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Supervisor Wolfe - 1936



Scott School Head Replies To Statements
Concerning School Situation

GATE CITY, Va., June 28 --- G. D. Grove, Principle of Hiltons high school today answered statements made by Supervisor Tom Wolf who declared the Scott County Electoral Board was on a spot in making its selection of seven school board members.

     Grove declared Wolfe was but one of the seven members of the board of supervisors and would be unable to control the vote of the other six in determining the attitude of the supervisors toward future operation of Scott county schools.

To Appoint Board

     The school trustees electoral board ast Monday next Tuesday the last day for such appointments. (as printed)

     One reason cited by Grove as pointing to favorable action on the part of the supervisors is that, if no county appropriation is made for schools, the state will withhold its share amounting to approximately $80,000.

     The board of supervisors, however, has gone on record as taking the stand it will not turn over county funds to the present school board or any other board from which it cannot receive co-operation.

     Grove's statement in detail was: "I, as a friend and admirer of the men on the school trustee electoral board the attempted intimidation of the board from Mr. Tom Wolfe. I believe they are men of judgment, ability and integrity and that they will do what they think is best for Scott County regardless of what Tom Wolfe or anyone else says or threatens.

     "Neither do I agree with the brazen assertion that, in case Mr. Wolfe fails to get every man he wants on the school board, we shall have no schools in Scott county the coming school year.

     "It so happens that Mr. Wolfe is just one of seven supervisors. I refuse to believe that he can dictate to all the other members as to just how, when and what the shall vote for or against.

     "I do not believe he has the vote of McKinley Stallard in his vest pocket. It is true that he placed Mr. Stallard in nomination for chairman of the board, but even so nobody believes that Mr. Stallard is hogtied to Tom Wolfe or anybody else. McKinley Stallard has a mind of his own and will not be led by Tom Wolfe. Mr. Wolfe;s assertion notwithstanding.

     "Nobody who knows anything about the personality, the ability, and the integrity of Mr. James H. Turner would dare state that he can be led or handled by any man. When Mr. Wolfe makes a statement from which an inference may be drawn that Jim Turner is under his thumb, it my candid opinion that he is much mistaken in his judgment I am of the opinion that Mr. Turner us absolutely free to vote at all times for what he thinks is the best interest of the people regardless of how Mr. Wolfe would try to get him to vote.

     "Mr. R. E. Fugate is a gentleman of culture, scholarship and civic pride. Would Mr. Wolfe have the general public believe that he can tell him what to do or what not to do? Let Mr. Wolfe remember that Prof. Fugate will have a vote on whether we shall have schools just the same as himself.

     "Does Mr. Wolfe expect the public to assume that he can make Mr. John T. Carter do his bidding? It is my opinion that friend Tom is vastly in error if he thinks his bluff and bluster goes anywhere with a man of John T. Carter's good common sense and practical understanding. Mr. Carer is a man of much more experience, much sounder thought and maturer judgment than Mr. Wolfe can possibly have. Instead of friend Tom's trying to dictate to Mr. Carter, he should be seeking advice from Mr. Carter.

     "Neither do I believe that Mr. Wolfe can induce Mr. G. E. Dowell or Mr. J. P. Wolfenbarger to vote for no schools for Scott county. All these men know that if no appropriation at all is made by the county, the state will make no appropriation. They are all good enough business men to see to it that Scot county gets her just share of the state money amounting to some $80,000. I am confident they will take care that we don't lose that.

     "The truth of the matter is Mr. Wolfe has only one vote on the board of supervisors and any assertion from him to the contrary is just an assertion."

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