Index of Surnames - Overwharton Parish Records

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A Abbot, Abbott, Abram, Adams, Adie, Aldrige, Alexander, Allen, Allenthrop, Allentrop, Alridge, Amely, Anderson, Andrew, Angel, Angell, Anglis, Anthony, Appleton, Asbee, Asberry, Asbrook, Asbury, Ashby, Ashton, Atchison, Aubury, Aukerum
B Bailey, Bailis, Bailly, Bails, Baker, Baliwoel, Ball, Balls, Bannester, Bannister, Barbee, Barber, Barby, Bark, Barret, Barry, Basnet, Basnett, Basriet, Bassiet, Batto, Battoo, Baxter, Bayles, Baylis, Bazell, Beach, Begoley, Bell, Belsher, Bennet, Ben, Berry, Bethany, Bethel, Bettson, Betty, Birckhead, Black, Blackburn, Blackman, Bland, Blueford, Boalin, Boan, Boiling, Boling, Boning, Boogher, Botts, Bouchard, Bowman, Box, Bozzell, Bradley, Bradly, Bragg, Brent, Briand, Bridwell, Broderick, Bromley, Brooke, Brooks, Brown, Bruing, Bryan, Buchan, Burch, Burchel, Burchell, Burges, Burn, Burns, Burton, Bush, Bussel, Bussell, Butcher, Butler, Byram, Byrom, Byron
C Cabbage, Cabbige, Cain, Cammel, Camon, Camp, Campbell, Canaday, Cannaday, Cannon, Carberry, Carney, Carpenter, Carr, Carrow, Cartee, Carter, Carty, Cash, Cassity, Castello, Cave, Cavenaugh, Chambers, Champ, Champe, Chapman, Charity, Chatham, Chichester, Chimp, Chin, Chinn, Christopher, Cinberford, Clark, Clarke, Clarnes, Clement, Clutterbuck, Cocklen, Cockley, Coffee, Coffey, Coffy, Colburn, Cole, Coleman, Collie, Colson, Combs, Condring, Congers, Connally, Conwell, Conyers, Cook, Cooke, Cooper, Corbin, Cornell, Corney, Cornish, Cornwall, Cosby, Cossity, Cotney, Cotton, Courtney, Cowper, Crap, Craven, Cravens, Criswell, Crosby, Croscuel, Crump, Cubbage, Cubbige, Cuiberford, Cummings, Cunningham
D Dabney, Daffin, Dalton, Daniel, Darlow, Davids, Davis, Davison, Dawist, Dawson, Day, Dayton, Deckon, Dent, Devane, Dial, Dick, Dickinson, Dillon, Dinwiddie, Diskin, Dobie, Doial, Donald, Doniphan, Doniphon, Donophon, Dooling, Douglass, Dowling, Dows, Doyson,, Driscal, Driscol, Duffy, Duke, Dunaway, Dunawoy, Duncomb, Dunest, Dunnaway, Duwest
E Earle, Eaton, Eaves, Edgar, Edghill, Edrington, Edwards, Edzar, Elkin, Elkins, Elliot, Ellis, Elmore, English, Enoch, Evans
F  Fant, Farlow, Farrow, Fernsby, Fernsley, Fernsly, Filcher, Fitzhugh, Fitzpatrick, Fletcher, Fling, Flitter, Flood, Floyd, Foley, Ford, Foregast, Fortick, Foster, Fowke, Foxworthy, Francis, Frazer, French, Fristoe, Fritter, Frogg, Fuell, Funsten, Furguson
G Gain, Gaines, Gallahan, Garner, Garret, Garrison, Gashings, George, Gerrard, Gibbons, Gill, Glass, Glendering, Godfrey, Going, Goldsmith, Goleman, Goodwin, Goolding, Gorman, Gough, Gowing, Grace, Grady, Graham, Grant, Graves, Green, Greenless, Gregg, Grey, Grianan, Griffin, Griffith, Grigsby, Grimes, Grinstead, Grisby, Grogg, Groves, Gunn, Gwinn
H Hacker, Haffermon, Hainsbrough, Hainsford, Haley, Hall, Halley, Hamilton, Hammet, Hammond, Hampton, Hankins, Hansbrough, Hansford, Han, Harding, Hardwick, Harod, Harper, Harrel, Harrison, Hart, Harvey, Harvie, Hawes, Hawkins, Hay, Hayes, Haynie, Hays, Hayter, Hazel, Head, Heaflon, Hearne, Heath, Heckeney, Hedgman, Heffermon, Heffermot, Heffernon, Heffernut, Hefferton, Helms, Herrod, Hester, Hewis, Hewitt, Hickerson, Higerson, Higgerson, Higgins, Higgison, Hill, Hinson, Hinston, Hogg, Holdbrook, Holiday, Holland, Holliday, Homes, Honey, Hope, Hord, Hore, Hornbuckel, Hornbuckle, Horten, Horton, Hose, Howard, Huges, Hughes, Hughs, Humphreys, Humphrieys, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Husk, Hutt, Hyden, Hyter


Innis, Isaac

Jack, Jack, James, Jefferies, Jeffies, Jeffreys, Jeffries, Jenkins, Jennings, Jett, Johns, John, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jordon, Judd

