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Old Homes in Surry and Sussex County

by Mary A. Stephenson published in 1942 has been reprinted by the Sussex County, Virginia Historical Society and is available for $25.00 (plus $1.25 tax; $3.50 shipping). Order from: Sussex County, Virginia Historical Society, P.O. Box 1361, Sussex, Virginia 23884-0361.

The reprint was made possible through the interest and generosity of John Halligan Clements in honor and in memory of the Clements family of Gloucester, Surry, Sussex, and Dinwiddie Counties. Reprinting of this book was the first major project in historic preservation by the Sussex County, Virginia Historical Society.

The Surry County Homes included in the book are: Rolfe Property, Walnut Valley, Bacon's Castle, Baugh Home, Montpelier, Swann's Point, Mount Pleasant, Barham Famiy of Surry, Taylor Home, Chippokes Plantation, Dripping Spring, Blackwater,Pleasant Point, Paris Holt Farm, Wakefield (First home of the Harrisons in America), Oak View Farm, Thomas Rogers Home, Eastover, Four-Mile Tree Plantation, Rich Neck (Ancient home of the Ruffin Family, Old Episcopal Glebe, Pretlow Home, Claremont Manor House (Ancient Seat of the Allents), Burt Home in Surry (Littleton), Miles Ellis Home, Anchorage The Holt plantation in Little Surry), Melville (A Faulcon and Savedge home), Cedar Ridge (The Joseph Bailey Place), Spratley Home, King Home, Oakland (The Edwards-Rives Home in Little Surry), Cedar Ridge (The Avery Home), Tavern (at Surry Courthouse), Wilson Home (In Little Surry), Laurel Spring, Maynard Home, Derring House.

The Sussex County Homes included are Bell Farm (The Nicholson Home near Wakefield, Hunting Quarter (Ancient Home of the James River Harrisons), Tower Hill (Home of the Blows on the Nottoway), Winsor (Seat of the Claiborne Family), Shands Family, Little Town (The Michael Bailey Home), Laurel Grove (The Robert P. Downman Home), Dobie Home (Near Newville Church), Hawkinsville, Greenyard (The Belsches Plantation), Bloomfield, Shingleton (The Blunt Planation), Raney Home, Cool Spring (The Brown Home), Oak Level, Montrose (The Land Home in Sussex County), Shell Bank (Home of Col. David Mason), Wyche Homes in Sussex, Chester and Other Harison Homes (Along the Jerusalem Plank Road), Freeman Home (Oakland), Invermay (Home of the Mason Famiy), Mitchell Home (An Early Mason Homestead), Oak Spring (Home of the Mason Family), Laurel Brook (A Feild Home), Walnut Hill (A Parker Home), Graves Homes, Elmhurst (Home of the Prince Family), Rives Home, Princeton (Home of the Prince Family), Seacory and Somerfield (Original Scott Homes), Woodville, New Hope, Drewry Home, Glen View (The Chambliss Home), Ellis Homes, Elm Shade (The Howle Plantation), Bain Home, Walnut Hill, Shelley (The Richmond Dillard Home), Jarratt Home, Tavern at Sussex Courthouse, Moyler Home, Dillard Homes (On the Old Plank Road), Spring Hill (A Chappell Home), Matthews Home, Bellefonte (Home of William Harrison, Jr.), Palestine (The Eppes Home), West Home, Coman's Well (The Taylor Home), Shady Oaks (The Old Winfield Home), Choreonessee (A Mason and Dobie Home), Owen Home, Oakland (The Dr. Henry Briggs Home), Oakland (The Raines Home), Fortsville (The John Y. Mason Home in Sussex, Southampton and Greenville Counties), Chappell Home (At Waverly), Potts Home, Banister Home, Richardson Home, Cypress Hall (An Ellis Home), Michael Blow Home (Near Wakefield), Newman's (The Heath Home), Peebles Homes, Green Fields (Home of John R. Mopore), Red Hill (Harison Home), Clifton (Harrison Home), Elmwood (Walker Home), Marl Spring (Parham Home), Burton Home near Wakefield, Land's End (The Adkins Home), Forest View (Thornton-Hunnicutt Home), Longevity (Morgan and Parsons Home), Five Oaks (Briggs and Seely Home), John Cotton Home (Later Home of J. J. Faison), Boonie Doon (An Old Harrison Home at Coman's Well), and Pegram Home (Early Home of Major Blair Pegram).


