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Scott County, Virginia

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From The Collection of Dr. W. P. Grigsby

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  Captain W. P. Grigsby, M.D.
US Army, Japan, c.1959-60
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Anne G. McConnell Grigsby, c. 1907
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Almeda Ellen Darter Grigsby
m/o E. C. Grigsby
wpeB.jpg (37746 bytes) wpeD.jpg (24845 bytes)

The Ambroytype image was projected onto 
milk-white glass and hand colored.

(L-R) Annie Lucas Kennedy,
Betty Cox, 
Clara Lucas McConnell
wpeF.jpg (86960 bytes)
These two images were projected onto milk-white glass
Martha Emmaline Grigsby
wpe11.jpg (43173 bytes)
An unidentified aunt or grandmother
wpe13.jpg (32219 bytes)
Aunt Emma Fletcher and 
Nola Mae Fletcher Ervin
wpe15.jpg (79748 bytes)
Nola Mae Fletcher Ervin
wpe17.jpg (33949 bytes)
wpe19.jpg (27040 bytes)

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