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Last Will and Testament of Edward Ballanger

[NB:  Most of the left side of this will is gone.  Brackets have been 
used to indicate known words or 'missing']

In the Name of God Amen.

[I, Edwa]rd Ballanger of Spotsylvania County and [State] of Virginia 
being in perfect state of mind [missing] old and inform considering that 
all men [missing] to die and that my time can't be far distant [make] 
this my last will renouncing all other wills  [or in]strument of writing 
that attends to the convey[ance of] my property heretofore written.

Firstly, [My desi]re is that all my just Debts should [be]paid.

Secondly, I will to my Daughter Rachel [missing] Ten pounds as her 
portion of my property.

[Third]ly I will to my Daughter Sally Jones fifty [acres] of Land taken 
off of the south corner of [missing] [l]and as her portion of my 

Fourthly, [I will] to my Daughter Mary Ballanager all [the b]allance of 
my Land with all the improve[ments] and conveniences attached to it for 

[Fifthly, I] will to my Daughter Mary Ballanger [missing]pecia of 
property that I die possest [sic] of or [missing] hereafter be entitled 
to after my just [debts] and the two above legacies are paid the 
[missing] [bal]ance of my children not named have hereto [missing] 
received their portions.

I constitute and [appoint] Youel Morriss as my lawful executor.

[missing] under my hand and seal this the 31st [day] of August 1822.

						Edward Ballanger [Seal]
						[His mark]
/s/ [Dan]iel B. White
/s/ [Wi]lliam L. Mitchell
/s/ [missing]rles R. Morriss

At a Court held for Spotsylania County the [missing] day of June 1827.
The last will and testament of Edward Ballinger deceased was proved by 
the oaths of Daniel B. White and Willia[m] L. Mitchell two of the 
witnesses there[to] and is ordered to be recorded.
R. L. Stevenson, C. C.

Recorded liber M folio 55

Citation :
      Spotsylvania Original Will File

This will was transcribed for the USGenWeb Project by Barbara Bower on 9 January 1999. Any and all commercial use of this transcription is prohibited.
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