History of Sussex County Churches

The current project is a compilation in book form of the histories of the churches in Sussex County. All churches located in Sussex County have been asked to submit a history of their church for inclusion in the publication. Pictures have been taken by Sally McGrath and Regina Davis.

The churches contacted to be included in the book are:

Little Mount Baptist Church, Bethesda Baptist United Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Centenary United Methodist Church, Chapel Hill Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Hassidiah Baptist Church, High Hills Baptist Church, Jerusalem Baptist Church, Lebanon United Methodist Church, Morning Star Baptist Church, New Birth Holiness Church, One God Ministry, Power House Revival Center.


Concord United Methodist Church, Fort Grove United Methodist Church, Galilee Baptist Church, Highway Church, Hunting Quarters Baptist Church, Jones Chapel Methodist Church, Little Bethel Baptist Church, Readville Baptist Church, Sappony Baptist Church, Signs & Wonders Church of Deliverance, St. John Baptist Church, Stony Creek Baptist Church, Sussex Baptist Church


Burton Grove United Church of Christ, Church of the Beatitudes, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints, Ellis Preaching House, First Baptist Church, House of Prayer Apostolic Church, King's Dominion Christian Center, Mars Hill AME Zion Church, New Beginning Faith Community Baptist Church, New Birth Community Church, Oak Grove Baptist Church, Pocahontas Church, Pocahontas Temple Baptist Church, Seacock Baptist Church, Shrine of Infant Jesus of Prague, Strait Gait Temple, Triumph in Victory Church, Wakefield Baptist Church, Wakefield Camp Association, Wakefield Christian Outreach Center, Wakefield United Methodist Church


Bethesda Apostolic Church, Church of Beatitudes, Christ Episcopal Church, Church of God Apostolic Faith, Easter Baptist Church, Elam Baptist Church, Empowerment Temple of Deliverance, First Baptist Church, Greater Shiloh Temple Apostolic Miracle Center, House of Prayer Apostolic Church, Liberty Baptist Church, Lily of the Valley Deliverance Church, Miracle Temple of Deliverance #2, Mount Moriah United Church of Christ, New Hope Baptist Church, Newville Baptist Church, Oak Grove United Methodist Church, Piney Grove A.M.E. Zion Church, Plank Road Baptist Church, Rising Star Deliverance Center, Rose of Sharon Apostolic Church, Spring Branch Baptist Church Spring Hill Christian Church, St. Paul Holiness Church, Waverly Baptist Church, Waverly Congressional Christian Church, Waverly United Methodist Church, Wilborne Baptist Church, Zion Hill Holiness Church, Zion Hill United Church of Christ


Antioch Baptist Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Faith Community Church, Greater Hickory Hill Baptist Church, New Center Star Baptist Church, Providence Methodist Episcopal, Sharon United Methodist Church, Yale Seventh Day Adventist Church

Restoration of Sussex County Courthouse

Due to the deterioration of the Sussex County Courthouse, The Sussex County, Virginia Historical Society has undertaken the project of restoring and preserving the Courthouse. A MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Sussex County Board of Supervisors has been signed.

Memorandum of Understanding


Memorandum of Understanding

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made this _____day of________,2008. the parties involved are SUSSEX COUNTY, VIRGINIA , a political sub division of the Commonwealth of Virginia therein___ referred to as "County"), located at P.O. Box 1397, Sussex, Virginia 23884 and the SUSSEX COUNTY VIRGINIA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, a 501(c) (3) charitable organization duly recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (the "Society") located at P.O. Box 1361, Sussex, Virginia 23884.


The purpose of this MOU is for the parties herein to immediately enter into a partnership for the preservation of the Sussex County Historical Courthouse Building (the "Building") and to describe a working agreement between the parties for the establishment of a lease and maintenance agreement for the Society eventually assuming a tenancy and occupancy of the Sussex County Historical Courthouse for the public purpose of providing a permanent display of the history of Sussex County and to allow all segments of the public to have a central educational teaching and learning center for the generations of Sussex County citizens and other individuals now and in the future. This MOU may be terminated at any time by either party, provided such termination notice is in writing. It may also be modified at any time by joint agreement in writing between the parties.

