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Trio Robbed At Duffield Friday

By the Cub

     In true western style a stranger entered the town of Duffield last Friday night, and departed $28 richer at the expense of a trio rooming over the Duffield Bank building.

     "Hands up!" came the command to Charley Stuart, state engineer, Claude Bell and a youth, Richard Flanary, as· they hy in bed discussing the interesting topic of robberies and their causes.

     To the query of Mr. Stuart to the masked stranger as to what he was doing, a shot was fired, having no effect, as the revolver of the desperado was thrown behind him when fired. The trio complied with the request.

     In the usual form, and without any frills, the hold-up man proceeded to search through the pants of the men before him. From one billfold he was netted twenty-one dollars in currency, and seven more were found in the pockets. Apparently satisfied he backed out and made good his escape.

     The whereabouts of the man, thought to be a stranger and a hobo, was never ascertained. He seemingly melted into nothingness. The robbery was reported. A check-up made at the bank showed nothing short there.

     Though escaping, the culprit left the earmarks of an amateur behind. No bullet hole could be found in the room where he fired the shot, in amateur fashion, throwing the pistol behind his back and firing into the floor, endangering himself more than the others.


The Gate City Herald, February 12, 1931
Reprinted in the Scott County Herald-Virginian, July 2, 1980



Laying off Town Lots

Ft. Blackmore Preparing to Build a Town. 1909.

     Col. John B. Moon, of Charlottesville, Va., owns one hundred acres of land at Ft. Blackmore. Seeing the opportunity and facilities for building a town at that place, which is the center of a rich and populous section of the county, he has decided to cut his land up into lots and place them on the market.

     Mr. John M. Harris, a successful and far-seeing business man, has charge of the work of laying off the plan of the town and surveying and marking the lots. At the present time something like forty acres will be thus surveyed. The lots are to be put at a reasonable price and inducements offered for enterprises to locate at that point. Anyone interested should write Mr. Harris at Ft. Blackmore.


Reprinted in Scott County Herald-Virginian, July 2 1980.











Fastest Growing Rural Section In Scott County
 Moccasin Gap To Kingsport

     The casual tourist cannot but observe the many new buildings that I have recently and are being erected: between Moccasin Gap and Kingsport. This is easily the fastest growing rural section in Scott County. Truth is, if the present rate of buildings keeps up, there will ere many years be one continuous village from Gate City to Kingsport.

     Many of the homes that have been constructed are very pretentious, too. The recently constructed homes of Dr. E. M. Corns and Mr. J. P. Bray, Jr., are particularly striking. Both of them overlooking the Holston, the one on the south and the other on the north bank, they are modern in every respect.

     Then there are a number of more modest homes, rustic cabins and bungalows, all of them neat and attractive.

    Practically all the building lots in this section have :been bought with the exception of a few lots yet for sale by Mr. W. T. Jayne.

(Reprinted in July 2, 1980 Scott County Herald-Virginian;
from Gate City Herald, December 16, 1937.)



Right of Way Being Secured by Appalachian Power Company Further West

     Citizens of Clinchport, Speers Ferry and the Natural Tunnel section are highly elated over the prospect of electric power soon to be had by them. The Appalachian Power Company is said to be securing the rights of way for the extension of the power line from Daniel Boone to the Natural Tunnel.

     Citizens of the Daniel Boone section have for some time past enjoyed the convenience of electricity, but the line has not as yet been tended west of there.

     It has been reported that the entire county will as soon as practicable be electrified by the Appalachian Power Company. With that prospect in view dealers in electric appliances and allied products have been doing quite a lot of preliminary work with the hope of much future business in the county.


Gate City Herald, December 16, 1937;
Reprinted in Scott County Herald-Virginian, July 2, 1980







Three Dangerous Underpasses Made Wider -
Approaches Straightened

     Motorists and the traveling public in general now have reason to feel glad be- cause of the improvement in three danger- ous underpasses on Highway U. S. 23, at Speers Ferry, Glenita and Duffield .

     For many weeks past workmen have been engaged at all these points in widening the passes under the Southern Railway and in otherwise improving them. The approaches have been made more nearly straight and the passes have been doubled or trebled in width. The work on each of the passes is just about completed.


Gate City Herald, December 16, 1937;
Reprinted in Scott County Herald-Virginian, July 2, 1980














Masonic Notables From Wide Area Introduced To Audience-Entire Program Broadcast Over WOPI

     Masons and their families from more than a hundred lodges of Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee Saturday staged an all-day picnic at Natural Tunnel in Scott County. More than three thousand people with their picnic baskets assembled around this recently accessible scenic wonder in what was said to have been the greatest fraternal outing ever held in this section.

     Scores of tourists passing over U. S. Route 23 caught the fraternal spirit and joined in the festivities which were enlivened by two string bands, a brass band, a vocal quartet, and numerous addresses by Masonic notables.

     Dr. A. M. Showalter. Grand Master of Virginia Masons, was a special guest of honor and delivered the principal address of the day. Dr. Showalter is the first medical doctor to hold the office of Grand Master during the 154 years history of th Grand Lodge in this state.

     Other speakers included Rev. J. B. Craft; veteran minister of Scott County. and Ron. W. S. Cox noted attorney of Southwest Virginia.

     As guests for the outing, th& Scott County Masons invited over 100 lodges of Virginia and East Tennessee. Practically all of the lodges were represented. Casual guests who halted in their tour over the scenic Appalachian Highway, on which Natural Tunnel is located, registered from places as far away as Denver, New York, Miami. Detroit, and Dorchester Mass.

From Gate City Herald, date not shown

Reprinted in The Scott County Herald-Virginian, July 2, 1980



Eruption Throws Tools From Sinking Shaft High Into Air -- Drilling Operations Since Early Last Fall

Davis Elkins Drillers Optimistic -- 
Nothing Definite as to Commercial Quantities -- Scott County Hopeful

     Natural Gas was struck on the Ridgeway farm, 18 miles east of here on the Gate City through Hiltons to Bristol highway, Thursday of last week.

     The gas came in with a force that broke drilling tools and hurled parts high into the air. Remainder of last week was taken to repair damage.



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