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Old Cabin Point Episcopal Church Rectory, Surry County, Virginia

These photographs were taken by The Reverend William B. Taylor, Jr., Rector at St. John's Episcopal Church in Hopewell.

Thank you, Mr. Taylor!

Remnants of the old Rectory at "Invermay"


Right Chimney

Right Chimney (view from collapsed left chimney)

Now a crumbled ruin on the west side of Salisbury Road near Cabin Point, the old Episcopal Rectory was a "story and a half" dwelling with chimneys at each end. There were five dormers in the upper half-story and an addition to the rear of the dwelling. It was described as abandoned when the land was surveyed in 1968 as "43.013 Acres - Portion of West Invermay Tract - Rectory Tract". In 1958 the land was said to be known locally as "Invermay". Surry County 2007 tax records refer to it as "Ivermay". (DB 56 p.572, DB68, pp.288-289)


English Basement and English Bond Foundation


Main Level and Second Floor Fireplaces


Framing Timbers for Rear Addition with Foundation and Standing Chimney (Left)


Main Level Fireplace & Chimney with Arched Brick

In 1853 the Invermay tract was divided and sold by the heirs of Dr. Peyton S. Cocke. Two hundred eighteen and a half acres lay on the east side of Salisbury Road, then called the road from Cabin Point to Blunts Bridge, and thirty-nine and a half acres lay on the west side of the road. The eastern part was sold to William S. Burt and was apparently absorbed into his "Littleton" tract. The smaller western part was sold to Powhatan B. Sledge. (DB 13 pp.479, 618)


Hand-hewn Joists Mortised on Corners


Siding from Back of Rectory (Left Chimney Side)

Sledge then sold, for $1,500, to William Allen of Surry County and Wm. B. Harrison and N. M. Osborne of Prince George, trustees for New Brandon Church, twenty-five acres, more or less, known as "Invermay", near Cabin Point, bounded on the southwest by lands "now owned by said Sledge", and on the east by the public road running south from Cabin Point..."to be held as a Parsonage for the Episcopal Minister of such church"...(DB 13 p.747)


Window Frame with Mortised Corners & Wooden Pegs


Rear Addition Foundation


English Basement Overgrown with Vines


Basement Interior Whitewashed Bricks

By 1894 the rectory was no longer used for that purpose and the trustees of Grace Protestant Episcopal Church sold it to a trustee for Sabra Burt and her children. It was described as twenty-five acres, more or less, in Surry County known as "Invermaye"... being in all respects the same tract conveyed to William Allen, William B. Harrison and H. M. Osborne, trustees for New Brandon Church to be held as a parsonage for the Episcopal Minister of such church... And so the land returned to private ownership and the old rectory eventually fell into ruin. (DB 26 p.290, DB 32 p.625)


Joist for Rear Addition


Eighteen-inch English Bond Foundation at Basement Level


Pegged Joints on Door Frame


Pegged Mortised Joint on Rear Addition

There is a photograph of the old rectory and more information on page thirty-four of Barbara's Hopper's Cabin Point The Forgotten Village. This book contains much interesting information about the Cabin Point area and can be purchased from the Surry County Historical Society's BOOKS page.


Standing Chimney and English Basement Foundation (Right)


Top of Standing Chimney Overgrown by Vines. Upper Chimney Appears to be American Bond with Flange at Top.

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