Because the parties herein intend to maintain an open, collaborative and cooperative working relationship, the parties agree to the following points with respect to the previously stated and previously designated Sussex Historical Courthouse building.


This MOU sets forth a process that Sussex County and the Society agree to follow.

1. The Historical Courthouse building is presently serving as a facility housing important governmental and public safety offices and work areas to enable the County to perform its mandated duties and responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of the County's citizens and suitable and adequate replacement facilities must be secured prior to any leasing and maintenance agreement with the Historical Society being effectuated.

Page Two
Memorandum of Understanding



2. The Society, during the interim period herein, shall make all reasonable efforts to identify and secure governmental, charitable grants and monetary contributions from corporate, business and individual contributors and other funding sources for needed restoration and ongoing maintenance of the building.

3. Consistent with the recommendations of the Board of Supervisors Building Committee, with the advice and participation of the Society and thereafter confirmed by the entire Board of Supervisors, all professional consultants, plans and specifications must be approved by the Board of Supervisors. After necessary preliminary planning and feasibility studies and evaluations have been completed by the Society, a proposed schedule for restoration and construction, including funding options, shall be provided to the Board of Supervisors for review and action.

4. During the feasibility study for uses, renovations and restoration of the building, consideration will be given to the Society for the use of portions of the building for meetings, museum, welcome/tourist center, research library for genealogy research, and other public purposes.


5. The lease and maintenance agreement is envisioned to cover the historic two story portion of the Courthouse (the "Building"). However, the Board of Supervisors, may upon the request of the County Administrator or a Board of Supervisors member, after consultation with the Society, prior to the leasing of the entire two story portion of the Historic Courthouse lease a designated portion of the Historic Courthouse to the Historical Society or allow specified access and specified use privileges to the Society for public historical events and society meetings and tours and other public activities of the Historical Society

6. The County envisions being responsible for the structural concepts of maintaining the building and the Society envisions that they will be responsible for ongoing wear and tear and day to day maintenance and operation of said building. The County would reserve the right to enter said building at any time

Page Three
Memorandum of Understanding


for any inspection of the said building or any public or emergency circumstance which may arise.

7. The County would continue to pay utilities and insurance on the building. Property and liability insurance would be paid by the County. However, should the County singularly determine, in consultation with the Historical Society, that sufficient monetary funds have become available to the Society to assume payment of the utilities and insurance on the building, the Societyagrees to reimburse the County, in whole or part to be determined by the County.

8. It is envisioned that the lease would be for the office term of the Board of Supervisors entering into the envisioned agreement during which time the Society would have an ongoing and mandated responsibility to continuously seek and evaluate funding options (private, public or joint private and public) for additional restoration of the exterior of the building and it's ongoing maintenance. It is further envisioned that the lease would be renewable for the four (4) year office term of any sitting Board of Supervisors or any lesser term of the then elected Board of Supervisors. All parties recognize that this MOU is not binding on any subsequent Board of Supervisors who may be elected at the every four year applicable November general election cycle and upon the assumption of that Board of Supervisors term of office commencing on January 1st of the year after said November general election.

9. The approval of the County Administrator would be required for any sublease, by the Society, of more than 24 hours. The lease statement would require payments of one ($1.00) dollar per year.

10. A public hearing on the proposed lease agreement, as may then be required under the Code of Virginia, shall be properly advertised and conducted prior to the execution of any lease and maintenance agreement by the Board of Supervisors.


Page Four
Memorandum of Understanding



Nothing in the MOU is intended to diminish or otherwise affect the author of the County to implement its statutory functions, nor is it intended to create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural enforceable at law by the Society against Sussex
County or its agencies, its officers, or any other person. This MOU is effective upon signature by both parties.


______________________ ______________________/2008
Mary E. Jones Effective Date
[Sussex County Administrator]


_______________________ _______________________/2008
Robert T. Thornton, Jr. Effective Date



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