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Robert Vicars Cemetery
GPS: 3637'09"-N
Photographed by
Kenny Stallard & Don Baker


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Lydia Jackson Vicars
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Robert Vicars
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Jacob Vicars
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Elizabeth T. Vicars
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Joseph Vicars
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Keturah Vicars
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Kiturah Vicars
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Robert P. & Unity Vicars
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Robert R. Vicars
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Hannah Ann Jessee
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J. S. Jessee
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Verlary Elizabeth Jessee
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RV  JC Adam
At Bottom Of Stone
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Cynthia C. Salyer
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J. A. Fields
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R. V.   Dec   Mar
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Mabel A. Fields
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C. A. Fields
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Junior Lambert
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W. M. Lambert
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  Luther Elwood Litton
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