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Salyer - Lee Chapter 1417

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Salyer Lee 1417 Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy
Mae Lorene Smith Gillenwater

Mae Lorene Gillenwater

Mae Lorene Gillenwater was born to Dr. Robert and Emma Lou Carico Smith in 1921. Mae Lorene married Ivan Gillenwater on 30 November, 1941.


Dr. Robert Smith went into the War Between the States as a veternarian doctor. There was such a shortage of medical care for the wounded and sick in the CSA that he was soon turned into a medical doctor. Dr. Smith was born in Russell Co to Marcus and Celia Moore Smith. He joined the CSA under Col Campbell and served under Captain Henry Morris McConnell.

When Dr. Smith came back from the War, he served his country as a medical doctor; traveling across the countryside on horseback to care for his patients.


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