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Scott County Historical Society, Inc.
Scott County, Virginia

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Page Cemetery
Robinette Valley Road

A. B. Qualls Cemetery
Clinch River Highway
Albert Ramsey Cemetery
Hanging Rock Parkway (SR-72)
Page-Russell Cemetery
Page Lane

James Qualls Cemetery
Casteel Hollow Road

Ramey-Larkey-Smith Cem.

Mary Page Cemetery
Robinette Valley Road
Sam P. Qualls Cemetery
Good Hollow Road
R. Ramey Cemetery
Rye Cove Road
W. H. Palmer Cemetery
Robinette Valley Road
Charles Quillen Cemetery
Sherwood Lane
R. T. Ramey Cemetery
Pattonsville Road
Andrew Pannell Cemetery
Natural Tunnel Parkway
Clovis Quillen Cemetery
Red Hill Road (CR-666)
B. B. Redwine Cemetery
Natural Tunnell Parkway
John C. Pannel Cemetery
Yuma Road
James E. Quillen Cemetery
Alley Valley Road
J. Henry Reynolds Cemetery
Dry Creek Road
Parker Family Cem.
Hiltons Road
John B. Quillen Cemetery
River Bluff Road
Thomas Reynolds Cemetery
Sloantown Road
Pearcy Cemetery
Bunker Road
William F. Quillen
Hill Station Alley Road
Rhodes-Gray Cemetery
Big Ridge above US 23
William F. Pearcy Cemetery
Chase Drive
Quillin Family Cemetery
Pin Oak Circle
John Springfield Rhoton Cemetery
Redwine Hollow Lane
Hiram K. Pendleton Cemetery
Rikemo Lane
James Quillin Family Cemetery
Big Moccasin
Joseph E. Rhoton Cemetery
Patriot Drive
Robert W. Pendleton Cemetery
Manville Road
J. M. Quillin Cemetery
Midway Road
Rhoton-Hill Cemetery
Fairview Road
Pendleton Cemetery
at Manville
(aka - Lane-Pendleton)
Lillis Quillin Cemetery
Hill Station Alley Road
W. F. Richmond Cemetery
Tranquality Lane
Robert Penley Cemetery
Manville Road
Sarepta Quillen Cemetery
Ft. Blackmore Road
William Richmond Cemetery
Dingus Hollow Lane
Peters Cemetery
at Daniel Boone
Thomas M. Quillin Cemetery
Riner Cemetery
Fort Blackmore
Peters-Rhoton Cemetery
Homestead Drive
Wiley Quillin Cemetery
Hill Station Alley Road
William Robbins Cemetery
Pattonsville Road
Jesse Peters Cemetery
Lunsford Mill Road
  Ridge View Cemetery
Marion Peters Cemetery
River Bluff Road

Roberts Cemetery
Kermit, Yuma Road

William Peters Cemetery
Alley Valley Road
  Roberts Family Cemetery
Goode Hollow Road
Thomas L. Peterson
US-23 - Duffield
  Robinette-Flag Pond Cemetery
Dry Creek Road
William Pierson Cemetery
Bray Road


Arminda Robinette Cemetery
Fairview Road (CR 600-603)
J. Baxter Pierson Cemetery
Sugar Pine Lane


Daniel B. Robinette Cemetery
John L. Pierson Cemetery
Filter Plant Road
  David Robinette Cemetery
Bunker Road at Berrytown Road
Pippin Cemetery
Overland Road
  Franklin T. Robinette Cemetery
Bunker Road (CR-624)
Pisga Gap Cemetery
Sleep Hollow Lane
  Ira P. Robinette Cemetery
Fairview Road
Plum Grove Cemetery
Plum Grove Road
  Isaac W. Robinette Cemetery
Sink Road (CR-622)
Poe-Russell-Bishop Cemetery
Natural Tunnel State Park
  Jefferson C. Robinette Cemetery
Canton Road (CR-603)
Joseph Poff Cemetery
Manville Road
  Joel Robinette Cemetery
Speers Valley Road (CR-623)
Hobert Porter Cemetery
off Nicklesville Highway (SR-71)
  Rebecca Robinette Cemetery
Canton Road (CR-603)
Patrick Porter Cemetery
Fall Creek Road
  Sampson S. Robinette Cemetery
Fairview Road (CR-600/623)
Samuel Porter Cemetery
Sinking Creek Highway
  Rogers Cemetery
Cowans Gap - Yuma Road
Isaac H. Powers Cemetery
Mule Skinner Lane
  Rogers Cemetery
Yuma Road - Kermit
John R. Powers Cemetery
Beeline Road
  Roller Cemetery
Fairview Road
John W. Powers Cemetery
Sinking Creek Highway
  Amos Roller Cemetery
Brain Hollow Lane

T. J. Powers Cemetery
Robinette Valley Road

  Calloway Roller Cemetery
Sinks Road
Price Cemetery
Big Moccasin Road
  Roller-Gilley Cemetery
Roller Lane
Pridemore Cemetery
Dugout Lane
  Jacob Roller Cemetery
Roller Lane
Daniel Pridemore Cemetery
Purchase Ridge Road
  Vastine Roller Cemetery
Stone Ridge Lane
Prospect Church Cemetery
Yuma Road
W. M. Pullen Cemetery
US 58 & Pullon Lane