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The following road orders are recorded on three consecutive pages in the Spotsylvania County Minute Book, 1755-1765. They are found on pages 7, 8, and 9 under the entries for the court session of June 3, 1755. Exact spelling and abbreviation are given here as found in the record. (?) indicates a name or word that was not clearly readable.

George Purviss appointed overseer of the road from Nassaponax to Iron(?) Crook & from Nassaponax to the county line sd road that goes to Caroline Courthouse, & to have the fol. person's tithes: Col. Spotswood; Mr. Grymes; Mrs. Taliaferro; Col. Thornton; Jos. Purviss; Jos. Purviss Junr.; Nathal. Stevens; & Isaac Mayfield. [MB p. 7]

Richd. Tutt, Gent., appointed overseer from Nassaponax to the Hazle Run & from the fork of the road by Mr. Brooke's the Mata. Road to Nassaponax, his gang Viz. Col. Spotswood; Col. Taliaferro; Richd. Brooks; Richd. Tutt; Mr. Page's tithes. [MB p. 7]

Adam Pevey appointed overseer of the road from the Hazle Run to Mr. Colson's above the Hall hill on Fitzhurst's land, his gang Viz. Saml. Hilding(?); Mr. Fielding Lewis; Mrs. Thornton; Peter Lucas tithes. [MB p. 7]

James Allen appointed overseer roads, streets & ways to the wharf in Fredsbg town, his gang to be the tithes belonging to the town. [MB p. 7]

Bland Ballard appointed overseer from Colson's to Edwd. Herndon's & his gang is Viz. Chas. Colson; Thos. Reeves; Thos. Reeves's qtr.; Jos. R. Stewart; Mr. Bell's qtr.; Mr. Hunter's qtr.; Bland Ballard; Wm. Grayson; Jas. Nelson; John Ballard; John Odle(?); Thos. Williams; Jas. Allenuch(?); John Sutherland's qtr.; Duncan Cammeron; John Sparks; Wm. Williamson; Henry Head; Henry Sparks's tithes. [MB p. 7]

Edwd. Herndon appointed overseer of the road from his house to the Orchard(?) of Paks(?), his gang Viz. his own, Phil. Richards; John Pedder(?); Robt. True; John Leather; James Williams; Law. Young; Alex. Day Atkins; Wm. Fickling(?); Thos. Frank; Jos. P. Moore; Robt. Duncanson's qtr.; Mr. Marye's tithes. [MB p. 7]

Moses Bledsoe overseer from the orchard of Paks to the Wilderness Bridge, his gang Viz. his own; Abraham Simpson; Wm. Bledsoe; Col. Spotswood; Mata. Wilderness quarter; John Schooler; Benja. Pendleton; Ambrose Bullard's tithes. [MB p. 7]

Joseph Brock overseer of the road from the Rapa. Road below Benj. Pendleton's to the Pamunkey Rolling Road, his gang Viz. his own; Thos. Brooks; Thos. Crutcher's qtr.; Danl. Gardner, Uriah Garton; Col. Corbin's tithes at Stoney Hill qtr. tithes. [MB p. 7]

Thos. Burbridge appointed overseer of the road from Corbin's bridge to the Rapa. Road above Edw. Herndon's, his gang Viz. his own; Col. Corbin's qtr. where Fra. Cammock is overseer; Mathew Lewis; Wm. Lewis's planta.; Nichs. Hawkins; John Gordon; Widow Burbridge; Mr. John Smith's qtr; & Wm. Ellis's tithes. [MB p. 7]

Jacob Clayton appointed overseer from Rapa. Road at the fork below the Hazle Run to Hill's qtr, his gang Viz. his own; Lewis Willis(?); Wm. Cash; Capt. Garnet's qtr.; Mr. Grymes where Stephen Bright lives; Capt. Battaley's tithes. [MB p. 7]

Wm. Miller appointed overseer from Hill's qtr. to the Bridge over the Ny River on Smith's land, his gang Viz. ; Mr. Jackson's qtr.; Capt. Carr; James Stevens's qtr.; Henry Willis; Ann Proctor; Mary Steward; Geo. Proctor. Wm. Hivor(?); Uriah Edwards; Robt. Dudley; Alex. Hawkins; Thos. Haydon. [MB p.7]

