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Overwharton Parish Records - Heflin Surname

(Extraction of Original Records)


1724 - 1774

29 December 1997

Compiled & Annotated by Phyllis Ann Heflin Farmer

Annotated: 22 Dec 1998

Index OPR

COMMENT: Since, a lot of the published records of the Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co., VA contained what was perceived by me to contain information that was in error, I went to Richmond to the Virginia State Library to review the original records and transcribe the records myself. Following is my transcription and at the end, my analysis of the records that were of interest to me.

Index  Date Event Names
OPR1 24 Dec 1738 Marriage Henry Foley to Anne Courtney
OPR2 7 Mar 1739/40 Birth William s/o William & Margaret Heflon
OPR3 20 May 1740 Marriage James Heffernon & Alander Payton
OPR4  21 Aug 1740 Marriage William Wilkison & Sarah Heffernaut
OPR5 8 Feb 1741  Birth Elizabeth d/o John & Hannah Withers
OPR6 29 Sep 1741 Marriage William Heffernon & Sarah Martin
OPR7 1 Oct 1741   Birth Simon s/o William Heaflon (It is not believed that William Heaflon is the same as William Heffernon, above)
OPR8 20 Nov 1741 Birth John s/o James Haffernon (and Alander Payton)
OPR9 25 Jul 1742 Birth William s/o John Payton
OPR10 8 Feb 1743 Birth Margaret d/o John & Hannah Withers
OPR11 23 Apr 1743 Birth Mary Byford d/o William & Sarah Hefferton
OPR12  19 Jun 1745 Birth Mary d/o John & Lucy Birdwell
OPR13 21 Jan 1746 Birth Thomas s/o Jacob & Elizabeth Birdwell
OPR14  7 Sep 1746 Marriage Joshua Noble & Hannah Blackman
OPR15 21 Mar 1747  Birth William s/o John & Hannah Withers
OPR16 10 May 1747 Baptism William s/o John & Hannah Withers
OPR17 28 Sep 1749  Birth James s/o James Haffernon (and Alander Payton)
OPR18 3 Dec 1749  Baptism  James s/o James Haffernon (and Alander Payton)
OPR19 20 Apr 1751 Birth Nancy d/o Henry Hurst
OPR20 11 Aug 1757 Birth Simon s/o John & Lucy Birdwell

NOTE: There is no mention in the original Overwharton Parish Records (only in transcriptions) of a Jane Heffernon marrying an Alexander Payton.

Analysis: In the following analysis of the Overwharton Parish Records (OPR), the upper case names are from the OPR Records and the lower case names are from other documents.



OPR 2 WILLIAM HEAFLON (ca 1717) m (ca 1738) MARGARET

WILLIAM HEAFLON (7 Mar 1739/1740) m (ca 1772) Margaret Nancy Haddox (ca 1752)


SIMON HEAFLON (1 Oct 1741) m 1759 Ailse Payne (ca 1742). Simon removed from Fauquier Co., VA to Mason Co., KY in 1795.

Note: There are a lot of Heflin Researchers that state that Simon is the son of William Heffernon and Sarah Martin. My interpretation of the Records disagree with this conclusion for the following reasons:

    1. In OPR 6, William Heffernon & Sarah Martin were married on 29 September 1741.
    2. In OPR 7, Simon s/o William Heaflon was born on 1 October 1741.
    3. These two events were only 3 days apart. My belief is that for two events that were only 3 days apart, the Parish Recorder would have recorded the Surname with the same spelling if they were related.
    4. Hence, I conclude that William Heflon b 7 Mar 1739/1740 and Simon s/o William Heaflon are the sons of William & Margaret Heflon (Heaflon).
    5. I further believe that the elder William Heaflon is probably the son of James Heiffling, the son of the German Geologist that reportedly immigrated to Virginia in ca 1715 to mine gold and silver, being sponsored by Baron Von Graffenried.
OPR 3  JAMES HEFFERNON (ca 1720) m (20 May 1740) ALANDER PAYTON
OPR 8 JOHN HEFFERNON (20 Nov 1741)
OPR 17 & 18 JAMES HEFFERNON (28 Sep 1749)

It is believed that James Heffernon and William Heffernon (OPR 6) are brotherís and the sons of Captain William Heflin and Mary Beaufort.

OPR 6  WILLIAM HEFFERNON (CA 1715) m (29 Sep 1741) SARAH MARTIN (CA 1723)
OPR 11 MARY BYFORD HEFFERNON (23 Apr 1743). It is believed that Mary Byford was named after her grandmother Mary Beaufort (Byford or Beauford).
OPR 19 NANCY HURST (20 Apr 1751) m (ca 1780) Gustavus Augustine Hefferlin (28 Aug 1760). Gustavus Augustine Hefferlin is the son of Simon Heaflon and Ailse Payne.

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