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April 1999, page 3
James Atkins, Editor

The Dendron Historical Society. We are pleased to include with this newsletter a report of their activities and research. Many of our ancestors could not have continued to live in Surry county without the jobs that the Surry Lumber Company and the Surry, Sussex and Southampton railway created. Learn more about our boom town of the 1800s.

DUES. Dues for the next year are payable by August 1, 1999. Because we are a new organization, we have many members who have joined throughout the last year and a half. Those who have joined between Jan. 1, 1999 and our May 1999 meeting by paying a full years dues, may pay only 1/2 of the normal dues for the coming year. This should be fair to our new members and get us on an annual program as outlined in our bylaws. To join the Society or renew your membership, CLICK HERE! JOIN US for our annual meeting on MAY 10, 1999. All who join by our May 1999 meeting will be Founding Members.

Our financial needs will be great during this next year, and we hope you will rejoin at the same level or higher this year. We need equipment, telephone and supplies in our new office in Surry. Needed repairs to waterproof and stabilize Rogers' Store will take several thousand dollars. Restoration will have to come later.

Please remember that the Society is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization and gifts are deductible. Gifts may be specified for specific purposes as you desire. The Society have gotten off to a sound financial start and with your support we expect to maintain this soundness and meet the goals of the organization.

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