church cemetery.

     Both bodies were at the Scott County Funeral Home in Weber City Saturday night. That of Hill will be taken to the residence at 2 p.m. Sunday and that of Kerns to his home at 10 a.m. Monday.




Dr. Morison Was Leading Specialist

ABINGDON, Va., Nov. 23 —Dr. Rufus A. Morison. long considered one of the nation's leading heart specialists, died here last night in Johnston Memorial Hospital. He was 73.

     Dr. Morison was chief of the staff of the hospital at the time of his death. He had begun his practice in the hospital In 1921. He was the father of Peter Morison, 2212 Hermitage Drive of Kingsport.

     Born In Gate City, Va., the son of N. S. K. and Annis Kyle Morison, he attended Shoemaker College.

     Morison, along with two other physicians was credited with inventing the electo-cardigraph machine and served in several medical post with the government.

     He was also known as engineer, writer and artist.

     He received an engineering degree at Virginia Military Institute and until 1910 operated a power plant with his two brothers at Big Stone Gap. Then he entered Johns Hopkins University at Baltimore and in 1915 received his degree in medicine. He became an assistant in the cardiac department in the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York City and later entered the Army Medical Corps in World War I.

     He was one of the five-member commission sent by President Wilson to England to study the British system of cardiac treatment and was later in command of the Army convalescent camp established in France.

     Study at the Sorbonne in Paris followed and in 1920 he became associated with a heart specialist in Richmond. A few tears ago he was selected as a principal lecturer at an international meeting of heart specialist.

     In 1954 his book of poems and prose "Time For Thought" was published.

     Survivors include his wife, the former Frances E. Whitworth; four sons, Ayers Morison, Ross Point, Michigan; Hugh Morison, Middleton, N. J.; Rufus Morison, Jr., Abingdon, Va. and Peter Morison, Kingsport; one daughter, Mrs. Charles R. Craven, Dallas, Texas.

    Funeral services will be conducted at 3 p. m. in the Abingdon Methodist Church. The Rev. Wallace F. Flower will officiate. Burial will be in Anollkreg Memorial Park.

     Instead of sending flowers, the family suggest friends send donations to the George B. Johnston Memorial Hospital.


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