K Kees, Kelly, Kemp, Kendal, Kendall, Kendon, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kenney, Kenny, Kenton, King, Kinny, Kinz, Kirk, Kirke, Kitchen, Kite, Knight
L Lacy, Lamb, Lane, Latham, Latimore, Lawless, Laytham, Lea, Lee, Leftridge, Leftwich, Lemaster, Lemmon, Lewis, Limbrich, Limbrick, Limon, Lincey, Linee, Linton, Littimore, Lowry, Lungate, Luns, Lunsford, Lymm, Lynah, Lynaugh, Lynne, Lynns, Lyon
M Macaboy, Macanteer, Maccaboy, MacCartee, MacCarthy, MacCarty, MacCollough, Macconchie, Maccothough, MacCoy, Maccullough, Macculough, MacDaniel, Macdonal, MacFarlane, Macinteer, Mackenheimer, MacMachon, MacMurry, Macon, Macquatty, Makanes, Mallaken, Malphus, Mananteer, Manatear, Manuel, Manzey, Manzy, Markham, Marony, Marten, Martin, Martyor, Ma, Massey, Masters, Matheney, Matheny, Mathews, Matthews, Matthis, Mayow, Mays, McCaboy, McCarty, McColin, McConchie, McCoy, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonold, McDuell, McGuirk, McInteer, McMurry, Meade, Mees, Mercer, Meredith, Merriman, Merringham, Miller, Millian, Milliner, Million, Mills, Mings, Minor, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mobley, Molton, Moncure, Monk, Monroe, Monslow, Montgomery, Montjoy, Moore, More, Morgan, Moring, Morris, Morton, Moses, Moss, Mountjoy, Mousley, Moussby, Moyon, Muffet, Mundy, Murdock, Murphy, Murray
N Neal, Nelson, Newbold, Nichol, Nickolas, Nick, Nicolas, Noble, Noland, Normand, Northcut, Northcutt, Norton, Nowland, Noxal, Nubal, Nunn
O Obanion, O'Banion, O'Cane, O'Daneal, Ogiboy, Ogiloy, Oliver, Oneal, Onsby, Oram, Osbon, Owendownney, Owens





Paddeth, Page, Pannel, Parinder, Parker, Par, Pars, Paterson, Patten, Patter, Pattin, Patti, Patton, Payne, Payton, Pear, Peddicoat, Pepper, Perender, Perry, Petter, Pettigrew, Peyton, Philips, Phillips, Phipps, Phips, Pike, Pilcher, Pilford, Pliford, Plummer, Poole, Porch, Porter, Powel, Powell, Pownall, Powton, Powtone, Powwell, Prestman, Price, Prichet, Prim, Pritchet, Pritchett, Proctor, Pruden, Pully, Pumphrey, Punnell, Punton, Pyke


R Rabbing, Radcliffe, Raleigh, Ramsdell, Randal, Rankins, Ransdell, Raper, Rassan, Rayle, Read, Reaves, Reddish, Redman, Reeds, Regnold, Reiley, Reiliegh, Renny, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice, Richards, Richetts, Riddle, Riding, Rigg, Riggins, Riley, Risen, Roach, Roath, Robe, Robert, Robin, Robison, Roderich, Rogers, Rosamond, Rose, Ross, Rosser, Rounde, Rout, Routt, Rowels, Rowley, Runnils, Rush, Ryan, Ryley
S Sander, Savage, Sayas, Sayer, Scogging, Scott, Scoulcraft, Scrogging, Sebastian, Selden, Selman, Shadborn, Shadrick, Shamlin, Shaw, Shoemake, Short, Shorter, Shumate, Simmonds, Simmons, Simms, Simpson, Sims, Simson, Sinclair, Skaines, Slaughter, Smith, Somacks, Southland, Spilman, Spinks, Spoldin, Spoore, Sprayburry, Stacey, Stacy, Stanard, Stanley, Stanly, Stark, Stephens, Stone, Stringfellow, Strong, Strother, Stuart, Stungfellow, Sturdy, Suddeth, Suddith, Suitor, Sullivan, Sullivant, Sumate, Summers, Summon, Suthard, Sutherland, Sutor, Suttle, Syloy, Sylva, Sylvy
T Tankerly, Taylor, Templeman, Thomas, Thompson, Thom, Thornberry, Thornton, Threlkeld, Ticer, Tifer, Toby, Todd, Tollgate, Tolson, Tomison, Tomlin, Towngate, Travers, Traverse, Trewick, Tunnel, Turner, Turnham, Tyler (No "U" Surnames)


Vant, Voucheart

Wade, Walker, Wall, Waller, Wans, Want, Warden, Warner Washington, Water, Waters, Watson, Waugh, Wawal, Weathers, Webster, Weddall, Weddell, Weeks, Welch, Welit, Wells, West, Weyton, Whalebone, Wharton, Whealy, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Whitcomnb, White, Whitecotton, Whit, Wigger, Wigginton, Wiggonton, Wilkerson, Wilkin, Willamson, Williams, William, Wine, Wingfield, Winlock, Wiot, Wise, Withers, Wood, Woodward, Wren, Wright (No "X" Surnames)

Y Yates, Yelton, Young