Thos. Minor appointed overseer from the bridge over Ny on Lewis's land to the fork of the road by Nixe's & from the King & Queen Road to the county line, his gang Viz. his own; Chas. Lewis; Averilla(?) Darnaby; Matthew Gayless(?); Jas. Nedd's(?) tithes; and the sd. Minor is ordered to clear the new road with his own hands only according to law before any other tithes under him are to work on the same. [MB p. 7]

Jacob Povens(?) appointed overseer from Nixe's to Nassaponax by Mrs. Bengor's(?), his gang Viz. John Elson; George Moore; John(?) Robinson; Row. Kelly; Richd. Turnley; Wm. Darnaby's qtr.; Mrs. Bengor; & Mr. Grymes's qtr. called Middle Quarter tithes. [MB p. 7]

Wm. McWilliams appointed overseer from the fork by Nixe's, the road that leads to Conway's Warehouse to the county line, his gang Viz. his own; Jno. Mansfield; Alex. McHenry; John Callahan; Gregory Grant; Mr. Ball's qtr.; Col. Woodford's qtr.; John Cammoll(?); Henry Cammoll(?); Pierce Pevey; & John Wait's tithes. [MB p. 8]

Benj. Ross(?)is appointed overseer from Ny Bridge on Lewis's land to Chew's Bridge & from the said Ny Bridge to the fork of the road below Bell's ordinary also the old Germanna Road through Mr. Grymes's land, his gang Viz. Mr. Grymes's Mata. Qtr; Mr. Fielding Lewis's qtr.; Mr. Stanard; Adm(?) Battail's qtr.; Jacob Poven; the Widow McDonald; & John Hensley. [MB p. 8]

Wm. Hutchason overseer from Ny Bridge on Smith's land to Snell's(?) bridge, his hands (gang) Viz. his own; Maj. Curtis's Pony(?) Northside Po; Baskin West; Richd. Keawin(?); Saml. Henslee; Ruth(?) Parish; Henry Pendleton; Mr. Jno. Smith's qtr. on the So side Lewis's River; Wm. Bell; Wm. Richason; Mrs. Taliaferro's qtr. tithes. [MB p.8]

John Hawkins (Haskins ?) overseer from Bell's ordinary the old Germanna Road to the Pamunkey rolling road, his gang Viz. his own; Jno. Sutton; Nathan Hawkins; Benj. Martin; Benj. Davis; Jno. Chew; Jas. Pritchet tithes. [MB p.8]

Wm. Smith appointed overseer from the old Germanna Road, the mine road, to the Bridge over Po, also from the Bridge called Smith's Bridge over the sd river into the mine road as the viewers has reported the same, his gang Viz. his own; Jas. Hawkins; Thos. Hutchason(?); George Hensley; Lovel Perry; Mr. Fielding Lewis's qtr. called the halfway house; Jos. Smith; Isaac Scot; Wm. Scot; P..en(?) Thomas's tithes. [MB p. 8]

John Farish overseer from Chew's bridge to the fork of the road next to Matta. Church, & from Johnston's plantation down to the county line; also the new road from the sd planta. to the post by Thos. Graves, his gang Viz. his own; Jno. Salmon, Constable; John Carson; Maj. Thurston's qtr.; Mr. Larkin Chew; Capt. Johnston; Bloomfield Long; Abraham Estes jr; Wm. Rogers; & Benj. Watt. [MB p. 8]

Rice Curtis, Gent., overseer from the fork of the road below his house to the county line by Wm Smith's, his gang Viz. his tithes; Mr. Jno. Smith's qtr.; Mr. Stanard's qtr.; Rosanna Moore; Thos. Graves; Robt. Marsh; Wm. Waller; Wm. Smith; John Word; & George Rogers's tithes. [MB p. 9]

