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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia
Scrapbook Memories
Penny Jewell Willis

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RYE COVE: THE COMMUNITY, THE SCHOOLS; AND THE SURROUNDING COUNTY OF SCOTT. Most Are From The Scott County Star, Scott County Herald, Scott County Herald-Virginian or Kingsport Times-News.

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Claude McMurray
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Rye Cove Elem., 1959
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Rye Cove Intermed.
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The Carter Fold
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Katrina Darnell
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Lunsford Mill
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Duffield Girls' Basketball 1946-47
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Anderson Block House
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A Tribute To F. P.
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F. P. Sloan, Jr.
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Charli Willis
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Rye Cove Cyclone
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Boone Interpretive Center
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Scott County Christmas Ornament
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Mark Giles
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Carter's Fort DAR Good Citizens
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Garland W. Mann
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Spelling Bee
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Spanish Language Festival
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 Who Are We?
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Danny Dixon
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One Of Seven
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Kilgore Fort House

Duffield Marshall
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Dungannon Depot
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 History Comes Alive
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Kenneth Snavley
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 Ruth Ringstaff,
100 years old
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 Jack Light
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Lisa Starnes Rhoton
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 Local Students at State Competition
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 Ollan Cassell
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 Laken Love
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Jennifer Bledsoe, Kevin Porter, Julie Gaylor
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Peace Negotiations
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Rye Cove Football
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wpe1.jpg (91427 bytes) wpe1.jpg (71899 bytes) Rye Cove High School
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Jim Scott Retires
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Calep Bartee
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Brent Bledsoe
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