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Surry County, Virginia, Historical Society and Museums, Inc.
P. O. Box 262, Surry, VA 23883   Phone (757) 294-0404
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began at an organizational meeting on 28 February 1998 when Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws were approved. The Society is incorporated as a Nonprofit Corporation. Officers for 1998 were elected on 11 May 1998. As of 6 November 1998 the Society's status as a nonprofit organization had been confirmed by the IRS. Donations to the Society are now tax-deductible. The Society has more than 500 members in twenty states and continues to grow!

The Society now has a new office in Surry, VA, with a place for its library and displays. But we need volunteers.

  • to help in the office at Surry, and the Rogers Store museum at Carsley,
  • to help with publishing historical works about all segments of our history,
  • to involve youth in the Society's work and teach them our county's history,
  • to move ahead in developing Museum sites throughout the county that highlight the rich history of life in Surry County over the past nearly 350 years.
By giving your time, you can make many new friends and help a lot of people connect with their heritage. You can make a difference!
For information about volunteering, call the Society Office at 757-294-0404 or email .

Efforts have already begun in Carsley, where the Rogers Store and its extensive inventory of memorabilia and records have been made available to the Society through the generous gift by John Rogers, descendant of the original owner, Watt Rogers, and his mother, Becky Rogers.

Work is now underway on restoration of the Captain John Smith Ferry Deckhouse beside the Society's office in Surry.

Citizens from all over the county have come together to preserve and study the county's history. Groups and individuals from Carsley, Claremont, Dendron, Surry, West Surry and every corner of the county are pooling their energy and resources. Historical photographs, documents, books, and family genealogies have been donated. Carsley has the complete records of Rogers's store. Dendron even has a very early railroad car. Early documents are on display at Claremont Town Hall.

Come and join us!


For information about a particular election, see the May Newsletter for that year.

Officers 2012-2014
President: Bessie (Bess) Richardson
Vice President/ Programs: Leah Duncan
Secretary/ Membership: Dr. Gwendolyn Wooden-Jones
Treasurer/ Budget & Finance: Mary Alma Savedge
Society Historian: Jim Atkins
Directors 2014-2015
Director 2014: Faye Grandison
Director 2014/ Rogers Store Coordinator: Edwin O'Neal
Director 2014/ Newsletter Edditor: Gordon Bohannan
Director 2014: James M. Harrison
Director 2014: Claude Reeson
Director 2015: Ella H. Ellis
Director 2015: Phyllis Wacker
Director 2015: Russell Hopson
Director 2016: Monica B. Calhoun
Director 2016: Deborah H. Dawson
Director 2016: Kenneth Holmes
Directors 2012-2013
Director 2013: Deborah H. Dawson
Director 2012: Ella H. Ellis
Director 2012: Troilen Seward
Director 2012: Jonathan Judkins
Director 2012: James M. Harrison
Director 2013: Claude Reeson
Director 2013: Deborah H. Dawson
Director 2013: Kenneth Holmes
Director 2013: Amy Harte
Directors 2011
Director 2011: James M. Harrison
Director 2011: Kent Harrell
Director 2011: Claude Reeson
Director 2011: Faye Grandison
Director 2011: Edwin O'Neal

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