Bushrod Fauntleroy is appointed overseer from Snell's bridge to Matta. Church & from the post just above Maj. Curtis's to the mine road, his gang Viz. his own tithes; Mrs. Brock; Jno. Durcot(?); Mr. Dawson(?); Mr. Herndon; Wm. Brock; Wm. Cooper; John Procter; Mr. Wm. Allen's qtr.; Thos. Foster; Jas. Frazier tithes. [MB p. 8]

Alex. Spence Head overseer from the mine bridge to the fork of the road by John Holladay's, his gang Viz. his own; Wm. Bastler(?); Clem. Montague; Henry Brock; Wm. Rowler's qtr.; Robt. Chew; Benj. Poe; Wm. Pierce's tithes. [MB p. 8]

John Collins is appointed overseer from the fork of the road by Holladay's to E N East bridge, his gang is Viz. his own; Jno. Durcot's qtr.; Susana Brock's qtr; Paterson Pulliam; Benj. Holladay; Thos Graves; Robt. Begles(?); Eliza. Shepherd; Patrick Carrith's(?) tithes. [MB p. 8]

John Sandigo is appointed overseer from the fork of the road by Holladay's to the Pamunkey Rolling road & from the New Church into the Mountiain Road above Wm. Gatewood's, his gang is Viz. his own; Jas. Sandigo; Thos. Wiat; Wm. Trusty; Matthew Lyman; Danl. Musick; Geo. Musick; Jno. Holladay; Wm. Gatewood; Thos. White; Isaac Darnel; Ignatius Shireman; Peter Fendley(?); Jos. Pen's tithes. [MB p. 8]

John Mastin (Martin?) appointed overseer from Corbin's Bridge over Po to the fork of the road by the folly(?) & thence along the new road to the county line by Antho. Strod's(?), his gang Viz. his own; Robt. Gains; John Falconer; Taliaferro Cragg; Wm. Cook; Jos. Collins; Richd. Kay; John Lankford; Wm. Collins; Jas. Collins; Benj. Glaze; John Collins; Mr. Gardner; Mr. Garnet's qtr.; Col. Corbin's qtr. .._?_..; Thos. Perry; the sd Corbin's hickory nock quarter; Jno. Mastin Jun.; Richd. Long; Obediah Howerton; John Howerton; & Jas. Rennolds's tithes. [MB p. 8]

Wm. Hutchason appointed overseer from the bridge over Po called Smith's bridge to clear it according to Viewers .._?_.. to the Pamunkey Rolling Road, his gang Viz. his own; Wm. Smith; Booker's estate; Thos. McGee; Wm. McGee; Henry Gatewood Jr; Henry Gatewood Sen.; Hugh Sanders; Dudley Gatewood; & Anthy. Foster's tithes. [MB p. 8]

Fra. Wisdom appointed overseer from the fork of the road by the Folly old field to Hawkins's ordinary & from thence the Lawyer's road to the county line, his gang Viz. his own; Philip Ballard; Anthy. Thees(?); James James; Nicholas James; Thos. Allen; Wm. Gholson; Jas. Davis; Chilion(?) White; & Erasmus Withers Allen. [MB p. 9]

George Blakey is appointed overseer from the pond called the Head of pigeon to the county line at Beverley Run, his gang Viz. himself; Edwd. Collins; John Clayton; Saml. Rice; Anthy. Golson; Robt. Sp. Coleman's qtr.; Phil. Hawkins's tithes. [MB p. 9]

Wm. Robinson,Gent., appointed overseer of the road from Terry's Run to his(?) foreman's(?), his gang are his own tithables at his .._?_.. who are to be exempted from all other roads. [MB p.9]

Lawrence Young appointed overseer of the road from Mr. Dansie's qtr. to Terry's Run, his gang is all the tithables that belong to the sd Dansie; Bernard Moore; Mason's qtr. that are in the fork of Pamunkey in this county. [MB p. 9]

On petition of Beverley Winston, Gent., it is ordered that Phil. Hawkins; Edwd. Coleman, James Allen, & Thos. Allen, or any three aft. being sworn, do view a way from the county line above Anthy. Golson's to Hawkins's Roling Road below Plentiful & to report way to be cleared there for the benefit of the publick. [MB p. 9]

