Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Sabra Chapel Cemetery
Sabra Chapel Rd.
Tate Cemetery
Yuma Road

Watts Hollow Drive

John Vaughn Cemetery
US 23 - Scott County

Rowan Salyers Cemetery
Nickelsville Highway
Milo Taylor Cemetery
Taylortown Road
Vermillion Cemetery
Salyer-Cox Cemetery
Culbertson Branch Road
N. H. Taylor Cemetery
Manville Road
John Vermillion Cemcemetery
- Veteran's Memorial Highway
G. W. Sanders Cemetery
Sanders Lane
William Taylor Cemetery
off Clinch River Highway
Vineyard Cemetery
Red Hill

James Salling Cemetery

Taylor Cemetery
Manville Road
G. W. Vineyard Cemetery
Smith Hollow Lane
Rowan Salyer Cemetery
Nickelsville Highway
Taylor-Ruth Cemetery
Robinette Valley Road

W. E. Vineyard Family Cemetery
Esterville Road

Travis Sergent Cemetery
Chestnut Ridge Rd.

Amos Templeton Cemetery
Beagle Run Road (SR 664)

Shelton Cemetery
Daniel Boone

Thacker Cemetery
Caney Valley Loop

Benjamin Shoemaker
Big Moccasin Road

Elija M. Thompson Cemetery
Rope Hill Lane

Shoemaker-Dean Cemetery
Big Moccasin Road

John Thompson Cemetery
Lower Grassy Creek Road

Sivert Cemetery
Stanley Valley Rd.

J. Frank Thompson Cemetery
South of Clinch River Hwy.

William P. Skeen Cemetery
Pond Hill Lane

Tipton Chapel Cemetery
Bellamy-Tipton Rd.

Skeen Cemetery
Possum Creek Road

Tipton-Davidson Cemetery

Ben Sluss Cemetery
Twin Springs Road
Tomlinson Cemetery
Purchase Ridge & Ford Branch Road
Smith-McDavid Cemetery
Hilton Highway & Wadlow Gap Road
James S. Trent Cemetery
Clinch River Highway
Garlin Smith Cememetery
Mendota Road
Samuel Smith Cemetery
Mendota Road
Thomas Smith Cemetery
Midway Road
W. B. Smith Cemetery
Kingdom Road
William Smith off
Stallard-Lawson Cemetery Road
William B. Smith Cemetery
Purchase Ridge Road
N. K. Smythe Cemetery
Cross St. & Massey Dr.
James Snodgrass Cemetery
White Pine Lane
James Spears Cemetery
Serene Lane off Baxter Road
Speers-Sturgill Cemetery
Dry Creek Road
William Spivey Cemetery
Spivey Mill Pvt. Dr.
Joseph Sproles Cemetery
Purchase Ridge Road
Spurrier Cemetery
Spurrier Cem. Road
Stair-Stewart Cemetery
White Pine Lane
Carson Stallard Cemetery
Stallard-Lawson Cemetery Road

Stallard-Gray Cemetery
Midway Road

James M. Stallard/Jeremiah Lawson Cemetery
Hickory Corner Lane

Stallard-Moore Cemetery

John H. Stallard Cemetery
Turkey Ridge Road


 Nathan D. Stallard Cemetery
Luray Road


James Stanley Cemetery
W. Hunter's Valley Road

Elbert Stapleton Cemetery
Sarsfield Road

Starnes Cemetery
Stallings Monument Lane



C. C. Starnes Cemetery
Daniel Boone Road

E. S. Starnes Cemetery
Hill Station Alley Rd.

Fredrick Starnes Cemetery
Keyhole Road

George Starnes
W. Hunter's Valley Road

Oscar Starnes Cemetery
Starnes Lane

Ray Starnes Cemetery
Flint Den Lane

W. W. Starnes
Keyhole Road

Statzer Cemetery

Warren Steffey Cemetery
Snowflake Road

Stokes Cemetery
Fields Gap Road


N. C. Stone Cemetery
Rye Cove Road

H. M. Strong Cemetery
Alley Valley Road

Sarah B. Strong
Ft. Blackmore Road

T. R. Strong Cemetery
Golf Course Road

Sturgill Cemetery
Stone Ridge Lane

Sutton Cemetery
Big Moccasin Road

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