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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Peter Wininger
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William A. & Sarah Grimm Wininger
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Peter Wininger
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Lucinda Wininger
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Julia A. Wininger
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Peter Wininger
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W. A. Wininger, Jr.
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Hilda E. & Lucinda M. Wininger
wpe3E.jpg (150576 bytes)

Kemper J. Wininger
wpe40.jpg (167829 bytes)

James Davis Wininger
wpe42.jpg (183714 bytes)

Rosa Eaderrick
wpe44.jpg (156119 bytes)

Elsie E. Charles
wpe46.jpg (182673 bytes)

Peter S. Wininger
wpe48.jpg (158312 bytes)

Mary C. Wininger
wpe4A.jpg (186006 bytes)

James W. Wininger
wpe4C.jpg (185237 bytes)

Unreadable Wininger
wpe4E.jpg (156553 bytes)

David H. Wininger
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Rasaner M. Wininger
wpe52.jpg (187669 bytes)

R. E. Wininger
wpe54.jpg (149053 bytes)

D. J. Wininger
wpe56.jpg (158070 bytes)

Emily J. Wininger
wpe58.jpg (127724 bytes)

J. C. Wininger
wpe5A.jpg (127999 bytes)

Frank K. Wininger
wpe5C.jpg (145695 bytes)

Bertha May Wininger
wpe5E.jpg (155939 bytes)

John D. & Goldia A. Wininger
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