William Webb appointed overseer of the road from the place called Chiswoll's Mines to East North East Bridge by Henry Chiles's, & the mountain road from the mine road to the pond called the Head of Pigeon, his gang is his own, all the mine tithes in this county; Henry Chiles's; & Sarah Gordon; Mrs. Herndon; Henry Lewis(?). [MB p.9]

Thos. Pulliamis appointed overseer of the road from Pamunkey Bridge to the Chapple Bridge, E.N.E. and from thence to the mine road; also the road that leads by Mr. Herndon's to Mr. Lewis's Mill, his gang is his own; Col. Thos. Mone's(?) qtr.; Thos. Gimbor; Roger Gains; Jas. Rawlins; Jas. Rawlins Jr; Mr. Zachy. Lewis's qtr. on Pamunkey & his mill planta.; Thos. Rollins's qtr. tithes. [MB p. 9]

James Edwards is appointed overseer of the road from E.N.E. Bridge on Mr. Hill's land to the old Chapple Road above Moor's qtr., & his gang is Viz. his own; Wm. Davenport, where Philips lived; Thos. Graves; John Graves; Wm. Sandigo(?); Wm. Davis; Mr. Seaton(?); & Mr. Hill's qtr. on the So. West side of E.N.E. tithes. [MB p. 9]

Joel Parish appointed overseer of the road from E.N.E. bridge to ye county line, his gang Vis. his own; Jno. Woolfolk; Thos. Hill; Wm. Davenport; Fra. Arnold; Mr. Temple's qtr.; Geo. Woodroof; Benj. Woodroof; David Woodroof; John Minor; John Waller; John Sutton; John Lewis, ordinary keeper, tithes. [MB p. 9]

James Wiglesworthis appointed overseer of the road from the bridge by Col. Waller's, including the bridge E.N.E. bridge on Hill's land, & from the fork near Shackleford's, the road into the main road above Arnold's Run, his gang Viz. his own; Mr. Zachy. Lewis at corner of Arnold's Run; John Lewis, Atty; Edmd. Waller; Fra. Merriwether; Jas. Shackleford; Richd. Shackleford; Mrs. Wiglesworth; George Atkinson; Mrs. Dorothy Waller; Jno. Waller's qtr.; Wm. Crawford; Benj. Waller's qtr. tithes. [MB p. 9]

Joseph Holladay appointed overseer from Mr. Zachy Lewis's mill into the road that leads to Matta. Church & into the road that goes down the county & from the old Chapple bridge into the mill road, his gang Viz. himself; Caton's(?) qtr. on the No. side E.N.E; Jos. Peterson; Wm. Asherington(?); Robt. Grigory; Jos. Grigory; Anthy. Golson Jr; David Sandigo tithes. [MB p. 9]

Richd. Coleman appointed overseer from Matta. Church to the bridge called Col. Waller's, his gang Viz. his own; John Payn(?); Jos. Caster; Spil(?) Coleman; Robt. Coleman; John Coleman; Thos. Coleman; Maj. Robinson's qtr.; Henry Caster; Micou's Qtr; Abel(?) Stears; Richd. Stears; Isaac Bradburn; Jas. Samson; Jas. Stevens; Philip Vinct. Vass; Mrs. Stubblefield; Zachy(?) Garton; Ephraim Knight; Wm. Arnold; John Smith tithables. [MB p. 9]

John(?) Scandland Croad(?)appointed overseer from the fork of the road near his house to the church bridge, his gang Viz. his own; Mr. Bell's qtr.; Col. Robinson's Qtr.; Catha. Carter's tithes. [MB p.9]

Robt.(?) Durcot is appointed overseer from Woodroof's ordinary to the road by Ham's (Horn's?) pond, his gang Viz. his own; Robt. Goodloe; Henry Goodloe; Richd. Durcot; George Taylor; Saml. Warrin; Mr. Baylor's qtr.; ...(?) Dillard; Thos. Coats; Patrick Kennedy; John Williamson, Thos. McNiel; Wm. Matthews; John Shirley(?); Mrs. Hall; Jno. McKenny; ...(?) Smith; ...(?) Huddleston's tithes. [MB pp. 9-10]


Transcribed by Vern Stinson 8 February 2001.

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