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Stafford County, Virginia Deaths

VSL Reel 28, Bureau Vital Statistics Deaths Stafford County, 1853-1875

Researched and contributed by Homer Musselman.

Stafford County Court Clerk's Office, June 27, 1859

The foregoing Register of deaths was this day returned to the Clerks Office & admitted to record. Teste, H. R. Conway C. Court a copy Teste, H. R. Conway C. Court


l.1 - Laura Lee, wf, d. 11 Jul 1856, Stafford, whooping cough, 1y1m. P: William & Sarah H. Lee, b. Stafford, rep by William Lee, father

l.3 - Unknown Stires, wm, d. 30 Nov 1856, Stafford, cause unknown, 5d, P: Sally A. & J. L. Stires, b. Stafford, rep by J. L. Stires, father.

l.6 - Samuel H. Skinker, wm, d. 8 Aug 1956, Stafford, dropsey, 72y. P: William & Mary A. Skinker, b. Prince William Co, famrer, cons: Margaret W. Skinker, rep by J. H. Skinker, son

l.12 - Ann Pilcher, wm, d. 26 Aug 1856, Stafford, cancer, 65y, P: Sarah Judd, mother, b. Stafford Co, widow of E. Pilcher, rep by Henry A. Embrey, son in law.

l.14 - Abner C. Harding, wm, d. 25 Dec 1856, Stafford, consumption, 39y5m. P: Mark & Nancy Harding, b. Stafford, laborer, unmarried, rep by J. W. Honey, brother in law

l.17 - Unknown Ashby, wm, d. 25 Dec 1856, Stafford, affection of the head. 1m14d. P: James & Fanny Ashby, b. Stafford, rep by J. Ashby, father

l.18 - William M. Lewis, wm, d. Nov 1856, Stafford Co, disease of the bowels, 25y. P: Unknown, b. Stafford, carpenter, unmarried, rep by James Armstrong, the head of the family.

l.19 - Thomas Clark, wm, d. 21 Sep 1856, Stafford Co, flux, 15y10m1d. P: John Clark & Jane., b. Fredericksburg, rep by John Clark, father

l.20 - Josephine Clark, wf, d. 9 Sep 1856, Stafford Co, flux, 8y1m18d. P: John Clark & Jane, b. Fredericksburg, rep by John Clark, father

l.21 - Henry T. Botts, wm, d. 13 Aug 1856, Stafford Co, flux 14y7m14d. P: William & Sophia Botts, b. Stafford. rep by William Botts, father

l.22 - Endolphus J. Botts, wm, d. 22 Aug 1856, Stafford Co, flux, 4m5d. P: William & Sophia Botts, b. Stafford, rep by William Botts, father

l.26 - Beverly M. Harding, wm, d. 9 Oct 1856, Stafford, cause unknown, 7d. P: Thomas & Amanda Harding, b. Stafford. rep by Joseph Herndon, step father.

l.32 - Benjn W. Bridwell, wm, d. 24 Oct 1856, Stafford, consumption, 33y8m. P: Richard & Elizabeth Bridwell, b. Stafford, farmer, rep by Ann Bridwell, wife.

l.33 - James W. Johnson, wm, d. 29 Sep 1856, Stafford, suicide, 31y. P: Joseph & Sally Johnson, b. Stafford, farmer, rep by Sally Johnson, mother.

l.36 - Fielding Clift, wm, d. 1 Jul 1856, Stafford, dropsey, 84y. P: Unknown, b. King George Co, farmer, cons of Elizabeth, rep by A. F. Clift, son

l.37 - Mary Mountjoy, wf, d. Aug 1856, Stafford, disease of the heart, 62y. P: Ezekiel & Susan Payne, b. Stafford, rep by Thornton Mountjoy, husband.

l.38 - Nancy Heflin, wf, d. 6 Jul 1856, Stafford, dispeptie, 70y, P: William & Susan Heflin, b. Stafford, unmarried, rep by J.A. Anderson, nephew

l.41 - Mildred C. Garrison, wf, d. March 1856, Stafford, cause unknown, 4m. P: James S. Garrison, rep by J. S. Garrison, father

l.42 - Thomas Smith, wm, d. 20 Nov 1856, Stafford, killed by a fall, 60y. P:

Unknown, b. Stafford, farmer, married, rep by W. T. Smith, son

l.44 - John Griffis, wm, d. 8 Jul 1856, Stafford, consumption, 65y. P: John & Susan Griffis, b. Stafford, farmer, married to Nancy, rep by G. R. Griffis, son.



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