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Do you need information from a U. S. Census? Join the Census Lookup Subscription List. By doing so, you volunteer to do census lookups and, in return, you can request lookups from others. The following rules apply:

  • NO FLAMING or you will be unsubbed without notice. By this I mean not only being rude or mean to each other but there will be NO and I do mean NO debating here about the Census Projects. This list is for everyone who wants to research.
  • NO General requests such as "all Smiths in all counties" Be specific, Name the County, Family you are looking for and also the year. Try to supply as much info as possible.
  • LIMIT your requests to ONE PER CENSUS YEAR and SURNAME
  • Remember your netiquette! Thank you and Please are appreciated by the lookup volunteer.



    Select one of the following to subscribe. "D" means digest form, in which several messages will be sent together."

     The XX is to be removed and the two letter abbreviation for the state that you volunteer to look in should be added in its place. Examples:




    So, send an email to the one of your choice (make sure to have the state). Put NOTHING in the subject line. In the body of the email write only:


     Then send it on.



    If you no longer wish to participate in census lookups, send a message to either:

     Make sure you replace the XX's with the two-letter code for your state.

     In the body of the message, write


     Then, send it on.


  • Send it to (supply the two letter state code for the XX again)
  • Subject line MUST have the following: County/Year/Surname

  • Example: Saginaw/1850/Smith
  • In the body of the email:

  • (1) List whom you are looking for.
    (2) Supply as much information as you can.
    (3) Birthplace, ages, occupation, etc.
  • Mail it on!



    That's it folks! I hope that helped. I have put the list of states and two letter codes below for you. Kelly Courtney-Blizzard, List Coordinator

     AL Alabama
    AK Alaska
    AZ Arizona
    AR Arkansas

     CA California
    CO Colorado
    CT Connecticut

    DC District Of Columbia
    DE Delaware

    FL Florida

     GA Georgia

     HI Hawaii

     ID Idaho
    IL Illinois
    IN Indiana
    IA Iowa

     KS Kansas
    KY Kentucky

     LA Louisiana

     ME Maine
    MD Maryland
    MA Massachusetts
    MI Michigan
    MN Minnesota
    MS Mississippi
    MO Missouri
    MT Montana

     NE Nebraska
    NV Nevada
    NH New Hampshire
    NJ New Jersey
    NM New Mexico
    NY New York
    NC North Carolina
    ND North Dakota

     OH Ohio
    OK Oklahoma
    OR Oregon

     PA Pennsylvania

     RI Rhode Island

     SC South Carolina
    SD South Dakota

     TN Tennessee
    TX Texas

     UT Utah

     VT Vermont
    VA Virginia

     WA Washington (state)
    WV West Virginia
    WI Wisconsin
    WY Wyoming


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