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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

Family Album

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Photographs From The Collection Of
Rebecca Trent-Hosein

Julia Sturgill Trent
wpe8.jpg (64557 bytes)
Ada Trent
wpeA.jpg (38094 bytes)
Carl Dockery, Ava Lawson Dockery, Garnie Summey
wpeC.jpg (61237 bytes)
Cline Massie & Wife
wpeE.jpg (62675 bytes)
Earl Summey
wpe10.jpg (48189 bytes)
Eliza Mae Bowman Massie
wpe12.jpg (43963 bytes)
Elizabeth Betty Trent Dingus
wpe14.jpg (31633 bytes)
Frances Akers Summey w/c Richmond Summey, Lula Summey Jennings & Brickey Summey on lap
wpe16.jpg (51339 bytes)
Freelin Trent
wpe18.jpg (40876 bytes)
Freelin Trent
wpe1A.jpg (40391 bytes)
Helen Gibson & Boyd Brickey
wpe1C.gif (229106 bytes)
Ida Trent Kelly
wpe1E.jpg (53929 bytes)
Jacob Summey, Dice Owens Summey, w/g-children; Richmond Summey & Lula Summey Jennings
wpe20.jpg (58679 bytes)
Margaret Jessee Trent
wpe22.jpg (37497 bytes)
Margaret Jessee Trent
wpe24.jpg (37965 bytes)
Mary Jane w/o James Lawson & Children
wpe26.jpg (55182 bytes)
James S. & Julia Sturgill Trent
wpe28.jpg (38573 bytes)
Robert Trent
wpe2A.jpg (23992 bytes)
Earl Trent
wpe2C.jpg (30698 bytes)
Clarence Trent
wpe2E.jpg (39446 bytes)
Harry Trentwpe30.jpg (40460 bytes) Brickey Mill
wpe3.jpg (22776 bytes)

The original Brickey Mill on Stony Creek, north of Ft. Blackmore, in Scott County, Virginia, was built about 1845 by Peter Brickey. Peter Brickey ran the mill until his death. After his death the mill fell to his son James Brickey and at his death to his son John Brickey. John traded the mill to George Wolfe who died and left it to his daughter who was a widow Jennings. Mrs. Jennings sold the mill to Will Owens who at his death left it to his son-in-law Graham G. Brickey.

The present mill was rebuilt by George Wolfe around 1907-1908. The wheels for this mill were made by James Stewart, who along with his father before him were noted millwrights of the Rye Cove section. Much of the mill machinery is intact and the mill run until just before World War II. The old water wheel at the back of the building has fallen down and almost rotted away. The mill was operated by an "overshot" wheel with the mill race running from a very large spring further up Stony Creek.


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