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Will and Testament of Michael Ames
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I Michael Ames of the County of Spotsylvania and State of Virginia being 
of sound mind, memory and understanding, but considering the uncertainty 
of this mortal life, do make this my last Will and testament, in manner 
and form following ~

I give to my beloved wife Elizabeth the use and profits of my Estate, 
both real and personal, for and during her natural life, or so long as 
she remains my Widow, and in case she should think proper to marry, I 
then give to her such portion of my Estate as the law allows ~

After the death of my wife I give and devise the whole of my Estate both 
Real and personal of every denomination whatever to my nine children to 
wit John Ames, Molly Taylor wife of John Taylor of Fredericksburg, 
Patsey Douglas, wife of Richard Douglas of Kentucky, Samuel Ames of 
Spotsylvania, Elizabeth Stevens, widow of Bowler Stevens deceased, 
Benjamin Ames of St Louis in Missouri Territory, Margaret Magrath, wife 
of Michael Magrath, Michael Ames and Drusilla Ames, to be equally 
divided among my said Children, share and share a like; to them and 
their heirs forever, and the share or portion which may fall to my said 
Daughter Molly Taylor, I give to my said son John Ames to be held by 
him, in trust for the sole use and benefit of my said Daughter Molly, 
during her natural life, and then to the use and benefit of her 
Children, share and share alike ~ And it is my wish and desire that my 
said son John Ames, should manage my said daughter Molly's portion of my 
Estate to the best advantage, for her use and benefit and from time to 
time, pay to her such parts of the principal or profits thereof as he 
may deem proper and necessary to promote her comfort 

And in order to make an equal division of my Estate, I do order and 
direct, that my Executors hereinafter named, shall after the death of my 
Wife Elizabeth, sell and dispose of my Estate both Real & Personal on 
such terms and conditions, and in such manner as to them may seem most 
conducive to the interest of those concerned ~

I have heretofore given to my daughter Drusilla, one Negroe girl named 
Ma[missing] which gift I hereby confirm exclusive of her par[t] or 
portion of my Estate as aforesaid ~ 

And la[stly] I do hereby appoint my son John Ames, Benjamin A[mes] and 
son in law Michael Magrath, Executors of th[is] my last will and 
testament, hereby revoking all other wills heretofore made by me ~

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this third day of 
May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight[een] hundred and twenty 

						/s/ Michael Ames [Seal]
Signed, Sealed and
Acknowledged as the
Last Will & Testament
Of Michael Ames in
Presence of us ~
/s/ Benjn. Parke
/s/ George Goolrick
/s/ John Goolrick
/s/ Hores Hselop [his mark]
/s/ R.G. Peacock

At a Court held for Spotsylvania County the 7th day of February 1825.
The last will and testament of Michael Ames deceased was proved by the 
oath of Horace Heslop a witness thereto and is ordered to be recorded as 
a will of personal estate.
R. L. Stevenson, C. C.

At a Court held for Spotsylvania County the 4th day of December 1826.
The last will and testament of Michael Ames deceased was fully proved by 
the oath of John Goolrick another witness thereto and is ordered to be 
R. L. Stevenson, C. C.

Spotsylvania, March Court 1827
John Ames & Michael Magrath & Benjamin Ames the Executors named in the 
last will & testament of Michael Ames deceased by their letter addressed 
to the Court relinquished their right of executorship on the said Ames 
R. L. Stevenson, C. C.

Spotsylvania April Court 1827
The Executors named in the last will and testament of Michael Ames 
deceased having renounced their right of Executorship and the said 
Michael Ames having been dead more that three months and no person 
having applied for administration on his estate on the motion of John 
Ames it [is] ordered that the Estate of the said Michael Ames deceased 
be committed to [the] hands of Robert Crutchfield Sheriff of this 
[county] for administration with his will aforesaid annexed.
R. L. Stevenson, C. C.

Recorded liber M, folio 69

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      Spotsylvania Original Will File

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