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1909 Spotsylvania County Confederate Pension List

After the Civil War ended the problem of disabled Confederate soldiers and Confederate widows came before the Virginia Legislature several times. In 1888 the Legislature approved payment of pensions of widows of soldiers killed in action or who died in service and those who were severely maimed while wearing the gray. In 1900, as the veteran population aged, some restrictions were lifted. In 1902 requirements were further eased.

The procedure followed was that the veteran or widow filled out an application for a pension. This pension was then presented to a local pension board for review. If this board approved the pension, then it was sent to the Auditor of Public Accounts for payment. The pension applications were not kept at the county level. The Auditor of Public Accounts published a list annually, by county, of the receipents of these Confederate pensions. This is that list for Spotsylvania County in the year 1909.

The following list shows the name of the pensioneer, and the act under which they were drawing benfits. Contact the Library of Virginia for copies of the actual pension application if desired.

Acres, Wm. L. 1900
Almond, Mary E. 1900
Alsop, Martha B. 1902
Alsop, William S. 1902
Atkins, Emma C. 1902
Baxter, Ann 1888
Beazeley, Sallie A. 1888
Beverly, Margaret A. 1902
Blankenship, Harriet E. 1902
Bolling, Lawrence T. 1902
Brooks, A. G. 1900
Brooks, Alex B. 1902
Brooks, G. W. 1902
Brooks, J. R. 1902
Brooks, Luther 1902
Brooks, Tandy W. 1902
Brumley, J. H. 1902
Brumley, Mary F. 1900
Bullock, Thos. S. 1900
Burke, G. B. 1902
Burress, Leon C. 1902
Burress, Wm. E. L. 1888
Butler, Mrs. C. R. 1902
Carr, John D. 1900
Carter, Jno. M. 1902
Carter, John 1900
Carter, Wallace M. 1900
Cash, W. R. 1902
Catrow, Anne E. 1902
Chewning, W. H. 1900
Chewning, Wm. H. 1902
Curtis, Sarah A. 1902
Davenport, W. S. 1900
Davis, Mary F. 1900
Dickerson, Mary J. 1902
Dickerson, R. H. 1900
Dickinson, W. B. 1902
Diggs, James P. 1902
Dillard, Isaiah 1902
Durrett, Margaret J. 1902
Edenton, J. P. 1902
Edenton, Jos. H. 1902
Estes, L. M. 1902
Estes, W. T. 1902
Farmer, Thos. B. 1902
Faulconer, Jno. S. 1902
Fugett, John F. 1888
Gordon, Lucy J. 1902
Graves, Thos. S. 1902
Grimes, Fannie C. 1900
Hall, Margaret L. 1902
Hall, Virginia A. 1888
Halslop, D. P. 1888
Halslop, H. K. 1888
Halslop, Lucy H. 1902
Harfield, Martha A. 1902
Harris, Jno. B. 1902
Hart, W. T. 1902
Hawkins, A. B. 1902
Herring, Lydia E. 1902
Hester, John E. 1888
Hicks, C. M. 1888
Hicks, J. R. 1902
Hogan, James W. 1902
Holladay, Helen B. 1902
Johnson, E. M. 1902
Johnson, John S. 1902
Jones, Mary R. 1900
Jones, Thomas 1900
Kennedy, Wm. F. 1902
Leavelle, Roberta E. 1900
Luck, Judith K. 1902
Lumpkins, Jno. W. 1900
Martin, Mary J. 1888
Massey, Jas. F. 1902
Mastin, Benj. 1900
Mastin, Ed. T. 1888
Mastin, Mary C. 1902
McGary, Henry A. 1888
McWhirt, W. G. 1900
Mitchell, John C. 1902
Morris, Ro. J. 1902
Nolan, W. F. 1888
Oliver, Ann E. 1900
Owens, H. M. 1900
Parker, Mary A. 1900
Pates, S. C. 1900
Payne, Catherine A. 1900
Payne, Louisa J. 1902
Perry, L. T. 1902
Peyton, Geo. H. 1900
Peyton, James M. 1902
Peyton, John W. 1902
Polglaze, Wm. H. 1900
Powell, Sarah F. 1888
Pritchett, B. W. 1902
Pritchett, Martha A. 1902
Pritchett, R. H. 1902
Robinson, J. B. 1902
Robinson, Virginia H. 1902
Robinson, William T. 1902
Sacra, George H. 1902
Sacra, John L. 1902
Sacra, Oscar M. 1902
Sanders, Priscilla 1902
Schooler, Thos. C. 1902
Seay, J. L. W. 1902
Sims, T. G. 1902
Skinner, J. H. 1902
Smith, A. B. 1888
Smith, Sarah E. 1902
Southworth, Mary F. 1902
Stanley, W. H. 1902
Straughan, Jane L. 1902
Swift, William T. 1902
Talley, Rhoda E. 1900
Talley, Wm. E. 1902
Taylor, W. J. 1902
Thacker, Elijah J. 1900
True, Joseph A. 1902
Truell, Wm. D. 1900
Waite, W. L. 1900
Waller, John D. 1902
Waller, Minerva 1902
Wash, Annie E. 1902
Wharton, Milton 1900
Wheeler, Jane 1888
Wheeler, John L. 1888
Whitlock, John T. 1902
Williams, Lucy E. 1900
Williams, Sarah C. 1902
Willoughby, Joseph A. 1902
WIngfield, Thomas J. 1902
Wright, Martha C. 1902

Data submitted by Jeff Weaver 4 September 1996
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