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William B. Smith Cemetery
Purchase Ridge Road
GPS: 36.6798-N
Updated transcription & Photos by
Louella B. Benton & Family
Submitted by Wes Bell

SMITH CEMETERY - South Duffield District, #54

Access to the site is via Rte. 638 (Purchase Ridge Road). Coordinates are 36.6798, -82.8291 (within 1,000 feet +or-).

Peterson Cemetery Book, Vol 6. Page 13, Illustrated Maps refers to this as in the South Duffield District. Note: The official Scott County Highway Maps referred to this vicinity as 'POWELL District' in South Scott County.

In early mid 1850's Wilkerson and Melinda 'Linda' Lane may have been the first know settlers who lived and raised their family on this property before William B. Smith and his family.

The William B. Smith family and community cemetery is located in an area called 'Flatwoods', on top of a portion of Purchase Ridge, Scott County, Virginia. Purchase Ridge is in Powell District of Scott County, VA. Purchase Ridge is an area which is commonly referred to as north of and is parallel to Highway Rte. 600 (Fairview to Clinchport Highway). The William B. Smith family lived here around the turn of the 19th century.

The Smith Cemetery is on top of Purchase Ridge in an area described as "semi-level with shallow valleys." The cemetery is just up the hill and to the left of an old fallen down barn. The entire area was grown over with brush and vines in 1992 but portions of the site had been cleared as of 2009. A very sound rock chimney remains as of May 2012 of the original Smith two story log house.

Grave markers are noted (May 2012) as being present for:

WILLIAM (WILKERSON) LANE, 3 May 1822 - 15 June 1895

(Civil War Veteran and husband of Melinda 'Linda' Ann Rhoton Lane)

LINDA LANE, 3 July 1825 - 10 Dec 1898

(Malinda Ann Rhoton Lane, wife of William Lane)

WILLIAM B. SMITH "Husband" (1826-1908)

(Civil War Veteran, 1862-1865.

LEILA SMITH, 1904-1908.

(A 4 yr old child of James B. D. and Mary Belle Smith.)

VIRGIE S. BELL, 27 March 1907 - 25 July 1941

(Virgie Edna Smith Bell, daughter of James B. D. and Mary Belle Benton Smith, and wife of Robert David Bell.)

Reverse of her marker states:

Loving and Kind in all her ways,

Upright and Just to the end of her days,

Sincere and true in heart and mind,

A Beautiful Memory she left behind.

LUCY HORTON (dates not noted.)

RONNIE C. QUALLS, 1971 - 2008 (Temporary marker as of May 2012)

(Dates of life for Ronnie Chad Qualls;

May 25, 1971 - February 3, 2008)

(Son of Ronald J. Qualls and Shirley Ann Gilreath)

JOHN PATTON RHOTON, April 7, 1873 - October 21, 1956

- A funeral home marker was present in May 2012, 83 years old.

- A published obituary states JOHN PATTON RHOTON (1873- 1956) was buried at the Smith Cemetery on Route 1.

- Grave marker made by Jack Tomlinson.

Two stone markers are present for named children.

There were also at least 17 graves marked with standing flat stones.


- Scott County Virginia Cemetery Records, Vol 6.

Compiled by Phyllis L. W. Peterson.

- Writings and site visit attributed to Robert D. Lane, October 18, 1992.

- Updated site visit of Louella B. Benton and family, May 2012.

- Cemetery is maintained but is not fenced as of 2012. There is recurring maintenance of the cemetery.

- This listing retyped w/annotations (from information searches, etc,) added by Wes Bell, June 30, 2012.


Isaac M. Smith
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Lelia A. Smith
wpe5.jpg (99109 bytes)
Virgie E. Smith Bell
wpe7.jpg (168681 bytes) wpe9.jpg (110889 bytes)
John P. Rhoton
wpeB.jpg (101237 bytes)
Ronnie C. Qualls
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  wpe10.jpg (53103 bytes)  
  Photographs by Gary Daugherty
Additional information on Find-A-Grave
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William B. Smith
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Mary B. Smith
wpe5.jpg (187501 bytes)
John P. Rhoton
wpe7.jpg (156973 bytes)
Virgie E. Bell
wpe9.jpg (172935 bytes)
Lelia A. Smith
wpeB.jpg (129540 bytes)
James W. Smith
wpeD.jpg (148425 bytes)
Isaac M. Smith
wpeF.jpg (183474 bytes)
Lucy Horton
wpe11.jpg (167995 bytes)
William Lane
wpe13.jpg (138884 bytes)
Linda Lane
wpe15.jpg (119376 bytes)
Ronnie C. Qualls
wpe17.jpg (143404 bytes)
About 20 marked, unnamed stones, many children.

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