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The Surry Cavalry - 1885 Muster Roll Of Regiment

transcribed and contributed by Elizabeth Veserat

Rank NameDate of Rank Original Entry into Service
CaptainBeverly T. Moss June 16/84June 16/84
Acting A   
Surgeon J.T. Corbell June 16/84 June 16/84
1st Lieut. John A. M. Gwaltney June 16/84 June 16/84
2nd Lieut. John Wilson June 16/84 June 16/84
2nd Lieut. Fredrick W. Randolph 25th July/85 June 16/84
Non-CommissionedOfficersand Musicians 
RankNameAge at Date of Enlistment
or Re-enlistment
Date of Enlistment
or Re-enlistment
1st Sergeant. George A. Savedge 32 16th June/84
Sergeant Joel (?) N. Savedge 3716th June/84
SergeantJoseph H. Bacham 4116th June/84
SergeantHenry J. Berryman2616th June/84
SergeantNickolas C. Wright4116th June/84
SergeantGeorge A. Rowell4516th June/84
SergeantHenry W. Peters 3716th June/84
CorporalThomas J. Gwaltney3016th June/84
CorporalCharles E. James3016th June/84
CorporalSidney B. Edwards3516th June/84
CorporalParis E. Slade24 16th June/84
MusicianEdgar Jones25June/84
Bell Henry H.296th Nov/84
Barham William J. 24 16 June/84
Bohannan Aurelius P. 4216 June/84
Clements Albert E. 31 16 June/84
Chatman Stephen E. 24 25th June/85
Cocke Peyton A. 20 16th June/84
Clarke William P. - 25th June/85
Dashield Thomas L.2316th June/84
Derring Howard T. 2416th June/84
Faison Claudius A.3416th June/84
Faison Edgar B.3516th June/84
Faison Thadius 3016th June/84
Garrett Alexander C.2916th June/84
Gilliam Richard D.2916th June/84
Gwaltney Leucous H.3516th June/84
Gwaltney Thomas O.21 16th June/84
Harmon John E.2216th June/84
Hollerray Richard24 16th June/84
Lane Charles N.26 16th June/84
Lund William A.22 16th June/84
Tilman Nathan D.2416th June/84
Rowel James W.27 16th June/84
Savedge Winfield S.40 16th June/84
Savedge Virginius A.42 16th June/84
Seward James B.24 16th June/84
Seward George W.28 16th June/84
Spraitey Ruffin3416th June/84
Tignor William J.27 16th June/84
Rodgers M. Q.25 16th June/84
Cheatham B.R.4316th June/84

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