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Scott County Historical Society
Scott County, Virginia

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Cemeteries Over The Line
Wise County, Virginia
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Stallard-Trent Cemetery
Bull Hill - SR651
GPS: 3655'24"-N
Photographed by Kenny Stallard

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On The Hill
Cyrus H. & Lucy Stallard
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Charley C. Stallard
wpe16.jpg (326521 bytes)
Glennis Murphy Trent
wpe18.jpg (276373 bytes)
Betty Lou Hodge
wpe1B.jpg (156771 bytes)
Charles S. Frazier, Jr.
wpe1D.jpg (146135 bytes)
James Ballard Wynegar
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  Betty Hamilton
Danny Pickett
wpe21.jpg (191047 bytes)
Dana Hall
wpe23.jpg (166367 bytes)
Jonnie F. & Shila M. Hall
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Row 1
Stallard Triplets
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Harold Stallard Fuson
wpe2D.jpg (157736 bytes)
Margaret, Margie Marshall
wpe2F.jpg (157073 bytes)
Beulah, Trula Stallard
wpe31.jpg (152899 bytes)
Ernest C. Stallard
wpe34.jpg (170456 bytes)
Lillie B. Stallard
wpe36.jpg (114267 bytes)
Bobby & Trudy Stallard
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Row 2
  Sophia S. Trent
wpe3A.jpg (177598 bytes)
Ernest C. Stallard
wpe3C.jpg (175831 bytes)
Montford C. Stallard
wpe3E.jpg (137394 bytes)
Henry M. & Beatrice C. Stallard
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Row 3
Rupert Hershell Trent
wpe42.jpg (138733 bytes)
Andrew J. & Nellie J. Trent
wpe44.jpg (156233 bytes)
Virginia D. Trent
wpe46.jpg (138730 bytes)
James M. Trent
wpe48.jpg (135924 bytes)
Anna M. Trent
wpe4A.jpg (153269 bytes)
Harry G. & Rosie L. Lawson
wpe4C.jpg (177737 bytes)
Kevin Lee Lawson
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  Henry M. Stallard
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Row 4
James Lincoln Bryan
wpe1.jpg (141605 bytes)
Mildred Lee Hall
wpeA.jpg (123790 bytes)
Nancy Trent
wpeD.jpg (129521 bytes)   wpe10.jpg (75178 bytes)
John Alderson Trent
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M. S. Lawson
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Sherry Ann Lawson
wpe1C.jpg (144401 bytes)
Dorothy E. Lawson
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Row 5
Charlotte Rambo
wpe21.jpg (121864 bytes)
Bill Rambo
wpe23.jpg (127607 bytes)
James W. Rambo
wpe25.jpg (156571 bytes)
Fannie J. Rambo
wpe27.jpg (147142 bytes)
Carl Edwin Combs
wpe29.jpg (186807 bytes)
Sidney Gale Combs
wpe2B.jpg (170650 bytes)
  Rudolph Blaine Combs
wpe2D.jpg (155381 bytes)
Minnie T. Combs
wpe2F.jpg (185703 bytes)
William Robert Combs
wpe31.jpg (188923 bytes)
Daniel R. Combs
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Row 6
Glen E., Howard W. Porter
wpe36.jpg (127940 bytes)
James W. Porter
wpe38.jpg (157194 bytes)
Kathy Gay Meade
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Row 7
wpe1.jpg (160361 bytes)
Bonnie Hamilton
wpeA.jpg (154778 bytes)
Peggy Ann Sparks
wpeD.jpg (121164 bytes)
James Eddie Hamilton
wpe10.jpg (103956 bytes)
Row 8
  Gary (Chuck) & Carla G. McClellan
wpe12.jpg (116973 bytes)
Dollie A. Meade
wpe14.jpg (185036 bytes)
William "Bubbie" Meade
wpe16.jpg (196043 bytes)
Samuel Clyde Meade
wpe18.jpg (180895 bytes)
Row 9
Emmette & Estelle Meade
wpe1A.jpg (136234 bytes)
  Arvil "Mitch" Alvin, Gerald "Jerry" Allen Meade
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